Your Training Presentations Are 95% Bull

“Class, anyone?… Anyone?… Anyone?…”

If your training presentations are as exciting as Ben Stein teaching economics, then this DisruptHR video is for you. In fact, even those of you who think you WOW your audience can learn a few things from Adam Czarnecki.

A facilitator and trainer at Talent Tactics Consulting Inc., Czarnecki likens the typical presentation to NFL football, which has about 11 minutes of actual action in a 3 hour long game. Content is a mere 5% of the time, he says. (It’s actually just over 6%, but let’s not quibble with his point: “The way we train, present and talk is 95% bull and 5% real content.)

“What we need to do,” he tells his Calgary, Alberta audience, “is focus on the 5%, which is working competency.” “We need to edit, delete, cut and only focus (on) what’s really relevant.”

In his 5 minutes, Czarnecki shares with us some of the techniques for doing that. Get rid of lengthy introductions. Stop defining very term. Tell stories; people remember stories better than bare facts.

About your slides: Dump most of the text. “People can’t read and listen to you at the same time.” Put only one topic on a slide.

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For anyone who trains or otherwise does presentations, spend 5 minutes learning how to disrupt what you do for the better.

Note: In partnership with DisruptHR, TLNT presents some of the best Disrupt presentations from events across North America and now the world. Disrupt talks are modeled on the TEDx concept: Short, to the point talks on all things HR — talent, culture and technology.


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