How Stress Is Like a Glass of Water

How is stress like a glass of water?

Whoever would have thought of comparing stress to a glass half full (or half empty, if you’re one of those people)? Virginia Czarnocki  did, and she used it to illustrate an important point.

Speaking about stress to a DisruptHR audience in George Town in the Grand Cayman Islands, Czarnocki observed that no one would think the glass is heavy simply by lifting it. But hold it up long enough and it will become heavy.

“And that is exactly what stress is like,” she said. Hold onto it too long and it will cause you distress.

“Stress is kind of like a bell curve. Some stress is actually good for you, and you can actually cope with quite a lot of it. But you need to be aware of what the tipping point is in your life, because once you tip over and take too much stress, that’s when it starts to have an impact on your life.”

Czarnocki, Performance Coach at WB Financial & Consulting Services Ltd., speaks from actual experience. She began her talk describing a difficult time of her life when money was tight and the situation direly stressful.

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But, as she explains, since stress is always with us, “My philosophy in life is that we treat stress like we do our life partner.”

Spend the next 5 minutes to see how Czarnocki puts it all together.

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