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During last week’s episode of TLNT Radio, we talked about the challenges of motivating employees and company culture with Globoforce’s Derek Irvine. We also chatted with Kevin Grossman from HR Marketer about some of the retention challenges employers are facing and the overall HR market as well as the week’s top stories.

Today at 2 pm Eastern/11 am Pacific, we’ll be talking about HR technology for HR practitioners with Amy Wilson from Constellation Research and compensation practices with Ann Bares from Altura Consulting Group. We’ll also be speaking to ERE’s (and TLNT’s) own John Zappe about the new LinkedIn apply button as well as all the latest news and information.

You can listen to it live from the web or you can dial in to (818) 572-8036 to listen to the show or to ask a question. You can also follow the show hashtag on Twitter by searching for #TLNTradio. After the show airs, the archive will be available shortly after the end of the show.

A quick programming note

As some of you may know, Steve Boese, who helped launch TLNT Radio, got a full-time day job with Oracle as their Director of Talent Management Strategy. While this is great news for him, the new time commitment meant he had to step down as host when he started his new job.

We will continue the show as is, with John and I sharing the hosting duties for now. We wish Steve all the best and even hope to have him on after he gets settled into his new position.

HR technology shifts

Much of the emphasis in HR over the past decade has been on increasing overall business knowledge and expertise. One of the areas in HR that has been lagging has been (somewhat ironically) HR technology. Amy Wilson, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research, had this to say in her latest report, which was also covered here on TLNT:

Due to mounting pressures to leverage people to get better business results, technology leaders will face significant HR technology investment decisions in the next three years. However, current frameworks and decision criteria focus on an HR department separated from the business. These legacy frameworks provide a limited view of what needs to be achieved. The technology picture needs to focus on infusing people decisions and business decisions together to focus on solving business problems, not further enhancing HR capabilities. Technology leaders need a new framework to make next-generation investment decisions.

We’re going to explore how HR technology needs to change and what HR leaders need to be doing to drive dialog not only with technology vendors but also within their own organizations.

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Unlocking compensation secrets

If you’re like me, you don’t have all of the internal tools to make wise compensation decisions. That’s why you turn to someone like Ann Bares of Altura Consulting Group (author of Compensation Force and contributor here at TLNT) to help guide you through the mountains of data (or sometimes the very lack of data) found in compensation research. We’ll be talking about the latter problem which she touched on recently here at TLNT:

Emerging jobs and job families often bring their own particular challenges when it comes to market pricing and our attempts to get a bead on a valid, consistent “going rate.”

The problem is that the market isn’t very consistent in the early stages of valuing a new job function, a time when the definition of the job and its key responsibilities, as well as the credentials deemed necessary to perform it competently, tend to vary significantly from organization to organization.

Bares is extremely plugged into this topic so we’ll touch on that as well as the outlook for merit pay increases for the coming year.

LinkedIn apply button

LinkedIn launched a “universal” apply button for employers to use with their job advertisements and career websites. John Zappe, who writes for both TLNT and sister publication ERE, has the latest on the move:

This “Apply With LinkedIn” feature wraps up the candidate profile in a tidy package that feeds directly into any one of the several tracking systems it has or will partner with. No ATS? No problem. LinkedIn will email the profile to you.

This portable feature can be used on any job, anywhere, on any site, including any job board.

Five ATS providers — PeoplefluentJobviteSmartRecruitersBullhorn, and Jobscience — turned on the automatic feature this morning. TaleoLumesse, and Kenexa will have it enabled in a matter of months.

We’ll ask Zappe for his take, whether this is changing the game and how job board owners are reacting to the news.

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