Hiring Wisdom: Who on Your Staff Deserves Your Time and Attention?

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Who do you spend the most time with?

Is it the reliable, self-starters or the mediocre folks who cannot be counted on to get things done on time?

If you’re like most managers, your day is spent “fighting fires” and trying to avert or remedy problems created by your team’s less than stellar performers.

While this may seem warranted, when the squeaky wheels get all the oil, the high performance wheels get burn out.

Who do you reward with time and attention?

As one insightful employee said: ” If I cause as much trouble as Ernie, will you spend more time paying attention me too?

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Analyze who you reward with your time and adjust accordingly. Even though your A-players need little or no guidance, your focused attention on a regular basis is a strategic employee retention tool.

This was originally published on Mel Kleiman’s Humetrics blog.

Mel Kleiman, CSP, is an internationally-known authority on recruiting, selecting, and hiring hourly employees. He has been the president of Humetrics since 1976 and has over 30 years of practical experience, research, consulting and professional speaking work to his credit. Contact him at mkleiman@humetrics.com.


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