Five Things You Should Know About Your Newest,Youngest Employees

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Are the very youngest Millennials entering the workforce today all that different from their slightly-older Gen. Y peers?

Well, Beth Ann Kaminkow, the president and CEO of ad agency TracyLocke, thinks so. In fact, she believes that there is a progression in the quality of the young professionals she is hiring, and she detailed some of what she is seeing in a recent article in Advertising Age titled Five Things You Should Know About Your Latest Class of Employees.

Here’s a little slice of what she had to say:

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You can call them “babies of the recession.”

Members of the class of 2012 — those walking through our agency doors and into their first jobs this year — were born during the recession of the early “90s and are entering the workforce after spending their college years in the midst of one that was even worse.

But there’s a silver lining. We’re seeing a progression in the quality of young professionals. This isn’t a group ready to stay in the background and learn the way things are done. This is a talent dynamic that I foresee shaping the way we work and interact, and they’ll present challenges.”

Kaminow goes on to list the Five Things You Should Know About Your Latest Class of Employees, and it is an interesting list because it is so very different from what you read and hear in many other places about the Millennial generation.

Is this CEO on to something? Is she seeing a real change in the youngest of those entering the workforce, or is this only relevant to the current “Mad Men” culture she works in? What do you think?

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