Employer Wants to “Bring Color” to Workplace, Gets Lawsuit Instead

By Eric B. Meyer

Let’s get one thing clear. Anyone can be a victim of discrimination. And when it comes to race, we’re talking black, white, brown, whatever.

And in this instance, it added up to a $620,000 jury verdict and nearly $165,000 in attorney’s fees.

Case in point, in Boneberger v. St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, Mr. Boneberger, who is white, claimed reverse-race discrimination because his employer failed to transfer him to the position of Assistant Director of the St. Louis Police Academy.

Supervisor wanted to “bring color down to the Academy”

At trial, Boneberger testified that Academy Director informed him that he shouldn’t bother applying for the job because it was going to a black female. After Boneberger’s employer selected a black female for the position, Boneberger’s supervisor told him that the selection was to “bring color down to the Academy.”

The jury also heard facts indicating that Boneberger had more relevant experience and seniority than the black female selected for the position.

Boom! The jury finds in favor of Boneberger and, in doing so, also awarded punitive damages.

Direct evidence of reverse-race discrimination

In seeking a new trial, the employer argued that Mr. Boneberger was required to present something more than evidence that he was discriminated against because of his race; namely, “that background circumstances support the suspicion that the defendant is that unusual employer who discriminates against the majority.”

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Now, if I could paraphrase the Court’s response to that argument, it would be something like, “Well, for f*ck’s sake!” In reality, however, it went like this:

In this case, plaintiff presented direct evidence of discrimination, specifically, testimony indicating that the decision-makers had determined, in advance, that a white male would not be hired for the position. This evidence shows “a specific link between the alleged discriminatory animus and the challenged decision, sufficient to support a finding by a reasonable fact finder that an illegitimate criterion actually motivated” the decision. … In most cases, like in this one, the direct evidence is evidence that the defendant is just such an “unusual employer.”

Employment decisions should be “protected-class” blind

As we’ve discussed many times, most recently here, commenting about race, religion, age, color, national origin, etc., in the workplace is dumb.

Instead, when it comes to hiring/promotion/firing decisions, employers who base them on — oh, what’s the word? — qualifications, generally fare best.

This was originally published on Eric B. Meyer’s blog, The Employer Handbook.

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182 Comments on “Employer Wants to “Bring Color” to Workplace, Gets Lawsuit Instead

  1. Like it or not, he WAS discriminated against, because of his color. He was TOLD when he applied that a black woman would be hired for the position. A black woman was hired, despite his qualifications being greater, the hiring was based on RACE and GENDER, not on quantifiable experience and actual merits- This IS ILLEGAL in the USA… NOT ONLY IS IT ILLEGAL NOT TO HIRE BLACK PEOPLE BECAUSE OF THEIR COLOR, IT IS ILLEGAL NOT TO HIRE ANYONE BECAUSE OF THEIR SKIN COLOR! The court got it right.

    1. It is not illegal but it is unconstitutional. There are literally thousands of federal, state and local codified LAWS that prevent white males from equal access to job training programs, college admissions, hiring, promotions, SBA loans, Govt contracting and much more. These LAWS have been growing in number and scope every year but the press and govt keep it all very quite. The 14th Amendment does not apply to white males in America.

          1. Exactly right , seeking sanity, Federal laws do discriminate against white males. It is the 14th amendment that is not supposed to allow any discrimination by race, but this amendment has been superceded by the federal , state and even local govt an amazing amount of times. It is also amazing how well the press never covers these issues though and that people like adrrian don’t even know what’s going on

        1. Actually that is not J. The federal government is required to hire a certain number of minorities and promote based on minority status. They are also required to give contracts based on a point system which is why so many government contracts are held by minorities and women. Sorry to burst your bubble but that is the real world.

          1. To ED Walden: The EEOC doesn’t even follow their own mission statement as the federal workforce is now made up of 20% blacks even though the national workforce has only a 10% black available workforce according to their documentation given to congress in 2013. This trend is continuing still with white males still on a hiring freeze except special needs circumstances

          2. Your right about one thing! Most government jobs are held by Black Women! Affirmative action has gone awry!

          3. When I would have to use FEDLOG (think Amazon for the government) to order something we were “encouraged” to order from women/minority businesses. They even had a category that told you if it was a woman owned business. Besides discriminating against non women owned business what reason can there be to know if it is female owned? With the way some of the laws are going I think everyone should just claim minority and female on everything. Especially if you are in California. You can pick whatever sex you want to be.

