The War For Talent Is a War For Attention. Here’s How to Get It

The war for talent may be misnamed. It’s really a fight for attention, says Katrina Collier, a social recruiting trainer at The Searchologist.

Once upon a time, when placing an ad in the newspaper employment classifieds was how employers sourced, job seekers knew nothing more than what you told them about the job. And even less about the job market.

Now, Collier tells her London DisruptHR audience, they know everything, or darn close. “So you send me that unsolicited impersonal email, I’m going to ignore it,” she says, because there are plenty of other opportunities. Should the decide to check you out, there’s almost nothing they can’t find out. Glassdoor will tell them what the interview is like, and what employees think of the place. They can go to Facebook and see what it’s like to work there and what kind of an organization you are.

If you want to win the fight, says Collier, “You can. It’s actually really, really easy.”

Easy might just be in the eye of the beholder, though he four tactics aren’t complicated:

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  1. “Look worthy of someone’s time.” This is especially for recruiters who reach out to potential candidates.
  2. “Be a company worth someone’s time.” Share information about the organization, pictures, details to let candidates see who you are.
  3. “Use tools to personalize, not spam.”

Fourth, and most importantly, she says, “Be human.”

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