OSHA Issues Guidelines on Restroom Access for Transgender Workers

By Eric B. Meyer

Caitlyn Jenner got the cover of Vanity Fair and a million new Twitter followers shortly after confirming that she was no longer Bruce Jenner.

Now, let’s revisit the issue of transgender employees and restroom access.

As I noted last March in my prior transgender bathroom post, this issue is real. With an estimated 700,000 adults in the United States who are transgender — meaning their internal gender identity is different from the sex they were assigned at birth (e.g., the sex listed on their birth certificate) — it’s quite likely that this issue will crop up in your workplace. 

OSHA’s Best Practices

Even the U.S. Army found out the hard way. And then there’s yesterday’s news of transphobic comments from former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, where he joked that he wished he had been transgender in high school to shower with the girls.

So, with the spotlight shining brighter than ever on transgender issues, OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) now weighs in with “A Guide to Restroom Access for Transgender Workers.

The OSHA publication explores gender identity, restroom access as a heath and safety matter, and OSHA’s sanitation standards. It then provides what it deems “model practices for restroom access for transgender employees.”

These model practices start with the premise that “all employee should be permitted to use the facilities that correspond to their gender identity.” And, it’s up to the employee to determine for him- or herself “the most appropriate and safest option.”

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Two workplace bathroom options

The OSHA publication offers two optional solutions:

  1. Single-occupancy gender-neutral (unisex) facilities; and,
  2. Use of the multiple-occupant, gender-neutral restroom facilities with lockable single occupant stalls.

Additionally, the publication warns that employees should not be asked to provide any medical or legal documentation of their gender identity in order to have access to gender-appropriate facilities. Plus, no employee should be required to use a segregated facility apart from other employees because of their gender identity or transgender status.

Transgender issues are still relatively new in the workplace. Stay ahead of the curve by making a point to address them in your employee/manager training.

Other helpful information

For more information on transgender issues and your workplace, check out these links:

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136 Comments on “OSHA Issues Guidelines on Restroom Access for Transgender Workers

  1. I won’t use an “all gender” bathroom. They are dirty and men pee on seats. I general the ones I’ve seen are gross and I don’t want a man coming in “transgender” or not when I’m on the toilet so I think they will see that this will backfire.

    1. Back when I worked in a restaurant as a teen, I was assured by the owner the women’s room was far filthier than the men’s room.

      1. Actually you’re right. I say that sometimes when I go in the ladies room and they are slobs too.

  2. what is wrong with our country…..using the bathroom is a biological function so the biological identity ought to take precedence…meanwhile “social justice” advocates see no problem in making workplaces pay money to modify facilities to meet the needs of a small minority. They seem to take a perverse pride in forcing the Army to adapt to transgenders. Yes, respect the transgender cause, but respect needs to go both ways……having the government step in to enforce one perspective is not a good answer…..the more we attempt to gain meaning in our lives by making laws to promote individual freedoms and legislate the elimination of bias, the less freedom we have as a collectivity.

    1. The only reason a workplace needs to modify facilities is because other people seem to freak out with the idea of a transgender person using the restroom that matches their gender identity. Transgender women don’t want to use the men’s room and transgender men don’t want to use the women’s room. Multiple occupant restrooms already have stalls with doors. You don’t need special facilities for transgender individuals.

      1. There is no such thing as transgender just mentally ill people who cannot see the reality of what they are.

        1. There are no such things as hobbits, but here is one before me. Would not your position be reversed? You may be the one who cannot see reality but try to force reality to conform to your viewpoint.

          1. I’m glad to see you are able to judge my intelligence. I will end up voting for Hillary if she ends up being the lesser of two evils. I’d prefer to vote Republican, but unfortunately they seem content to nominate obnoxious trolls that cower before Evangelical Christians. If they focused more on fiscal policy and limited government, I’d be more apt to vote for them.

          2. Biology, physiology, chemistry and psychology = a human being of a certain gender. Perception, sociology, emotions, learning and experience are why people can believe or feel like they are otherwise. It is hard enough to try to raise a child right. To respect their elders and people of authority, work hard and be happy, productive people capable of existing and improving the world around them. A transgender is acting on self entitlement and selfishness. People who force everyone else to bow to their specific abnormality. Not everyone can be happy within their own skin. Sometimes you have to deal with the cards you’re dealt. Sometimes, you have to make a sacrifice for the greater good. How is any transgender working for the greater good?

          3. First, medical research is finding that there is a biological, genetic, and chemical component to being transgender. The studies are small in sample size as it isn’t a large population and not many resources are committed to investigating.
            As for the rest of your thoughts, aren’t most people acting on self-entitlement and selfishness? Why is it that you think only transgender people act out of selfishness? What is the greater good? There are transgender scientists, doctors, and engineers. Martine Rothblatt is one of the top paid CEOs and is also transgender. She has hundreds of employees and is #12 on Forbes best small business list for last year. Tell me how providing jobs is against the greater good?