        2. “J,” have you never heard of QUOTAS?!!! County workers, state workers and large corporations still have quotas they have to fill with “minority” workers.

        1. You mean according to people like you who are completely unaware of the LAWS in this country and the liberal press who suppress this type of stuff. Why do think the middle class has disappeared in this country. Get statistics on what has happened to the working class white families, There has been a covert war on the white male for some time and if you see the statistics you’ll see the white males and their families are losing big time

          1. Um, extremely rich white guys outsourced your jobs to India, China, Bangladesh, Poland, etc. So if you have an ax to grind about loss of middle class income jobs, look to Jack “Neutron Jack” Welch, Mitt Romney (Bain Capital), for starters.

            Also you seem to be blissfully ignorant of the fact that economically blacks have lost the most in the recession than any other ethnic group. They were already at the bottom to begin with prior to it, so they got double whammied when the recession hit.

            Middle class whites are merely sinking to where blacks have been coexisting at because denial of jobs. With the loss of additional jobs, more whites are destined for economic poverty and fall from middle class. But you can stop scapegoating non-whites and look at the strategic decision makers in corporate America, which I hate to tell you are…..WHITE! (sorry)

          2. If affirmative action has no effect them why have it in the first place? People like you (white haters) will support the eternal continuation of these laws, that put an unfair extra burden on only white families above that of the general economic effects, till the bitter end and you’ll keep telling yourselves that it’s the white people who are the haters

      1. Amen!!! The military fast tracks women into positions of authority, even though men are more qualified and have more time in grade.
        The women’s empowerment movement has basically irradicated white males from everything.

    2. That is not quiet proof of discrimination in my mind.
      -He was told a black woman would be hired, but the employer simply could have been describing what the new hiree was going to look like. When I worked, the employer told me we just hired two brothas (he was white) does that mean he is racist too? He was simply alerting us he hired two black guys.
      -People with lesser qualifications are promoted all the time. Often it has nothing to do with race. It can be related to personality, attitude, performance, behaviour, ease of getting along with, toadyism, sexual attraction etc.
      -Employers are not required to hire based on qualifications, they can hire based off sexual attraction or looks, or because their 3rd cousin is marrying the promoted persons 3rd cousin.
      -He did not prove that,

      1. You are wrong in your assessment. He was told PRIOR to the hiring that the person being selected was going to fit a certain predetermined demographic. Employers are PROHIBITED by law from hiring based on race, gender, creed or national origin. And he DID prove all of that in court.

          1. You are completely wrong about that. You clearly have no understanding of the words “racism”, “motivated” and “proved”. It was in fact racially motivated, and it was proven in a court to be factual and true. Please stop making excuses for racism in the workplace.

  2. This is not “reverse racism” It is racism pure and simple when you make a determination based on race, as happened here. Calling it reverse racism, is a politically correct way to try to excuse this illegal behavior.

      1. The article used the term, I just used it as the article used it. It doesn’t matter. This is discrimination not “reverse discrimination”. It is the same politically correct attempt to whitewash this (with apologies to Mark Twain).

        1. Not hatred towards whites, they were originally intended many years ago to escalate the black community into higher income positions….the time is very different now, in that every person in every race has a fair shot if they work hard.

          1. Everyone does have a shot if they work hard. There are too many examples of that all over from the movies, music groups, clothing companies, FUBU comes to mind, athletes, scientists…way too many to list here. Only the lazy speak thecwords ” I can’t.”

      2. How is this not racism? I’m being sincere here. I see it as both, but am I reading too much into this? I also see it as sexist. Again, I may be wrong about what I call racism and sexism.

        1. If the job is awarded to the black woman because the person doing the hiring thinks men are crappy human beings and cannot take instructions well, so they refuse to hire the white male candidate, that is sexism.
          If the white male is rejected because the person hiring thinks white people are obnoxious and inherently lazy, that is racism.
          If the hiring manager thinks the white male is a great candidate and the only reason he is not hired is because they are looking for a black woman diversify, that is discrimination. There is no stereotyping involved, no feeling that one person is inherently better than the other.

