Stop Trying to Solve Today’s Problems With What Worked Yesterday

Here’s a fun, and enlightening DisruptHR video that at first glance seems to have nothing to do with HR. But stick with it and you’ll see why “Stop Blaming Millennials for the Death of Retail” is worth your five minutes.

Scott Brown’s energetic performance conveys an important message for HR leaders that he foreshadows when he says in the first 15 seconds, “Millennials are not killing retail. Retailers are.” It doesn’t take long before Brown’s meaning becomes clear. Engagement by retail employees? Hardly. Hoping to improve sales, retailers facelifted their stores, but changed nothing else. And they slashed training budgets, dashing the career hopes of those workers without a college education.

He points out that its not retail that’s dying, it’s retailers that haven’t figured out how to adapt that are dying. In 2016, he reported, retail sales jumped 16% during the holiday season, with Amazon being a beneficiary of that increase.

“So what about your company?” asks Brown, the founder and chief engagement officer at The Hardie Consulting Group. “Are you still stuck in the sand hoping that what you did yesterday will be good enough to solve the problems of tomorrow?”

“How can you step forward, change the customer experience. Change what you do. How can you be the great disruptor in your industry?”

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  1. Wow. Scott Brown, hats off to you! Great content and outstanding, passionate delivery! I think I see the next TedTalk in the making. hope I get to see it LIVE.

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