          4. You are taking what I’ve said, out of context and are adding words I did not write. Please cite actual scientific fact about this medical research you mentioned. Not every heterosexual person is a good person. Though I think that would have gone without having to write that but I digress. A child’s gender identity is a fragile thing. Now more than ever a child can become confused to what their role is within a family and within a society. For myself, I am a husband and father. I work 50 hours a week and try to give my family a comfortable, happy existence. I believe it is my responsibility to take care of my family in this manner and also as the emotionless rock when trouble appears to do what must be done. My parents are still married, 50 years as of last year. I was led by example and thus I continue in that regard. I also find it interesting that you use a persons occupation as part of your transgender argument. Anyone can be successful if they have the drive and will to become so. What i am speaking of is not IF a person can become another sex. I believe they can not. Not in any true way. Certainly not due to technology and chemistry. I am addressing whether or not they SHOULD become another sex. I believe their need to have the same gender be sexually attracted to them goes far beyond that of a Homosexual. Obviously so if they change the very physical structure of their bodies. I will agree that people are attracted to what they are attracted to but that doesn’t make it right. Some people are attracted to children, some people have a need for more than one spouse. Why are these things considered wrong and not transgender tendencies? I know the answer but I am interested in your response.

          5. Research Titles: (I would include links, but most comments ban them because of spam)
            White matter microstructure in female to male transsexuals before cross-sex hormonal treatment. A diffusion tensor imaging study
            Regional gray matter variation in male-to-female transsexualism
            Regional Grey Matter Structure Differences between Transsexuals and Healthy Controls—A Voxel Based Morphometry Study
            White Matter Microstructure in Transsexuals and Controls Investigated by Diffusion Tensor Imaging

            These studies show that there is a biological difference in transgender people’s brain. While the amount of research is not substantial, it is part of a growing database of knowledge helping us understand the brain.

            Well I use their occupation as a means to provide meaning to “greater good” which you did not define. I assumed you meant in terms of achievements. I did not realize you meant on a smaller scale. There are transgender parents, siblings, and children that fill valid places in their families. They are husbands and wifes, fathers and mothers as can be. They may or may not have biological offspring or may do so. Does infertility invalidate their existence? Saying that begetting children is the only thing that is important in life makes us little more than animals. Also if long lasting marriages make for greater good, then we should abolish the institution as too many people make a mockery of it, i.e. Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Newt Gingrich, and Rush Limbaugh.

            I really shouldn’t have to answer these questions, but I will. Pedophilia is wrong because usually it involves someone in power (an adult) preying on a weaker individual (child). It is rape. Rape is wrong. If I have to explain why rape is wrong, I will write you off as a worthless human being. The multiple spouses is a gray area as those should be consenting adults. Additionally, other cultures and religions accept and embrace polygamy so it is harder to say that is right or wrong.

          6. Once again you completely missed what I was saying. You’re attributing the actual act and not just the attraction as I stated. I consider just having the attraction as wrong. The act, absolutely is wrong. And the research you quoted has been refuted as biased and unsubstantial. Because you identify (i’m guessing here) with the transgender abnormality, you think of it as natural. Which goes to my point. Some human beings actually are attracted to children, animals, and enjoy having alot of spouses. You condemn these things yet permit another. The thing you identify with. I am a person who condemns them and what you identify with.

          7. Well I’d like for you to show the information showing that those articles are biased and have been repudiated. I simply used Google Scholar to find research. There isn’t a lot which I admitted but I found no research in the listing that showed otherwise to what these articles declared.

            As for those other attractions, I only said that pedophilia was wrong because of it being rape. Children cannot give consent. As for animals, I find it icky, but if someone wants to make love to a sheep or goat or whatever, as long as I don’t have to watch, they can do it. Multiple spouses is okay by me as long, but I think there is a limit to how it can be recognized by the government as well as prevention of abuse.

            Since you gave some honesty about yourself, I’ll throw mine in, I’m Christian, an Army Veteran, masters of electrical engineering, don’t like porn videos at all, and seen Iraq three too many times. I’ve seen lots of things. I find it wrong to make others subject to my will because I’m uncomfortable. I’ve been uncomfortable in a lot of different ways. So long as people are not harming me while making me uncomfortable, i don’t see why I should make them.

          8. @Steve Lafountain

            Biology. Which biological factors are you referring to? Be specific. Before you start with XX/XY chromosomes, I’d suggest using Google to search for sex chromosome abnormalities, etc. Become informed on how diverse humans can be. Reealize that there are more than two simple XX/XY categories, that approx 1 in 500 is born “different,” and that the overwhelming majority of people have never undergone karotype testing. We’re all born different, and that’s OK.

            Physiology. Once Bruce/Caitlyn has surgery, his/her physiology changes.

            Chemistry. Are we talking about hormonal changes? Part of their transition includes hormone treatment, so chemistry is covered.

            Psychology. Most of the trans people I read about seem pretty well rounded. I also think that extensive counseling and psychological testing is required. Who are we to contest that medical opinion?

            A transgender individual is following their heart, and it has ZERO impact on you or how you live your life. You talk about sacrificing for the greater good… my question is, whose “good” are you referring to? Seems like only your own, yet you talk about them being selfish.

            They’re born different. They’re taking steps to correct that. I can’t fault them for pursuing inner peace. Can you?

          9. If someone’s life can be extended or saved using chemistry, science and technology, great. This effects me in obvious ways. It is a benefit and does not require people to account for it unless animals or people are being tested upon or some kind of harmful waste is produced from it. If my daughter sees a man in a dress in her bathroom. What should she think about that? In my opinion, in a word, unacceptable. People can do whatever they want in their own home. Wear whatever for their religion, get their freak on, make themselves up how ever they want, whatever. But just because chemistry and technology CAN do a thing, doesn’t mean it SHOULD do a thing. I will be honest, in general I do not embrace abnormality. However I am outwardly respectful to people I meet with such as in I treat everyone, regardless of sexual preference or physical or mental abnormality, with respect and dignity. As an adult, that is me setting an example for those under my charge. A man wearing a dress may not know that he is propagating something I abhor. When we begin allowing him to enter our daughters bathrooms, as a society, we are formally accepting something we informally do not accept. And this gropes really near absurdity in my book.