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          1. Great explanation. I’m still having a problem separating the discrimination from the racism and sexism. Beyond her color and sex, what diversity does she offer? Wouldn’t the hiring agency by insisting a black female offers more diversity from a man of any color be insisting she is inherently superior and the men therefore inferior? Additionally, if we think the men are less diverse, haven’t we stereotyped them as lacking diversity? I think the man was disciminated against, but the cause was systemic racism and sexism.

          2. Most police forces are mostly white males. Black and female is what makes the diversity. I suppose she could be gay too, but I can’t think of many other ways she could add more diversity.
            There is a problem with lack of diversity in policing and the result is situations like Ferguson, MO. How to change the situation in the absence of affirmative action is the question.

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          3. The problem in Ferguson was not a lack of diversity, it was widespread racism in the community. To assume that the shooting was unjustified just because the officer was white and the dead man black is blatantly racist. The rioters had no real knowledge of the situation other that white and black when thy formed their opinions. That’s the definition of racist

          4. I’ve given this much thought, but I am more certain (for now) it is racist and sexist. If I believed all the white male cops were alike I would be thinking as a sexist and racist bigot. I have four brothers (same mother and father) and we are as diverse from each other as can be. I know this is more common than not in most families. If one of my brothers or a sister was black I would imagine other than race or sex the same would be true. If the only reason we insist on hiring a black female is to try to avoid a perception (like Ferguson) then again we are all guilty of sexism and racism. I don’t believe there is a lack of diversity in policing anymore than I believe there is a lack of diversity in criminals.

          5. Racisn and sexism are personal opinions – discrimination in employment decisions (based on race or sex) is unlawful discrimination.

          6. Unlike this case, that is very difficult to prove. Just because you apply for a job does not require any employer to show any difference to gender, race or even experience. The only requisite is being able to perform the work.

          7. I’m sorry, but I don’t see it that way. Both sexism and racism can be clearly defined, so it either is or isn’t. There is no grey. “Affirmative Action” is racist, sexist and discriminatory, but also completely legal. I’m a veteran and when I apply for work, government agencies and most government contractors must give me preference over non-vets. This is 100% discrimination and also legal. Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right.

    1. Kagey1, why the h*ll are you getting so bent out of shape over this? The employer was found guilty – case dismissed. Quit crying about it and acting as if happens all the time to whites. Also, so what if it’s called “reverse racism”. It’s unusual racial discrimination against whites in the workplace so, that’s why it’s labeled “reverse racism”.

      1. Wrong, what’s what’s unusual is that anything was done about (or even mentioned in the media) the rampant and even codified ‘reverse’ racism

      2. Why are you so defensive about it? Discrimination based on race or ethnicity is almost always wrong and it doesn’t matter if its discriminating against the minority or majority person. Do you believe discrimination either way is proper?

        1. An out dated and unconstitutional concept. You cannot cure one ill by infecting society with another one.
          It may make you fell better that the other guy is sick too, but it does not cure your illness.

      3. it is racism… no matter what race. Blacks do not OWN the term nor the law. there is no such thing as ‘revere racism’. only in the ignorant politically correct language of lame ass libs.

    1. well that’s the concept they attempted to argue and in reality, one could argue a lot of things about wanting, for instance, a “black female”. black females have a certain stereotype, specifically in a position of supervisory power, and it has been celebrated in our culture. the depictions are always that they are 1. tough 2. perceptive 3. etc. many people know what i mean. to specifically want “a certain animal” is not entirely unacceptable in hiring practices; not “unusual” and perhaps this decision was not made at ALL with the intent of “discriminating against the majority” for the sake of over-“fairness” or “spite”.

      1. If the supervisor had kept his mouth shut and not told the plaintiff not to apply because the black female had already been selected for the position, the case would be mute.
        Loose lips sink ships. Of course that may have been his intention in speaking up in the first place.

    2. Where in my comment did you read “reverse-racism.” ? You also should realize that every human being is the result of his environment and even one would want to escape it and think he succeeded the sequels will remain, that is why older people have trouble accepting Same sex marriage. Once a thought came to me seeing a black guy with a white woman and I was so shocked but thinking about it this was the kind of talk I heard when I was a kid.

