Today on TLNT Radio: SHRM Recap, Recruiting Wars, Banning Smokers

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Today at 2 pm EDT/11 am PDT is the second episode of TLNT Radio.

You can listen to it live from the web or you can dial in to (818) 572-8036 to listen to the show or to ask a question. You can also follow the show hashtag on Twitter by searching for #TLNTradio. After the show airs, the archive will be available shortly after the end of the show.

Last week, we came to you live from the SHRM annual conference. We talked with former SHRM CEO Sue Meisinger, discussed wellness with TLNT contributor Jennifer Benz and talked about a couple different topics with TLNT contributor Tim Sackett.

On this week’s episode, we’ll be recapping the SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition that came to a close last week. We’ll also be talking about LinkedIn shutting off access to it’s API from some potential competitors and discussing Humana’s decision to not hire smokers in Arizona.

SHRM Recap

We had our full team in Las Vegas last week covering the SHRM annual conference. We’ll be talking about what we saw, the new CEO announcement, the agreed upon meeting with the SHRM Members for Transparency group as well as other news from the show.

To catch all of our coverage from SHRM, you can check out the full archive on TLNT.

LinkedIn vs. BranchOut and Monster’s BeKnown

As we covered on TLNT this week, LinkedIn recently cut off BranchOut and Monster’s BeKnown from it’s API. ERE Media CEO David Manaster had this to say about it:

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As we’ve reported, both services are designed to leverage Facebook’s social graph and more than 750 million users to help them find career opportunities through their friends. Until LinkedIn’s move, they had been able to use the API to give those Facebook users a shortcut in creating a resume on their own services, making them easier to set up.

As this conflict unfolds, we are going to hear a lot from each party about how they are acting in consumer’s best interests, while the other side is trampling their rights. Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric though — all three companies are simply following the money and acting for their own best interests.

We’ll be talking about the issues surrounding the move as well as what it means for all three services moving forward.

Humana and Not Hiring Smokers

Late last week, John Hollon covered the story out of Arizona about health insurer Humana deciding not to hire smokers, effective July 1st. He says:

According to a story this week in the Arizona Republic, health insurance giant Humana says it will “no longer hire workers in Arizona who smoke or use other tobacco products.” The ban starts today (July 1), and to enforce it, “Humana will test new employees for nicotine use during a pre-employment urine drug screen,” according to the newspaper.

Is this smart business and a way to help the workforce get healthier, or simply another meddlesome intrusion onto the private lives of employees?

We’ll be talking with TLNT contributor Fran Melmed about this issue as well as the longer term impacts of this decision on wellness initiatives.

We’re looking forward to talking about all of these issues as well as getting to your phone calls today at 2pm EDT/11am PDT.

Miss our last episode?

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