        2. How do you account for the physical difference in their brains that usually corresponds with the sex they identify as? Mental illness doesn’t produce physical differences like that.

          1. There is no such thing, what you re saying is actually an ignorant statement that has been pasted over an over. This also applies to homosexuality.

            Male and female brains have the same parts, only some parts are smaller than others in average, and this is directly influenced by hormonal balance, hence why size varies from person to person. The parts of the brain is what you would call “hardware”. While there is LGBT propaganda promoting unexplained pseudo-science full of holes. It is well known that changes in behaviour and diet can directly affect your brain by affecting your hormonal balance. The studies offered by the LGBT have been debunked since Dr. Simon Le Vay who confessed to bias, the size differences in the brain hardware can be found in straight and gay males depending on their eating habits or if they have STDs, as in Le Vay’s case all his homosexual subjects had STDs which directly caused the changes. Not all homosexuals have these changes(non STD) and none of them who did had it the same as women. Eating certain types of foods and behavioural patterns in general can alter your brain.


            *Dairy products or food that lowers testosterone:

            *Over excericising

            *Taking hormones(many homosexuals and “trans” as they call them)

            *Too much red meat


            *Being born with xyy chromosomes(male)

            *Sitting or standing up in a “dominant” position for 5 minutes will increase your testosterone by about 20% and lower your cortisol(stress hormone) by about 15%, making a habit out of this will affect your brain’s hardware.

            Our bodies and brains are directly affected physically by our hormonal balances or imbalances in the body, there is no evidence that homosexuality is caused by these imbalances, sex hormones can stimulate sexual desire, but when your hardware(penis) is attatched to your brain, your brain will seek what its designed for, which is a vagina. No hormonal change will change desire into male or female, it depends on your genetic make up, male(xy) or female(xx) which determines your body’s hardware. No ghost software will exist of sexual organs you lack to make you desire the same sex.

          2. Actually I was an MD at several hospitals, including Childrens Hospital, from 1972 until 2010.

            Try again…

          3. Sure you were, you don’t even know that a man cannot be a woman and you expect us to believe you were a MD?…hahahahahahahahaha! XX and XY case closed.

          4. all they got to do is check their anatomy. That should tell which bathroom to use. Nothing mental about that. It’s obvious.

          5. Hate to tell you but Mental disorders do have physical affects on the body and the fact that you said they don’t proves you were never a MD….toodles liar.

          6. Fuck you you vile piece of shit. You have no clue, so you attack other who do. You deserve to have kids that are transgender.

        3. Your statement that “that there is no such thing as transgender just mentally ill people who cannot see the reality of what they are” is a complete and TOTAL BS lie.

          Transgender and gender non-conforming people have existed for as long as humans have, and it has been documented by both historians and anthropologists alike. It even exists in the greater animal kingdom, although animals don’t assign other animals a complex social structure known as “gender” that we humans have -and unfortunately do.

          1. im transgender, i have a degree in diesel equipment technology and enlisted in the army right out of highschool after sept 11th. i have no desire to peep on women i have no desire to infringe on any of the rights of people i helped fight for. why do people seem so intent on denying my my rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness? if you dont agree with what im doing thats fine i understand im not asking you to do it. but is it to much to ask that you respect me in a basic human fashion by properly addressing me or by letting me use a bathroom to relieve myself because i assure you thats why im there and for no other reasons. also may i add that throughout human history the majority have sought to deny the minority rights that the majority already has and when the minority trys to get them the majority says they are shoving it in their face. from races to religions every group has been persecuted at some point yet those that were seem to think that now they are not its ok to do it to others. btw i voted for scott walker, mccain and kerry. matter a fact paul ryan is my districts rep. we arent evil or sick just looking to live life.

          2. No I dont need my own bathroom never asked for one. I just want to use A bathroom to do what its there for. Men dont want me in thier bathroom but truthfully if I had to use it bad and thats all that was availible I would. My bladder/colon needs override peoples wierdness. Because its their wierdness and they gotta figure out how to deal with it without involving me.

        1. Honey, I’ve been been in many a women’s restroom where I’ve had to wipe off the toilet seat because of women who use the ” hover ” technique. Don’t kid yourself Lacey. As per usual distortion and fear mongering is all you got.

        2. Well it is disgusting when guys do make a mess, but I don’t think anyone is advocating for guys to use the women’s restroom. Transgender women should still sit down to pee like any other lady. I’ve also known that there are plenty of disgusting women out there. I’ve seen skid marks, not flushing, not washing hands, etc. Male and female people can be disgusting.

  3. Why is it that people think all transgender people are perverts? By far, there are many more perverts that are heterosexual and cisgender. I’ve heard no stories of a transgender person peeping on others in the bathroom, but I have heard about heterosexual men setting up cameras or raping women without pretending to be transgender.

    1. You seem to have strong opinions about these mentally ill drag queens…Looking at your photo you appear to be a crossing dressing guy…So tell me, are you a Tranny?

    2. Where is the proof of your claim that ” By far, there are many more perverts that are heterosexual and cisgender.”?

      You have none. You are ignorant beyond belief and thus shouldn’t even have a part in the debate..

      1. Well I can name two events in the last year in my local area of a heterosexual man either spying on women or raping them in women’s facilities. I cannot name any instance of a transgender person committing those crimes. Where is your proof? You provide less proof than I but yet you claim I am ignorant.