  3. Racism is Racism. I can see a great amount of these lawsuits coming to a head as white people are set to be the minority in America about 2040. Will white people get a white appreciation month? Get 10 points on public servant tests? Get special admittance and scholarships to schools? My guess is no.

    1. Numerical minority is not the same as economic minority. I think these lawsuits will dwindle. A few of these lawsuits will change HR policy really quickly. Also the complainant has to prove that the inequity existed. In this case the hiring manager flat out told the complainant how the recruiting was going to work.

      A company or hiring manager who has a plan to ‘bring color to the workplace” is not discriminatory, but rather inclusive. They are more likely to end up in trouble for having an homogenous white or black labor-force than a diverse one.

      Being inclusive at the expense of hiring the more qualified candidate can be grounds for a lawsuit, but again that is dependent on it being provable that it was discrimination against the other candidate. Rather than a desire to train a new person to grow into the job, or if there were other deficiencies in the better suited (on paper) candidate. I’ve seen candidates with less experience get a job over more qualified ones, most often the candidates were of the same race and gender.

      1. It is not hard to prove this ‘reverse’ discrimination as it is actually written into the code books of the US as well as every state’s statutes and many many municipalities. All it would take is for white males to finally stand up for themselves.

          1. Who the fuc* do you think you are to claim you know how all white males are doing or being effected by the truncation of their 14th amendment rights. STFU asshole

    2. There could be an unprecedentedly huge class action lawsuit as this ‘reverse” discrimination has been codified and playing out for fifty years now affecting every white male in the country, some very harshly

    3. We, the American taxpayers, need to claim “minority” status. Put it down for schooling, medical, work, everything. They can’t say you’re not, and since you are already paying for it, are you not entitled? If it’s good enough for Ms. Warren the lying Caucasian Democrat, it’s good enough for the rest of us! Besides, if you are a working taxpaying citizen, you are definitely in the minority! Once everyone claims minority status, the best-qualified candidate should win.

  4. Well now this opens the DOORS to so much more. I’m glad the Judge saw the truth. Now lets get the military on board since they have to PROMOTED black females to higher ranks!!!!!

  5. Obama became President because of racial politics. As evidenced by his rotten performance, Obama had no qualifications to becaome our President.

    1. What “rotten performance” are you referring to? What qualifications do you have to have to become President?

      1. Oh, I don’t know, perhaps the rotten performance he is referring to is how Obama had no skills what so ever that would have made him even just an “okay” president. Or maybe he is referring to how Obama only listens to special interest groups rather than what the American people actually want.

        1. Tell me one President who had experience as President before they were elected………………………….. AND, since the majority of others were rotten then what’s wrong with a Black President having the same opportunity to be rotten????? Just saying…….

          1. Almost every one of them prior to Obama, most were either Governors or mayors or long term Senators that had experience in Governing on some basis before.

          2. Peace since you obviously aren’t to sharp I’ll explain. In the republican party for ANYONE to be considered a potential presidential candidate they MUST have had some type of leadership experience. Governor, etc. An experienced congressman doesn’t even cut it, they would at the very least have chaired one or more congressional committees.
            The democrats only require a pulse.
            Look it up before commenting please.

      2. Obama was never qualified to be the President in the first place. He had no experience in the private sector, never worked his way through college, was a one-term Senator (John McCain spent more time in a prison camp than Obama did as senator). In fact Obama decided he was qualified to run for president after only 143 days in his senate term (that’s less than 5 months!). In addition, Obama has no military experience, and no foreign policy experience. This is a person who never even ran a lemonade stand, let alone worked at a job, let alone created a company and made it successful. No resume, no accomplishments, no experience, no original ideas, no understanding of how the economy works, no understanding of how the world works, nothing but empty rhetoric devoid of real substance.

        Obama won’t even show his college records. He went through college on a “foreign-born” scholarship. He surrendered his law license back in 2008 in order to escape charges that he lied on his bar application. A “Voluntary Surrender” is not something where you decide “Gee, a license is not really something I need anymore, is it?” and forget to renew your license. No, a “Voluntary Surrender” is something you do when you’ve been accused of something, and you ‘voluntarily surrender” your license five seconds before the state suspends you. Michelle Obama also “voluntarily surrendered” her law license in 1993 after a Federal Judge gave her the choice between surrendering her license or standing trial for Insurance fraud.

