Pre-SHRM Outlook: How the Future of HCM Is Being Shaped

For those in HR heading to the big SHRM annual conference in Chicago next week, there’s a lot going on in just a few days.

Having been to a few of these shows (as a speaker, practitioner, and press), there are informational sessions and networking opportunities galore. And while I may share my former colleague’s affinity for having the conference somewhere other than Chicago, one thing is certain: The Windy City is a great place to have a good time after hours.

Of course, these days I’m a bit more focused on what’s happening on the trade show floor. And SHRM has a big one. Even a casual stroll through the entire exhibit hall can take a few hours.

Staying on top of HR tech trends

Beneath the piles of swag, dudes with mikes giving live demos to anyone passing by, and aggressive badge scanners (you know who you are), the future of HR technology is being shaped. And it’s OK to be a little scared by that.

My company (The Starr Conspiracy) partnered with research and analyst firm Brandon Hall Group to talk about some of the trends that HCM providers need to know. The problem is that there are a ton of things impacting HR technology — everything from general trends in HR practices to consumer technology advances.shrm-2013

If your HCM provider is any good, they read websites like TLNT to keep tabs on HR trends, tech news sites to stay up to date on advances in technology, and news and financial reports to cover everything else.

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That’s pretty daunting. So, we started looking at some of the trends impacting HR technology the most and found that they seemed to fall into three distinct areas:

  • Reactions to HR trends Everything from changes in the way performance management is being carried out to how the talent shortage is impacting hiring is driving serious innovation in HCM.
  • Changes in HR technology Legacy HCM systems are (very slowly) sunsetting, and the next generation of recruiting tools are replacing some of the recruiting 1.0 tools that still exist in organizations.
  • Evolutions in consumer-facing tech — HR technology is facing employees and job candidates now more than ever. Trends in consumer technology are influencing the way HCM providers are building their next piece of software.

I can’t give everything away, of course (you can download the free paper for yourself to get the whole story), but all the trends HCM providers are balancing fall into those three sometimes-overlapping buckets.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you at SHRM Chicago. If you see me, let’s high-five and talk HR. Or basketball. One or the other, or maybe even both.


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