TLNT Webinar: Is Your Talent Acquisition Strategy Driving Business Results You Need?

With the drastic changes in technology in recent years and the war on talent escalating, this requires new and innovative tactics when competing for talent attraction, including the use of  aforementioned technology. Please join hostess Amber Grewal in this upcoming SuccessFactors webinar, and prepare to take home the following:

  • Understanding the applications and definition of “Talent Technology”
  • A detailed breakdown of Talent Technology (exp. based, engaging, social, etc.)
  • Detailing how in order to be successful in today AND tomorrow’s you need to be technology centric, and what that entails as well

This webinar is teeming with information that is critical to the success of any future organization, and to miss out on such a informative and helpful webinar at such a critical juncture in business (specifically talent acquisition) could have drastic consequences. Register today and guarantee your not left by the technological wayside.

Date/Time of Webinar: September 4th, 2014 at 2:00pm EST

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Sponsor: SuccessFactors



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