        1. Awesome comeback! Some are still supporting the liar and chief, despicable! Wish I could check out your 68! Great year!

        2. Don’t forget that all of this was OK with the democrat party as they nominated him to be their candidate!!!

    2. President Obama has done a Great job. Congress has done a rotten job. I guess old, bitter, racist and ignorant white men could not handle a Black boss. Get used to it! The party of “no” has held up progress. White folk should be proud of such stupidity. It defines their culture.

  6. It’s just discrimination, not reverse, forward or sideways. Calling it “reverse discrimination” is just white people whining and yet again wanting special treatment, as if Jim Crow wasn’t enough.

    The academy failed in it’s duty to take two equally qualified candidates and make the decision to hire more “colorfully.” When one candidate is better skilled that should have been the deciding factor, not the other way around.

    1. Agree. Skin color or gender should never be the initial factor. If all else is “equal” then using skin color or gender can be used to increase diversification. But not the other way around.

    1. Consider a day without an African American/Black person.

      Now how dramatically does that change the US? How much of your workplace actually staffed with black people that is different than before Affirmative Action? Are you even aware that the ethnic group with the highest unemployment rate is actually blacks, not whites?

      Over the last ten years working in very large corporations, I’ve seen less ethnic “minorities” and an increase in white candidates and hires. With a noted increase in white males, over females.

      The overall affect of Affirmative Action has had little real impact in the employment world, particularly in the middle and higher income brackets. it’s token effort and effect at best.

      1. Thanks for your conclusion based entirely on anecdotal evidence. My experience has been the exact opposite, so I guess we cancel each other out.

    1. it’s probably a transliteration issue from german. My guess is on bohnberger being the original spelling.

  7. I wonder when the whites become a minority in this country if we will get preferential treatment? Europeans ae actually the minority race in the world but they claim that blacks and Asians are the minorities. The world gets loonier by the day.

    1. In America, blacks and Asians are the minority… and as someone posted already, numerical minority and economical minority are two different things… so if you’re white with a bunch of money, Lacey, you’ll be alright 😀

      1. No, I’m not rich, I come from a working class family background but I believe that you should be judged by your talents and your mind not your skin color.

    2. Sure, right after we institute a hundred and fifty years of slavery on whites, take away your vote, freedom of movement, right to bear arms. Followed up by Jim Crow laws, housing discrimination, cross burning on lawns for the next one hundred years. Then when you get someone to march on the Mall and get assassinated for their efforts, we’ll create some laws fifteen years after that to say you are human beings not property or a fraction of a human being.

      Are you game for that?

      1. Gee apparently whites hundreds of years ago were the only slave owners in the world. I hate to tell you this but slavery was practiced by Africans against other tribes for hundreds of years.The used to capture other Africans and sell them in to slavery and keep some of them for themselves. In the middle east and some areads of Africa it is still praciced. Why don’t you complain to them and demand reparations from them. You don’t sound very bright.

        1. Honey, the only people whining are whites. Everybody else has moved on from this and is going on about their day.

          But carry on with your excuses and whining. I’m sure some deaf person out there will give you the time of day to endlessly drone on about your perceived problems and tinfoil hat syndrome.

          1. Al Sharpton is white? OH WOW! And the guys who call me cracker when I never flung a racial anything at them? They are white to? Holy cow I better get my eyes checked!

          2. Go back and read your OWN original comment to Lacey a couple of paragraphs above and tell us again about who’s whining and who’s moved on LOL

        2. The fact that Africans sold other Africans into slavery under the threat of military might from imperialist Europeans does not explain away the vicious, brutal, ignominious legacy of slavery as practiced in the states. It wasn’t Africans who were overseeing Black bodies picking cotton, raping the women, dividing families, and passing Black human beings down as property for their future generations as an inheritance. Those were white americans. Once Africans got to American shores, the blame for their stagnation, repression, oppression, and genocide goes towards white people. That’s fact.

