Hard to Refuse: $2,495 For a $100k Job in 6 Months – Guaranteed

Here’s an offer that’s going to be hard to refuse: For $2,495 TheLadders will guarantee you a job offer in six months. And not just any job, but one paying at least $100k.

Signature, as TheLadders calls the program, was announced on CNBC this morning by CEO and founder Marc Cenedella.

“You sign up. We assign you a career adviser. We rewrite your resume. We have a 10-step program that walks you through the job search; takes the mystery, takes the stress, takes a lot of the anxiety out of the job search,” he told CNBC. “And we believe in it so much — we’ve been working on it so long — that at the end we guarantee you’ll get an offer in six months.”

A career coaching program

This is no JobSerf program, where someone else applies for jobs on your behalf. Or even a RiseSmart Transition Concierge that sends participants job listings, and includes access to a coaching library, webinars, and some phone consultation.

Signature is a career coaching program; an online equivalent of executive outplacement. It requires the active engagement of participants who must follow certain rules, including attendance at a majority of online meetings, in order to qualify for the money-back guarantee.

If that seems like a catch, it is. But one that only makes sense. The FAQs tell prospects right up front: “Signature is designed for the job seeker who is dedicated, motivated, and willing to put in the time and resources to get the job that’s the right fit.”

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The terms and conditions tell prospects that in the first 60 days they must:

  • Attend seven sessions;
  • Complete the first several steps of the program;
  • Apply to six “well-fitted” positions;
  • Complete additional assignments, presumably from the personal coach.

There are other requirements for the balance of the program, including attendance at a majority of the online meetings, and continued applications.

Signature, as Cenedella notes on his personal blog, isn’t for everyone. That’s probably why there is no online signup; interested job-seekers have to call TheLadders to discuss the program.

In testing for several months, Signature claims a 90 percent success rate. Says Cenedella, “More than a hundred people have already completed the current edition of the six-month program with a success rate of more than 90 percent.”

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2 Comments on “Hard to Refuse: $2,495 For a $100k Job in 6 Months – Guaranteed

  1. Does the service guarantee that the job will exist in their current geographic area, or is this a guarantee of a job offer somewhere on the planet?

  2. I clicked through to read the contract for this. It says that they’ll guarantee you “a job offer.” The contract actually doesn’t say that it’ll be a $100K+ offer.

    Given The Ladders’ track record of playing fast and loose with the truth, I’d be very skeptical of this program. (This is the same company that claims to offer only $100k+ listings but which has been well-documented as listing loads of jobs that are well below that rate.)

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