        1. Do you read all news papers, do any research, look globally for this information? Your argument is weak, once again there is no logic, common sense, or cognitive reasoning to your argument

          1. Do you read all newspapers, do any research, or look globally for your information? I suspect that you get yours from sources that align with your values. For every one story you post about a transgender person doing something perverted, I can post 3-4 stories of someone who isn’t doing something perverted. Your argument is no different from mine. You cite no sources, no articles. You just call me weak and illogical. I actually tried to find crime statistics but evidently the amount of transgender people committing the crimes you think they do is so few that it isn’t even recorded. I found plenty of stats about normal men being perpetrators of rape and perversion. If you want to be so high and mighty about research, why don’t you provide the first salvo.

  4. You are not assigned a gender at birth, you are born a gender, either male or female, the only exception is hermaphrodites which are mutations that occur rarely.

    1. You are confusing sex versus gender. The two are not the same and intersexuality happens far more often than ” rarely “.

        1. And you appear to be a hobbit or have a hobbit fetish. Still, you are confusing sex, assigned at birth due to sexual characteristics of genitalia and the true gender, brain sex of an individual but that is to be expected of a person being born a hobbit.

          1. You are truly ignorant if you cannot understand basic biology, but that is painfully obvious.

  5. What I find disturbing is the fact that this country seems to ‘cater’ to transgenders who are, by all accounts, a very very small percentage of the population….and leave the feelings of the rest of the population (the vast majority) out of the ‘equation’. We want to worry about how the transgender person feels but not about the rest of the employee population or the population of people in large. Here is a valid case. A company in Idaho had a anatomically correct male working for them. This male employee did NOT want to have his penis removed but did begin taking hormone shots, etc. His breasts started to grow and he began wearing a bra and was, by all accounts, proud of this fact and talked about his new bra ‘status’. There’s the first problem. If a female had started to talk about her breasts/bra size at work, there would have been ramifications to that type of discussion….but we’re supposed to have different rules for the ‘transgender’ person because why?? Next came the bathroom issue. The females did NOT want this anatomically correct male (no matter how big his breasts got) to be using their employee bathroom. HR had to think of everyone so offered the ‘transgender’ employee two options. 1. Use the male bathroom or 2. Use the single occupant bathroom in HR. Seemed like a perfect solution but nope, the transgender employee got all up in arms. Discrimination, he claimed, blah blah blah. Thankfully, the employer stood firm and he was later fired for totally different reasons so the issue is resolved.

    Yet, here we are in this country, making concessions for these strange people who again, represent such a very small percentage of the population and put aside the feelings of the rest of this country. You can dress however you like, you can think that you are whatever sex you feel you are, BUT….when it comes to using the bathroom….you stay in the bathroom that is for the sex that you have the anatomically correct genitals for. Period. And for those out there who feel that people may use the bathroom for other things than to urinate/defecate….you still need to stay in the bathroom that is assigned to your genitals….no exceptions.

    We need to stop this lunacy….now it is creeping into our schools. In the ‘olden days’, you had anatomically correct males who weren’t interested in sports, who preferred partaking in activities that were traditionally labeled as females, etc. and yet they didn’t go around pretending to be females. They may have been labeled a ‘cissy’ but at least they weren’t acting bizarre and just plain weird. You had females who didn’t want to be all prissy and dress up….who would rather play with the boys….and they had a name for them…tomboys. It is perfectly acceptable to have members of both sexes who don’t fit the stereotype that our society has somehow assigned to the male/female sex. We don’t need to promote this weird lifestyle that we now called ‘transgender’. LIFE with whatever sexual gender you are born with….figure out how to do it within the confines of society but quit asking the rest of us to accept your lifestyle and push it into ours. It is NOT normal.

    1. I find it hard to say this country “caters” to transgender individuals when it is legal in most states to discriminate against them in almost every way. The reason our society is great is because we do have a way to protect the “least of us”. Our Constitution and Declaration of Independence are based on the premise that we are all equal. Christianity is based on love and acceptance. It is only perversions of these guiding principles that cause hardship. Transgender people are still humans first and as such still suffer flaws. Everyone has flaws but when an individual in a small minority has one, it seems to be amplified and held up as an example of why the rest of that group is not worthy of care and compassion.

      1. If we are all equal, ..

        Why do blacks get to cut in line in college?

        Why do the poor and lazy (not one in the same) get to spend the money I earn?

        Why do some young adults get their college debt forgiven, while I had work for years to pay all of mine back?

        Why do I get taxed at a higher rate than someone who makes less money?

        Why do married people get special tax breaks that I, as a single person, can’t get?

        1. Why do we have those things? Because we have human flaws. Blacks get to cut in line because white people statistically are better off and college is viewed as an way to lift people out of poverty.
          The poor (and sometimes lazy) get to spend your money as it is a hope that they will be able to pick themselves up and eventually earn their own way. Providing for the poor, needy, and sick is a very Christian way of doing things.
          Most people do not get their college debt forgiven and it is done so in only the rarest of hardships. Be thankful that you were prosperous enough to not need that done.
          You also get taxed at a higher rate than the richest as well. Why are you concerned with those that are worse off being given a crumb when those that have the bakery get to pay less than you as well?
          Married people get a break because we have deemed that family is important and we encourage those that are building for the future deserve some extra. Is it fair, probably not, but if you weren’t such a jerk, maybe you wouldn’t be single.

          1. Every foolish liberal scheme has failed, yet they will not recognize their failures. The illogical liberal philosophy WILL destroy civilization.

