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During last week’s episode of TLNT Radio, we talked about the future of social recruiting from two CEO’s who hope to be on the forefront of it: Rick Marini of BranchOut and Dan Finnigan of Jobvite. We also discussed the trends of flexible jobs (and how much growth can really be seen) as well as other news of the last week.

Today at 2 pm Eastern/11 am Pacific, we’ll be talking about the challenges of motivating employees and company culture with Globoforce’s own Derek Irvine. We’ll also be chatting with Kevin Grossman from HR Marketer about some of the retention challenges employers are facing and the overall HR market.

You can listen to it live from the web or you can dial in to (818) 572-8036 to listen to the show or to ask a question. You can also follow the show hashtag on Twitter by searching for #TLNTradio. After the show airs, the archive will be available shortly after the end of the show.

Motivating employees

In the first part of the show, we’ll be talking with Derek Irvine, VP of Global Strategy for Globoforce. Derek recently wrote on TLNT about how motivating employees is all about understanding three key issues:

  1. Do they know how to do their job well?
  2. Do they know when they do it well?
  3. Do they know why they should be doing it?

If a manager can’t confidently answer those questions in the affirmative, it is time to really think about how to fix it so managers can effectively motivate their employees. We’ll also be talking about how company culture doesn’t only impact people at work but also how it can influence their personal life as well.

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Retention struggles

It’s no secret that many people are looking to move on from their jobs. And while I think it is easy to get too caught up in how miserable a less-than-ideal job can be, it can also make us forget that there are often others who would love to be in that position instead of unemployed (or underemployed). That’s why we’ll be talking to Kevin Grossman, Chief Marketplace Evangelist for HR Marketer, about his recent post on this subject. In it, he says:

53 percent are either looking to leave for a new job or have mentally checked out of their old one. So much for bubbles with kittens in them. Dreams jobs are highly subjective and even if there are universals to them — good money and benefits, family flexibility, guaranteed promotion and success, ample vacation time, constant managerial and collegial support, philanthropic niceties, hugs and kisses (strictly platonic of course) — the believe in them, all of which are intertwined with the great American dream, sets us up for failure early in most of our careers.

In it, he was referencing a study from Mercer that our own John Hollon wrote about:

Mercer, the global HR consulting firm, just released the results of its new What’s Working survey, conducted over the past two quarters among nearly 30,000 workers in 17 countries, including 2,400 workers in the U.S. It found that nearly a third (32 percent ) of American workers are seriously considering leaving their organization at the present time, up sharply from 23 percent in 2005.

As bad as that sounds, another 21 percent of workers say they are not necessarily looking to leave but view their employers unfavorably and have rock-bottom scores on key measures of engagement, meaning that when you combine the two, more than half of all employees (53 percent) are either looking to leave for a new job or have mentally checked out of their old one

More importantly though, I wonder what can be done from the employer side. Especially if little has been done up to this point? We’ll be talking about that and more with Kevin as well as anything else newsworthy that pops up.

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