TLNT Webinar: Is Your Talent Acquisition Strategy Driving Business Results You Need?

Join host Amber Grewal in this upcoming SuccessFactors-webinar as she shares the tips and tricks required for the “competition” that is talent attraction. Tactics that will be discussed:

  • Understanding the applications and definition of “Talent Technology”
  • A detailed breakdown of Talent Technology (exp. based, engaging, social, etc.)
  • Detailing how in order to be successful in today AND tomorrow’s market you need to be technology centric, and what that entails as well

Registering for this webinar will prove to be a wise investment of time, especially more so as we are in the midst of a critical juncture in talent acquisition, especially in an area that is so heavily dependent on emerging technology. Hurry and register now, don’t forget!

Date/Time of Webinar:  September 4, 2014 at 2 pm Eastern/11 am Pacific

Registration Link:

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Sponsor:  SuccessFactors

Can’t attend the live webinar?  No problem! Register and receive links to the webinar slides and recording to view at a more convenient time!


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