          2. EVERY liberal scheme? I’m pretty sure the founding of this country was a liberal idea that has seemed to weather the test of time. Do you like a 40 hour workweek? Thank a liberal. Do you like national parks? Liberal scheme. Do you like freedom of speech? Liberal idea. Freedom of religion? Another liberal idea. I admit that there are bad liberal ideas as well, but a lot of the things we take for granted today were liberal ideas at one point.

          3. Please tell me how the founding fathers were liberal? You liberal claim this yet you have no logical proof to back it up. If our founding fathers were liberal why are you liberals trying so hard to change the Constitution? Once again your illogical rant has proven you to be a fool

          4. liberal: open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values
            At the time of our nation’s founding, religion and government were intertwined. There were official sanctioned religions and others were oft not to be free to practice their own. Additionally, the nations that our founding fathers came from did not have democracies and very few counted as republics (Netherlands, Switzerland, Venice, Genoa, Ragusa). The founding fathers discarded the notion of kinds and nobility in favor of our democracy. Our bill of rights was rather different than traditional values. Many of the rights in the bills of rights were enshrined there because they were not granted in other countries. Other countries you could be hung for treasonous speech, robbed of your possessions, convicted without trial. These are all very liberal ideas from the time. Now we view them as classical ideas. As for amending the Constitution, I currently only hear Republicans bellowing for a same-sex marriage ban to be added. My guess is the reason we don’t have one of those is that they know that Americans would not vote for it anymore. That time has passed.

      2. “Michelle” – based on all of your comments…you are likely a man pretending to be a woman. Fine if that’s what you want to do but don’t make the rest of us have to agree to that type of lifestyle. Why shouldn’t we ‘protect’ the rest of us…the majority of this country from the transgenders? Why should we have to CATER to them? I am a Christian and I am NOT saying that a transgender (or gay/lesbian/bisexual) person should be bullied, tortured or killed….those are WRONG….but, we live in a DEMOCRACY….one where the majority of the people have rights….but now, the majority of us don’t have rights. If the employees of a company ‘vote’ to not allow transgenders to use a specific sex bathroom…..then that should be it…but nope, that’s not the end of it. Even when a transgender is given the option to use a family type bathroom (one stall, locked door to the whole bathroom), they push for more because its what THEY want. Does anyone consider the feelings of the majority of the employees? Do we worry about the feelings of the parents and/or students in schools that don’t want a transgender in the locker room/bathroom with them? No, we have to worry that a transgender might sue the school district so the feelings of the vast majority of people involved are put aside all for a super small minority. It’s just plain wrong!

        If you, Michelle, or any of your friends is or believes to be a transgender…fine…be whatever you want. Live your life how you want, but live it within the confines of the society that exists. That society still believes and maintains that there are TWO sexes…male and female…..and you are BORN either a male or a female. If you want society to be more acceptance, then we need to stop stereotyping either sex as being a jock or a feminine type person. My point is…males don’t have to be jocks or heavy drinkers who belch, etc. to be a MAN…and females don’t have to have painted nails, perfect hair or be all ‘prissy’ to be a female. If someone wants to be ‘different’ then be ‘different’ but don’t ask the rest of us to be a part of it.

        1. Society evolves. 150 years ago, slavery was okay in this country. Only a century ago, women were mostly viewed as property and had no identity outside of their husbands. A century ago, it was okay to have children working in factories as soon as they were old enough to hold a wrench. Segregation was still practiced within the lifetimes of people still living.

          Just because something was okay doesn’t mean it should be. Just because something is currently wrong, doesn’t mean it will always be so. We do live in a democracy, but it is also one that was built with the recognition that sometimes the majority is oppressing a minority.

          1. When you try to justify or legitimize something then your cause is most likely wrong. Do not liken slavery with sexually mutilating oneself for perverse and or mental reasons.

          2. I was not likening it to slavery. I was merely pointing out that society’s values and morals change over time. What is and will be acceptable will change. We may have a future where it is no longer acceptable to be Christian, but I hope that day never comes. Aren’t you and others who are against transgender people justifying or legitimizing your cause? Hard to say we don’t have our own reasons and motivations for wanting society to change or stay the same.

          3. Society may ‘evolve’ but certain things don’t. While we can now ‘create’ a human being in a laboratory, we still need a human body (and a FEMALE human body with the correct anatomical parts) to help sustain that child until it can be born and live outside the womb. Children born, whether via artificial insemination, surrogacy or the normal, natural method are still born either a MALE or FEMALE. Society’s values and opinions may change about certain beliefs, but the fact remains that people are still MALE or FEMALE…regardless of what you want to say or how passionately you may feel about our cause.

            How is it against facts to say that one is born either Male or Female? You are either born and say, “I have a son” or “I have a daughter” and nothing else. Grow up people…..if someone doesn’t feel ‘comfortable’ in their skin, in their gender, that’s fine and that’s their business. I, however, shouldn’t have to be forced to accept it and/or have their lifestyle forced down my throat, just because it makes them feel better.

            This whole topic is ridiculous and if these people want to be considered as a normal part of society, then live how society, as a whole, feels is normal. I personally don’t care if someone wants to live his/her life the way they want but when they cross the line and ask me to participate in their lifestyle….by asking me to share a bathroom with them….then that IS crossing the line. It is NOT NORMAL! Period! Stop trying to pretend that it is.

          4. We will eventually be able to grow a child in an artificial womb. We will learn techniques to reprogram human DNA. There are differences in the brain that are detectable that differ based on the gender of an individual. It is noted in medical research that transgender individuals have the composition of grey and white matter similar to that of the gender that they identify. It appears that we are truly born this way. Just a fact that life is mysterious and wonderful and nothing is black and white. Normal is what society says and society is changing its view on LGBT. It may not ever by the majority, but it will one day be a normal fact of life.

