Hiring Wisdom: I Don’t Like You, But I’ll Hire You Anyway

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I haven’t met many people who have hired someone they did not like.

Yet, I have never seen anything in any job description that says you must like a person before you offer them employment.

The only three questions you need to answer in selection process are:

  1. Can this person do the job?
  2. Will this person do it with excellence?
  3. Will this person fit into the organization and can we work together?

There is a difference between liking someone and wanting to work with them.

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The objective is not to hire friends; it is to hire people who will do the job well and who will be a good fit for the organization and the group.

This was originally published on Mel Kleiman’s Humetrics blog.

Mel Kleiman, CSP, is an internationally-known authority on recruiting, selecting, and hiring hourly employees. He has been the president of Humetrics since 1976 and has over 30 years of practical experience, research, consulting and professional speaking work to his credit. Contact him at mkleiman@humetrics.com.


3 Comments on “Hiring Wisdom: I Don’t Like You, But I’ll Hire You Anyway

  1. Careful, especially at a smaller company. If you don’t like the person, would you really want to spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week with them? As an executive recruiter, we rate people by – would we want to drive 5 hours with this person or not? It’s not a personality contest but there has to be some good chemistry and mutual interest there.

    Life is too short to work with people you don’t like!!

  2. I have hired people I didn’t like because I recognized that he/she would be successful in the role, bring needed talent to the organization and promote diversity in its truest form. I don’t have to like my hires, but I do have trust them and believe in them. Neither of those require affection. All too often we forgive short-falls in aptitude and skill set because we like the person. All I do in that case is foster failure on multiple fronts.

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