          1. Was it black Africans who ate their less capable slaves? Kept their surplus slaves tied to a stake until they hung them upside down and slit their throats to let them bleed out before preparing them for a meal. Blacks have no moral high ground over Europeans that is for sure

        1. The girl was asking when whites would get their preferential hiring treatment. I’m just outlining the path that black Americans went through to get it.

          Your ignorance of the fact that the US (and prior to that the colonies) practiced gun control against slaves and freemen, somehow not surprising of the FYGM mentality you seem to have.

          I’m qualified to own a firearm. However I prefer archery. Only idiots think firearms make them sexy.

          1. Your ignorance is the amazing one. Pointing out hardships you lump blacks into having gone through despite not a single living black American is a surviving slave. Then to say whites need to go through that to be EQUAL when not one living white American has owned a slave? Its that kind of thought that keeps people from moving on and living peacefully.

          2. The reason the whites didn’t want to give blacks certain rights, is because they feared what would happen. They thought blacks would attack whites, steal and rob, or irresponsibly and illegally utilize political potions to coerce whites to obey illegal and unconstitutional rules (laws). Looks like they were RIGHT about all foreseeable offenses!

      2. You can always move to an all black nation where guess what? Slavery is still practiced. In fact the top 15 nations where slavery is still practiced, 14 are nonwhite.

        1. White people are the biggest participants/consumers in 21st century slave trade. Human trafficking, child labor, child sex trade.

          So why is the developed world such a big consumer of slavery?

      3. Name one living black person who was a slave in the USA. Oh thats right so you claim to be a victim of something you never experienced. There are living black people from the civil rights era, however pushing for better treatment then another person is not equality and spits in the face of the civil rights leaders that went through hell to promote equality.

        But if you want whites to be slaves thats okay, the Irish where enslaved and shipped to the Americas at the same time but where far cheaper and thus, not treated as well. I mean even today don’t you take care of something that cost a lot of money and throw away cheap junk?

        Oh and lets not forget old Anthony Johnson. A black man freed from slavery but in the 1620s owned land and SLAVES himself.

        What happened was a part of history we all wish did not. But Beating this payback idea by people who did not live it to people who did not do it is ridiculous and just keeps the hate flowing. Bringing with it cash for the pockets of people like Al Sharpton who feed off the pain of their people.

      4. Whine, whine, whine. Slavery existed more than a hundred years ago. It was a different time and different people. I am not a slave owner nor have any of my ancestors been slave owners. Get over it.

      5. We already know you blacks won’t ever be happy until you enslave us! No equal rights or reparations, will ever satisfy. White slavery seems to be your end game! Same goes for the gays. They’ll be happy only once they’ve infiltrated everyone’s beliefs, and enslaved us to their sick perverted habits!

    3. We, the American taxpayers, need to claim “minority” status. Put it down for schooling, medical, work, everything. They can’t say you’re not and since you are ALREADY paying for it, are you not entitled? If it’s good enough for Ms. Warren the lying Caucasian Democrat, it’s good enough for the rest of us! Besides, if you are a working taxpaying citizen, you are definitely in the minority!

  8. In this world the best and the brightest are no longer able to comete. it’s all about race and mediocrity and dullness are celebrated. Don’t you long to become like countries in Africa and Central america?

    1. Actually I see more “white males” scamming the “minority and women owned” business status for sourcing than actually used by minority and women owned businesses. The requirements are silly enough that a woman has to only be on paper a fractional ownership of a business, or a person technically be of an ethnic group (which can be based solely on place of birth).

      The point of these programs was to give minorities with same level of minimum achievement access to jobs. We already had plenty of “non-minorities” doing the work with mediocrity, that didn’t all of a sudden change with colorscape.

      I think you’re just complaining because with the loss of white preference policies, the competition for jobs is too much for you to accept. Be competitive or die. Basic darwin principle. And guess what, it won’t be the blacks that take you out economically, it’ll be asians (the indians and chinese). So whining about blacks is simply scapegoating.

      1. Scamming? Ha you live in la-la land. I’m from NYC and the only people I see scamming is the housing project filth. I’ve literally walked by them having conversations about scamming and trying to put their buddies onto it. You don’t know shit, people like you really need to get some life experience and nevermind the indoctrination you’re being subjected to at your local academia…

  9. Blacks used their 5,000 race riots, 250,000 race riot fires to Force the government to pass Laws for their benefit, not the White mans! In fact Blacks/Women are exempt from those civil rights laws and thus these laws can Only be used Against White, male, protestants, by law.