          5. Maybe in your unrealistic way of thinking. Why should we accept what you say as what is going to be ‘normal’ and what isn’t? You may feel that just because science ‘may’ someday be able to do the things you state, that those techniques will be utilized on a regular basis. What you leave out of the equation is moral and ethical standards that will always exist in our world that will prevent many of these science fiction ideas from every reaching reality.

            Society may have evolved to a certain point but there will always be a point where society will say ‘WHOA’….not going there. I may personally not accept a lot of the gay/lesbian lifestyle, but they don’t try to tell me that I have to have the opposite sex in my bathroom. You are obviously not a parent because no matter how you cut it, no parent is going to want little boys in the bathroom with their little girls and visa versa….just because some kid thinks he is a transgender. It will only get more pronounced as the kids grown up….and no matter what you think, adolescents and teenagers aren’t going to want members of the opposite sex in their bathroom or their locker rooms (and their parents won’t either). You can’t dictate how kids feel and with the most recent stories about young people who are transgenders, read about how isolated those kids feel….even peers their own age do NOT ACCEPT THIS LIFESTYLE! It is not normal.
            Do what you want at home….and associate with other transgenders if that what you want. Don’t expect the rest of society to embrace or accept that lifestyle because it isn’t normal.

          6. I never made a moral pronouncement of these ideas. Some things should be better left alone but more because of the 2nd and 3rd order effects that are often unknown.

            As for the youth, far more than you give credit for accept transgender youth. It is only once parents interject their prejudices do the children learn to hate. I do read these articles and there is hope for them as they grow. Society is evolving to accept them as they are and will be. Our society is more likely to be ruined by our eventual robot overlords than transgender people. If you want to fear something, fear the collapse of ecosystems or the rise of a superbug. Those are much more likely to affect your life than some transgender person going potty.

          7. Oh Michelle, you really are deluded. I have had four children…..the youngest working at a college after graduating from there. Sorry but young people, in general, do NOT accept transgender youth in their circles. While they may acknowledge them, that is a far cry from accepting them. Get to know the difference. Transgender youth are not included in the circles of adolescents and teenagers, no matter how much you would like to believe so. Remember that acknowledging that transgenders exist but not including them as ‘friends’ are NOT the same. Quit blaming the parents for teaching the kids how to hate. BTW – who said anything about ‘hate’? Again, learn the difference between “HATE” and ‘not accepting’. You can’t force, nor should you, kids to accept another child. You can teach them not to hate and basically ignore them, but not be cruel, but you can’t dictate acceptance and never will. Girls want to be around FEMALES….friends who can relate to feelings about boys, periods, makeup, etc. Even that young man who recently committed suicide said that his ‘friends’ really weren’t his friends….he didn’t have any. That’s not the parent’s fault…..they didn’t specifically tell their children to ignore him….the kids, contrary to your opinions, have minds of their own. They just don’t necessarily want to be around transgenders. Perhaps as adults they may change their minds but not as teenagers and no matter how much you wish it, it isn’t going to happen. Same things with younger kiddos. They don’t want to be around ‘different’ kids no matter how much you wish it.

            Grow up and be realistic. Transgender people will have to learn to accept that they aren’t going to be accepted as long as they keep trying to push their lifestyle on the majority of society….because it just is NOT normal.

          8. I am realistic. You and I will never agree on this issue. We are diametrically opposed and neither of us willing to concede. You go live your life according to your narrow view about what is “normal” and I will live mine. Society is changing.

          9. I agree with you on all but one point. I might say that you are the one with a very narrow view about what is ‘normal’. According to you, anything and everything must be normal. What is next? Will a person who has sex with an animal be considered normal? If not, then you will have to explain why it is not because, according to you…everything that a person feels is ‘normal’ must be, right???

          10. Actually, I haven’t said where my bounds of normal were. You’re the one that assumes what I mean by it. I just see that my bounds of normal are bigger than yours. I don’t consider sex with animals to be normal but I don’t begrudge people to do that either. If they chose to have sex with a sheep or goat or whatever in the privacy of their own home (or barn) then I’m not going to stop them. Frankly for society, I’d rather have goats or sheep raped than women. I don’t understand zoophilia (had to google it) but I’m a firm believer in what you do, i.e. sex, behind closed doors is between you and God. Sex is a beautiful thing but is meant to be done in private.

          11. You have proven yourself to be just plain WEIRD. Glad you don’t think that sex between animals/people is normal but you don’t apparently think it is wrong either. So, are we not to protect the innocent animals then Michelle from some perverted person who wants to have sex with them?

          12. Well since I don’t consider animals to be sentient beings, they are property. I am not going to tell someone what they can or can’t do with their property under most circumstances. I am not a pervert or trespasser that would catch them doing it either so I’m not sure how to really deal with it anyway. Are you going to stand guard to protect each animal’s purity?

          13. Definition of sentient:

            able to perceive or feel things.

            Sorry, animals do ‘feel’ and/or perceive things. You are all messed up. If animals don’t, then why do we have laws preventing abuse to animals? You are totally a messed up individual.

