Is There Any Debate? Why Real Recruiters Say That LinkedIn is No. 1

I have long been a LinkedIn fan. To me, it’s an easy and efficient way to stay in touch with friends, colleagues, and business connections.

But as much as I like LinkedIn, I know there are a number of people who question how it works as a recruiting tool, particularly when you compare it to Facebook, Google+, or other social media.

That’s why this post over on our sister website ERE is such an interesting read. It’s by Lou Adler, and Lou always seems to have a smart and insightful perspective when it comes to recruiting and recruiters. And his point today is that real recruiters don’t have any doubts about LinkedIn at all, because real recruiters know that there are advantages to LinkedIn that make it the real deal when it comes to recruiting.

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You may not agree, but you should take a look at Lou’s post because he makes some interesting points:

Let’s get real here. Anyone who thinks LinkedIn is in the doghouse when it comes to recruiting the best talent isn’t a real recruiter, or they don’t know the difference between active and passive candidates, or they think sourcing is recruiting. So I’m going to use this article (and this webcast) to set the record straight.

First, let me first define a real recruiter:

  1. They have excellent relations with the hiring manager and the hiring team. As part of this, 100% of their candidates they present are interviewed by the hiring manager, and none are bad.
  2. They understand what it takes to maximize quality of hire, and achieve it on every assignment.”

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