    1. yeah, because Jim Crow was the black peoples idea of a good time, after slavery. BTW, whites rioted against civil rights. So why aren’t you complaining about that?

      Or the myriad of other ethnic and race riots that have occurred in the US that have nothing to do with blacks?

  10. It is not racism AT all. BECAUSE the party being dismissed was white.
    YOU are talking about DISCRMINATION.
    Racism is prevalent when a white insitution discriminates against a person of color.
    THAT did not happen here.
    THIS is discrimination.
    TWO seperate definitions.
    NO ONE understands that they ARE different.

    1. racism is denial of service or access because of color, regardless of which one it is.

      in this case it was discrimination, because the hiring manager indicated that they had a preference for a candidate profile. However there was no intent to prevent the man from any and all promotions because he was white, which would qualify as racism.

  11. The only way the majority of Blacks get anywhere is by discrimination – token management appointments, organizational spokesperson, college admissions (the scandal at UNC shows the actual college qualifications of Black athletes). Yes a handful make it on their own and are trotted out as poster boys . But who really cares, so a typically unqualified Black is appointed to a position and becomes a laughingstock throughout the company and industry. But when others are denied based on skin color then (while Obama (1/2 White) – Holder) may approve, it has to be opposed.

  12. I would like to add that “bringing color” to the workplace only means black. Hispanics, Asians, and any other race do not count. I see it in my fortune 500 company. When we are told we need more diversity, we mean black people. We promote more black people into supervisory positions tan we do the other races. This is not true in the sales force. There we put in the most attractive whites, Asians, Hispanics, and a couple blacks.

    1. So isn’t your company and others practicing discrimination in it’s workforce by not allowing perfectly good black candidates into sales positions, but rather keeping them back of house?

      1. That is what I’m saying. My company only wants them in positions like customer service or operating. They are not seen by the public in those positions. We will put blacks in the sales force if they are extremely attractive. Blacks are discriminated against in customer facing positions and the other races are discriminated against in the other departments.

  13. This case is really funny because the employer got caught trying to implement the federal government’s asinine affirmative action policies. This employer didn’t know how to play the game. It was supposed to pick the black female in order to be politically correct, but then it was supposed to deny that her race and gender had anything to do with the decision. In other words, discriminate against the white guy but lie about it. This is the country we live in today, folks.

  14. This just means that from now on no employer will ever directly *say* that again, it doesn’t mean they won’t do it.

  15. In South Africa the Belgians were trying to set up a “Belgian chamber of commerce” and at a party at the consulate I unfortunately made a sad comment against the SA system stating that I could understand white people uncomfortable with black people but what I found unacceptable was job discrimination as in SA they went so far as as to turn down a job opportunity on basis of color and rejected knowledgeable blacks.
    To me it does not matter your color sex and or sex orientation if you’re good for it you get it and I see quotas as reverse discrimination.

  16. Yep, civil rights cases have made it discriminatory to hire based on race. Well, sort of. Instead of hiring the best people for anything, groups have seen fit to twist people’s arm into hiring the best people to fit a social engineering agenda.

  17. The “business” of HR; the business of HR is to enable management to do as it pleases and get away with it.

  18. There is no such thing as “reverse discrimination”. If someone discriminates FOR or AGAINST a person based on his/her race, it’s just plan “discrimination”.

  19. We, the American taxpayers, need to claim “minority” status. Put it down for schooling, medical, work, everything. Since you are ALREADY paying for it, are you not entitled? If it’s good enough for Ms. Warren the lying Caucasian Democrat, it’s good enough for the rest of us! Besides, if you are a working taxpaying citizen, you are definitely in the minority!

  20. Around here, in the Four Corners Area of New Mexico, you will see job ads that state “Navajo Preference ” in their hiring. Meaning it doesn’t matter what race applies for the job that may be better qualified, the employer will automatically hire a Navajo person over anyone else. Is that racism? Reverse discrimination? I don’t have a problem with it as long as the person is the best qualified for the job, but it sounds like the same situation as this article.