          14. In many countries, women are still to this day considered property. In some of the same and different ones to, Homosexuality and transgender/transsexuals are not tolerated at all. And in this country, if I saw someone doing something cruel to an animal, regardless if it’s there property or not, I’m going to act. 3 guesses what i’d do if it were a woman or a child being harmed in such a way. As humans, the majority of who we are are as individuals is a culmination of our perceptions, experiences and what we’ve learned along the way. Just like a period (as an example) can affect a change in emotion and body, a man with his biology, will NEVER know such. Along with many other things inherent to a females biology that make up the experience of being female. What is left is a homosexual or bisexual that enjoys looking like a woman and gets fulfillment from being looked at AS a woman. He will however, NEVER really have a place in any sort of matriarchy regardless if he has surgery and puts on a dress. In the media, you may well see Jenner among other women and everyone is cool with it but when the party is over and people return to their own families, friends and lives, he will be regarded as odd, strange and uncomfortable to be around. Unlike you I am a realist. I do not consider, near anorexic body types as sexy and I have yet to see a transgender that I couldn’t pick out of a crowd of other women. It’s odd though, it’s like my eyes know something is strange at a glance then the ‘Ickiness’ comes .

        2. ” That society still believes and maintains that there are TWO
          sexes…male and female…..and you are BORN either a male or a female.” This statement alone shows the willful denial of facts or a unwillingness to educate ones self and not worth the time to respond further. Good luck Michelle

    2. Now in VA. starting in seventh grade, they will teaching there is no such thing as gender, male or female, it is now called FLUIDITY. What the hell is that?

      1. They actually haven’t passed that recommendation and let’s hope that they don’t. The last time that I read about it, these were just proposals that were going to be put before the entire school board. To elaborate, they were also going to start teaching about this in FOURTH grade…the whole premise was ridiculous. Something about morphing about your gender identity and that it wasn’t firm until you were an adult? WTF???

        I agree what the heck is gender fluidity? Stupid crap!

    3. so giving a minority the same rights as the majority is catering? hummm i think churches should pay taxes on the land they have… after all churches are the minority of land in the USA

  6. So I think as a man, I’ll start feeling like identifying as a woman part time… when I have to or simply want to use the ladies restroom. After all, government cannot prevent me from identifying.. part time.. as a woman any more than they can prevent me from identifying full time as a woman. i have rights. I say sometimes I feel like a woman and sometimes I don’t. It’s not for others to judge me or tell me when I can and can’t feel and act like a woman.

    1. By all means, then you are a woman, but you still can’t do perverted things like spy on other women. That is still illegal.

  7. There needs to be 3 bathrooms, one for ladies, one for men, and one for the freakie weirds who want to be something different than what they truly are.

    1. Unfortunately, the freaks won’t agree to it because they won’t rest until they make everyone else miserable.

  8. It’s not about catering to transgender people. It’s about trying to assuage the irrational fears of ignorant non-transgender people that they will be attacked in the restroom by transgender people. I can assure you that transgender people go into the restroom for the same reason that you do.

  9. These sick people need a psychiatrist or be put out of their misery. They shouldn’t be allowed to live amongst normal people and try to act like they are normal. They’re some sort of animal we haven’t really classified yet. It isn’t human.

  10. What about those of us who have PTSD from being raped or molested and can’t share restrooms with men (even if they think they are women) without experiencing severe anxiety – or really have trouble with the thought that our children may have to share a bathroom with someone of the opposite sex? Don’t we have rights?

    1. Claiming to be transgender doesn’t allow you to be a pervert and peep. Nothing anywhere allows that.

        1. Not likely as that usually involves direct action on an individual. A transgender person utilizing the restroom that conforms to their gender identity only indirectly affects you. A pedophile likely touches and interacts with their obsession. If you think that pedophilia = homosexuality or gender identity then you are woefully ignorant.

  11. “…it’s quite likely that this issue will crop up in your workplace. ”

    Even if 700,000 is an accurate number, that still amounts to only about two one-hundredths of one percent. Based on that, I’d say it’s very UNlikely that it will crop up.

  12. Mental illness is the new normal in this country. Don’t you want your 12 year old daughters going to restrooms where old dirty men are wandering around exposing themselves.

  13. One thing I keep reading is “meaning their internal gender identity is different from the sex they were assigned at birth”. No one is assigned anything at birth you are either born physically and with DNA stating you are a boy or a girl. Very few people are actually born with both and there for need to be assigned.

  14. Today the woman’s bathroom was being cleaned and I didn’t want to walk to the next floor so I just used the male bathroom. There was a stall to use. Now my management wants to talk to me. With this new rule they can’t ask me to identify anything and I don’t have to. Thank you no more waiting in line for a woman’s bathroom at concerts or stadiums YAY.

  15. This is just insane. So now we have 3 bathrooms. Men, women, & freaks.
    This is why stall doors are in place people. Use the bathroom y ou identify with and shut the dam door!
    Technically there should be 4 Men, women, MTF, FTM. Why do I feel this is some kind of plumber’s conspiracy?
    Stats say that only about 700,000 (estimate) of the US population identify with the opposing gender. Of those only a fraction have had the surgery. In a nation whose est. population of 318.9 billion (Unless my math is wrong, that is about 0.1% of our population), do we really need to completely revamp our society for a few people who cannot cut it in life?
    Where is this world going and why is it in that hand basket?

  16. Transgender should only be able to use certain restrooms if the actual Plumbing has been changed, other wise it will only be the perverts that want to go into either.

    1. Why does plumbing matter? Are you helping them pee? Is someone going to be checking to see if the plumbing matches? I’d wager more perverts would sign up for that job than they would at catching transgender people.

      1. If you don’t want to use the restroom with individuals who have penises why do you think that I want to use the restroom with you and your penis?

