Getting Behind the Latest Workforce Trend: Finding a Little Joy at Work

Here’s a new movement you need to know about: Joy at work.

That’s right. The latest trend is to nag you into finding some joy in your job.

Not happiness. Not passion. Joy.

And if you find joy, at least a little, things are going to be OK.

It’s about adding up the little things

I don’t hate the idea of finding joy at work even though some Silicon Valley brogrammer thinks he invented it. You can’t walk around all moody and depressed because, frankly, that’s my job. I own the market on being cynical and jaded.

Finding joy at the office isn’t about finding your calling or living your life’s mission. It is about the little things that hopefully add up and make your day tolerable. A healthy lunch, a funny anecdote, a customer who isn’t rude, a client who offers public praise.

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Find moments of joy. Savor them. Then get ready for the walls to close in and chaos to ensue.

After all, it’s still work. You’re not being paid to feel joy, you’re being paid to solve problems and put out fires.

Try to find some joy, anyway.


Laurie Ruettimann (LFR) is a former Human Resources leader turned influential speaker, writer and strategist. She owns a human resources consultancy that offers a wide array of HR services to human resources leaders and executives. Check out her LinkedIn profile here. You may know Ruettimann as the creator of The Cynical Girl and Punk Rock HR (retired), which Forbes named as a top 100 website for women. You may have also read her book, I AM HR: 5 Strategic Ways to Break Stereotypes and Reclaim HR. (RepCap Press, 2014.) 


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