Fighting Workplace Stress? Here Are 9 Good Tips To Help Get You Started

It’s not just a holiday thing: there seems to be times of the year when work is just more stressful.

Maybe your work is seasonal (like a tax accountant or a retail store) or maybe there are just rolling deadlines that always seem to converge. In any case, workplace stress hits us all at one point or another.

More importantly, HR is uniquely situated to understand the pulse of an organization and help managers and employees alike deal with the ills of workplace stress. Of course, HR folks should take these into consideration for themselves too when workplace stress hits.

Some tips for fighting that which stresses us

The folks over at TruYuu sent this infographic over with some good tips to help combat some of that workplace stress. I wanted to hit a couple of my favorites and make the connection to what HR folks could do to help:

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  • Leave Work at Work – While this is virtually impossible in today’s workplace, the important goal here is to set limits and abide by them. HR should help manager support this with their employees. I’ve been guilty of sending emails at 3 am, but it shouldn’t be something that is encouraged. Being plugged in 24/7 doesn’t work.
  • Make Friends at Work – I’ve always thought this one is a little overrated (and there is little HR or management can do to support this goal). That being said, having people you enjoy working with is a key. Even if all you do is enjoy your time at work together, it certainly makes making it through the workday much easier.
  • Grab a Seat – Your posture and the way you work is absolutely tied to your productivity. For me, switching to a standing desk was one of the best moves from always being slumped over a computer at a desk or kitchen table. I know it has made me feel more energized and that extra productivity is worth something.
  • Take a Vacation – Easier said than done and the statistics show that many Americans leave vacation days on the table. While managers might like that, it isn’t good for productivity and your overall health. Given the economy, some people have even taken less vacation but it is important to just take the time off of work, even if you aren’t going anywhere.

All in all, we know that people fight stress in different ways so it is important that employers and employees acknowledge that. Some people really do get a lot from a vacation, finding boundaries or taking breaks during the day. Other people bust stress through other techniques (I’ve mentioned in the past a boss who played basketball on a lunch break and probably should have done so every day).

Check out the infographic below and share it with employees and managers alike who may need a gentle reminder, especially as many of us are wrapping up work before the holidays hit.


1 Comment on “Fighting Workplace Stress? Here Are 9 Good Tips To Help Get You Started

  1. Great posting; thanks for sharing. It’s certainly relevant at this time of year for many – with Christmas coming up many businesses are squeezed for time and resource.

    The impact of stress on a business can be huge. Aside from working days lost, stress can cause a drop in productivity and change people’s attitudes to work and life. HR has a responsibility to ensure stress is minimised within the organisation.

    Ensuring that employees feel valued can go a huge way to avoid stress-related problems. For example, if HR ensures that line-managers are trained up to give effective feedback and praise on a regular basis, this can help employees feel more at ease at work. If the relationship between manager and employee is cultivated so both feel as though they can give honest and open feedback this could well lead to an increase in motivation, retention and productivity, and a decrease in stressed employees. After all, most employees leave their boss rather than their job…don’t they?

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