Ignite HR 2014: Horribly Valuable Lessons From Pee Wee (Not Herman)

As a very, very long week mercifully comes to an end — that’s what spending five (5) days in Florida at the SHRM annual conference does to you — it’s probably time for an Ignite HR presentation that is a little bit different.

What’s that you say? Isn’t Ignite HR already different enough?

Well, yes — you would be right. The Ignite HR format of five (5) minutes, 20 slides and exactly 15 seconds per slide, max, IS very different, but most of the presentations featured this week on TLNT from last month’s HR Reinvention in Omaha have been HR or talent management focused.

A little different type of presentation

It’s not an Ignite HR (or HR Reinvention conference) requirement that they be so, however, and on occasion, some of the presenters will veer off the regular track and come up with something completely different.

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, and in my book, sessions that DO veer off the standard course provide a great and frequently needed change of pace  for the audience.

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And so it was with this Ignite HR presentation from HR Reinvention 2014 from Lindsey Rai Ehlers, Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House Charities in Omaha. Her Ignite RR presentation has the intriguing title Horribly Valuable Lesson from Pee Wee (the Carpenter, Not Herman).

Like all Ignite HR presentations, it;s well worth five (5) minutes of your time.

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