Making Diversity Candidates Feel Part of the Team

Hiring diverse candidates is good for a business.

“Racially diverse teams outperform non-diverse ones by 35%,” says Amy Martin, founder of and founder and principal in the marketing firm, Hyperthink.

But attracting diversity candidates is only part of the equation. The other part is retaining diversity hires. Speaking to a DisruptHR Cleveland audience last year, Martin observed that there’s “a ton of research out there about why you hire diversely.”

But, she said, “There’s basically nothing out there about how to retain them and enervate them in your institution.”

Her 5-minute Disrupt presentation offers a blueprint to start filling in that gap.

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1 Comment on “Making Diversity Candidates Feel Part of the Team

  1. I came into the US Military at age 18…for those who have never served, it is the largest and most diverse company on the face of this earth and probably one of if not the, most highest performing company/organization in the world as well. We all trained the same, all retained the same and all were/are very successful in the same.

    So now you are saying we not only do companies have to retain all their talent, but now set up separate retention programs for diverse candidates? Unless I am reading this wrong; I believe in treating all people the same and part of my or any team and not having to make a ‘special effort’ to make them feel part of the team or retain them.

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