Ignite HR 2014: The Day Integrity Died

Did you know that integrity is the opposite of hypocrisy?

I didn’t, but I learned that at HR Reinvention in Omaha last month, and I got it from the Ignite HR presentation by Janyne Peek Emsick titled The Day Integrity Died.

It was another presentation that seemed particularly suited for the Ignite HR format — five (5) minutes, 20 slides and exactly 15 seconds per slide, max — and that’s not always true. Some topics, or perhaps I should say “some people,” just aren’t able to focus their thinking into a tightly managed format. 

Is this style over substance

That’s always a gripe I hear about Ignite HR: Isn’t this format (style) over substance?

That’s a reasonable observation, and yes, it’s possible. But, I think go all the conferences I have attended where a speaker rambles on and on, or isn’t focused, or simply doesn’t know how to keep things moving, and I think, “A little more structure to their presentation would have helped here.”

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And that’s all that Ignite HR does — focus the presentation, and move it along, by bringing some structure to it. Yes, it may be some pretty severe structure, but the end result, for the most part, is pretty cool.

As I mentioned earlier, the fourth Ignite HR presentation from last month’s HR Reinvention in Omaha last month was titled The Day Integrity Died. 

The presenter was Janyne Peek Emsick, the CEO at integrow inc., which does HR and management consulting in the Omaha area. Her presentation was very interesting, and like all Ignite HR talks, it only takes up five minutes of your time. 

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  1. great insight into the self-contridiction between who we think we are and who we actually are! fun and enthusiastic presentation! well done.

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