Marijuana Comes to the Workplace

With the recent legalization of marijuana in states for medicinal purposes, and recreational in the case of Washington and Colorado, there will be some challenges to face in the near future regarding the workplace and marijuana. Please welcome host’s Larry Perlman and John Litchfield in this upcoming HRCI sponsored webinar that will cover the following:

  • What to expect in the near future in terms of “challenges.”
  • How best to effectively and professionally approach these challenges.
  • And so much more!

This is one webinar you really have to experience yourself to appreciate the full breadth of knowledge being offered. Register today and secure your place in this upcoming event.

Date/Time of Webinar: December 10, 2014 at 2 pm Eastern/11 am Pacific

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Sponsor: HRCI


6 Comments on “Marijuana Comes to the Workplace

  1. Everyone KNOWS that thc stays in the system for about 30 days. WHAT IF alcohol did?? Then what?!
    I suppose that would be okay. How crazy is this world??!

  2. Should not need a webinar for people to do what’s friggen right but until the FEDERAL government RECLASSIFIES cannabis and makes it ILLEGAL to discriminate, the states will still do what they want.

    1. As far as I concerned, the states should be allowed to do want they want. That is still not entirely the case though.

      Regardless, I do agree with you – cannabis should be reclassified. There is no way it is in the same league as heroin and the other schedule 1 drugs.

  3. It’s going to come down to the rights and expectations of employers. They are going to want a ‘drug free’ workplace. Problem is that workplaces are not-drug free. My workplace for example, has coffee on tap and Tylenol in the medicine cabinet for employees. Please don’t write laws without consideration of this inherent double-standard.

    Marijuana is a complex drug with both medicinal and recreational uses. I use marijuana medically because it makes me a healthier and more productive member of society. I only consume ‘after’ my work shift. Yeah, I’m in severe pain all day, but at least I’m not ‘high’ right? Too bad being in pain is more of a distraction for me than being ‘high’. There’s no easy answers. Please just try to be fair to all and write something that doesn’t infringe on peoples freedoms. Thank you.

  4. Yep, employers don’t care if you pound down a fifth of whisky every night and go into work the next morning, BUT DAMN YOU IF YOU TAKE A FEW HITS OFF A DOOBIE – YOU ARE FIRED!

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