Hiring Wisdom: Top 10 Reasons Your Best Hourly Employees Leave

Illustration by istockphoto.com
Illustration by istockphoto.com
  1. Substandard Co-Workers: The good employee isn’t paid enough to put up with the hiring mistakes ? the people who turn out to be lazy, indifferent, or undependable co-workers.
  2. Failed to Hire Tough: The employee was not a good fit for the position because the manager put out the “Help Wanted” sign and chose the person she thought interviewed best.
  3. Mind-Numbing Tasks: The work is boring and repetitive. The supervisor fails to find ways to make it more fun or more challenging for employees.
  4. No Attention or Authority: The supervisor is so busy fighting fires and doing “important things” that he never has any time to listen to his employees, yet he doesn’t give them the authority to solve problems themselves either.
  5. No Training: The manager doesn’t believe training is a good investment because “they’ll leave in three months anyway.”
  6. No Chance for Advancement: When an opportunity for advancement arises, the supervisor calls her circle of friends and hires from the outside rather than promoting from within.
  7. Lack of Respect: The manager has his wires crossed; he praises in private and criticizes in public.
  8. Given All the “Dirty Work:” When it comes to job assignments, the manager gives the worst jobs to the best people because they can be depended on to do it right and not complain.
  9. Lack of Recognition: The supervisor never gives employees any positive feedback for fear they might ask for a raise.
  10. Scheduling Conflicts: They applied for the job because the employer promised “flexible hours,” but it turns out “flexible hours” means having to work whenever and however long the manager wants them to work.

This was originally published in the October 2011 Humetrics Hiring Hints newsletter.

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Mel Kleiman, CSP, is an internationally-known authority on recruiting, selecting, and hiring hourly employees. He has been the president of Humetrics since 1976 and has over 30 years of practical experience, research, consulting and professional speaking work to his credit. Contact him at mkleiman@humetrics.com.


4 Comments on “Hiring Wisdom: Top 10 Reasons Your Best Hourly Employees Leave

  1. From my experience in the hourly retail setting, another big reason is that great employees leave because they find better, higher paying, full-time/salary positions. This is because the hourly positions are very beneficial to scheduling around university classes or internships that are related to their careers of interest. When the employees graduate or complete their internships, they are open to look for greener pastures.

    1. True – but i work in a Job with permanent hours that is still an hourly wage.  I like it as it means I am able to get OT if and when it is needed and I am paid penalities while my collegues with the same hours doing a similar job aren’t

  2. It seems to me that managers have been given also a “green light” on staff turnover. I mean they seem to be in a habit that there are plenty of people to fill the vacant posts, so they don’t need to worry really when best employees are leaving. There isn’t much evidence that managers own annual review/bonuses would depend on staff turnover results. Lets say if a staff turnover is less than 50% then you would get an extra bonus as a manger and if more then you would need to justify it. It’s just getting managers more accountable on staff turnover alongside with other important parts of the business such as cost saving, revenue etc.

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