        1. I do not want to share a restroom with men. I don’t care if they have penises, vaginas, nothing, or tentacles between their legs. My concern is that they tend to be dirty compared to women. I’d rather not share a restroom with whores or druggies, but not much I can do about that either. They make me uncomfortable, but they have just as much right to be there as I do.

          1. If they were born with vaginas then they have more of a right to use the women’s restroom than you do. Also, if you dig around in their past you will probably find that they became a whore or a druggie at least partly due to trauma inflicted upon them by someone with a penis like yours. Do you know how many sex trade workers were raped or molested prior to become prostitutes?

          2. Do you know that transgender individuals are more likely to become sex workers than other populations? Do you know that transgender individuals are more likely to be sexually assaulted than other populations. Lastly, what I have between my legs is my and my spouse’s business. I would not someone like you touch what I have.

          3. I don’t particularly care about the problems of men (even if they think they are women). Men have had the upper hand for centuries and as far as I’m concerned can take care of themselves without muscling in on the few gains, privileges, and comforts women have managed to win for themselves (including bathrooms). Go have a pity-party as a “transgender” if you don’t want to be a “man” but keep out of my gender. Women have given men enough. We don’t need to give you our dang bathrooms

          4. I bet you I am not. I actually like men and get along very well with them. I do not get along well with the TERFs that you are about to accuse me of being one of but do sympathise with them and will take their side in this debate since they are the REAL women,

          5. If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…it’s likely a duck. You’ve used feminist themes and are trans-exclusionary. You may not be a TERF, but you come across as one. If you want to be thought of otherwise, maybe you should change how you discuss things.

          6. I don’t particularly care if you label me a TERF or not. The only part of that I take offense to is the “feminist” part and you’ll never understand why because you are a man (who thinks he’s a woman) so there’s no point in debating the issue with you. The only person who i would ever try to explain that too is a real woman. Its a women’s issue and men should have no part of it.

          7. You are solely mistaken. A woman’s life has always meant more to men and to society since the beginning of time. Women were coveted, fed and protected. Now in modern society, men are worth even less.

  17. “Transphobic”? A new word invented by sexual perverts, for sexual perverts against normal people! The title on the door should be ‘IT’!

  18. Didn’t they say that was a Cape and not a dress? So what’s the 3rd one? Is he/she wearing half a cape, half a dress, half a witch’s hat?

  19. If people ever manage to get men dressed as women the right to use women’s bathrooms, I’m just going to use whatever bathroom I feel like at the moment.

    How is it different to let a man wearing a dress and makeup into the women’s bathroom from one that wears gender conforming clothes?

  20. Oh to be a teenager again. If I could do it all over I’d be a girl trapped in a boys body. Showering in the girls locker room every day would of course help make me feel better about myself….

  21. Guys… We’re talking about a public restroom, not a country club to socialize at. Who cares which restroom they use… I certainly don’t care if they’re in a locked stall using the facilities. It can’t be any worse than some of the awful things that already happen there.

  22. It is a he that had his body muliated, end of story. His internal parts are still the same. You can cut off a pigs snout and you still have a pig.

  23. “With an estimated 700,000 adults in the United States who are transgender…”

    .0002% of the overall population is transgendered and society is told to change to accommodate this overwhelming minority. Interesting.

    Approximately 1/3 (33%) of Americans say they own a firearm, which is Constitutionally protected, and some are telling them they need to change to accommodate the minority. Also interesting.

  24. Yes! Yes, my minions of darkness, spread the hatred of what you do not understand! Let your ignorance run wild in the streets and feed me so that I might rise up and rule the earth. Your hate-filled spiteful ways have strengthened me faster than any murderous villain. You pray to your god at night but during the day you give me all of the glory to steal from him your souls. I thank you for being so closed-minded. -Devil Idiots.

  25. The freak show continues. We really, really need another 9/11 or worse to get our heads back on straight.

  26. According the mental trans people I guess we can’t call multiple personalities a disorder anymore because after all who are we to tell them how to “identify” themselves.

  27. So my 12 year old grandaughter will go into a bathroom with adult men now, pee in stalls next to each other, wash hands together, and she is quite safe? Really? I see disaster ahead. It will take a horrible murder and rape before we actually make an effort to consider the safety of women. And I am NOT saying LGBT are any more likely to be criminals then anyone else. I am saying we are throwing the safety of women/girls down the drain by permitting ANY male body to share a restroom with females. I just can’t believe this. I support all of my LGBT brothers and sisters. But the answer we have established is endangering our females. Prophecy people.

  28. This is probably not going to be very popular but here goes! I’m from EU and ALL restrooms are unisex. ALL stalls have individual, lockable doors. Never a problem!

    1. Yeah, well you sent all the Puritanical jerks over here so we’re stuck with it. 🙂

  29. Nobody gets to choose their gender. Try as they wish, science simply has not come that far. Males are males, females are females. Nothing else is relevant.

  30. this is just how sad our country and world have gotten people. We have complicated bathroom use. The trannies can use the bathroom of their choosing. It’s a shame that we have reached a point in human history that gender has to be identified. As if we don’t know what constitutes a male or female. Simple enough. Morality is just gone out the window. Our government and judges are so confused trying give everybody rights they don’t even know where to draw the line anymore. All perversions will be allowed.

  31. Science as well as legal gender law has certainly not kept apace with all the gender expressions which seems to be ever expanding! It is not just the bathroom issue. With such expansion it is no wonder that our government does not know what to do as well as how one is to relate to one’s neighbor in the gender non-conforming community!

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