    1. ” I don’t have a problem with it as long as the person is the best qualified for the job” – I often find that’s the crux of the problem. Minorities do not get the same opportunities as the majority to become ‘the most qualified’, which is why employers are attempting readdress the balance.

  21. It is the DEMOCRATS who have the deadbeats on their side. It’s called RACIAL PRIVILEGE or Affirmative Action. When the vote was taken in Congress to eliminate it, every single Democrat except Ernest Hollings voted to give PREFERENTIAL treatment – not equal – to hispanics, asians, and blacks.

    The U.S. govt discriminates against its citizens, and particularly the disabled because the govt reimburses hospitals for every illegal and ‘minority’ they treat. Guess who that leaves out. Illegals and so-called “minorities” get PREFERENTIAL treatment and they want American citizens to be their financial slaves and pay their bills on top of our own. This definitely affects not only quality of care, meds received (or not), and length of stay, but also any follow-up care such as going to a convalescent center until well enough and/or physical therapy (or NOT). I have a disabled friend and have witnessed outrageous discrimination over and over the last 26 years. Nurses and doctors have
    sympathized with my friend, who lives in pain 24/7, but can do nothing. One doctor actually said while patting his shoulder, “It’s because you’re the wrong color.
    That’s why you can’t get the care you need. I’m sorry.”
    ABLE-BODIED people are sponging off the taxpayers and stealing from the
    disabled! It’s time for the U.S. govt to stop DISCRIMINATING against the disabled and its own citizens.

    And don’t talk about the ‘free clinics.’ They also get federal funds for each illegal
    and ‘minority’ they treat. They will turn a Caucasian away, even if disabled, because they know they can’t pay and they won’t get federal funds or reimbursed by the govt. I know firsthand since I drove my disabled friend to 3 clinics and all 3 turned him away – while the waiting rooms were full of ABLE-BODIED Hispanics. The clinics even had large 3 ft signs in their lobbies stating they were receiving “federal funds” (your tax money) for givng free medical to “minorities.”

    Why should they get preferential treatment?
    Liberals have the nerve to whine. I want to see them put in a 10-hour workday, then take your disabled friend who lives in pain 24/7 to the nearest ER and sit in a hard plastic chair for 20 HOURS with a disabled friend in agonizing pain the whole time while able-bodied illegals tie up time, doctors, and resources for nothing more than a cold! Then you must go back to work without any rest. I will testify to this in court any any time, anywhere, and at my own expense. This is 26 years experience speaking.

  22. This is not only bad for the white male but for the black female who was promoted and everyone would know was only promoted to bring color to the Academy. This not doing her any favors either and could cause a drop in morale in the entire Academy.

  23. A bigger question is did the black woman who was promoted know that her main purpose was to add color to the Academy and did she happy with that.

  24. I don’t give a damn about this stupid case. My only question is why on earth would a black woman want to be a cop in the first place to even get the position? The police is the LAST job a black person should want to apply for – EVER!

  25. The phrase “reverse discrimination” wrongfully suggests that the victim of racism was the offender first.

  26. why is it not ok to point out someone is black, but its perfectly ok to blame all the worlds problems on middle aged white American men? Somebody tell the liberals to play another tune, because Im a middle aged white guy, and all Ive ever been is screwed over just like everyone else… How about for once everyone drop the he said/she said something racist crap and get back to reality. Nobody alive in America owned a slave, or was a slave, nobody alive killed Indians, and nobody alive was attacked and scalped by Indians, for christs sake, whats next are liberal whites going to decide to start crying about how all those mean Vikings and Germanic tribes 600 years ago need to pay tribute for being mean to my white ancestors? Its out of control folks, its pathetic, and the world is laughing at what a bunch of whining bitches America has become.

  27. The truth is juries can do whatever they want, when whites promote whites for being white, juries never give hispanics/asianss/blacks money, juries are mostly white so they are keeping the team white.

    1. It’s very hard to get on a jury and they are well screened. You and your immediate family must have a clean criminal background. They don’t vote and the side with most votes wins. You must convince all 12 people of your case, if you do not and 1 person has doubts then you have a hung jury. You need all 12 to win and its not easy to get 12 people to agree on one side of an argument.

  28. Reverse discrimination can only exist if there is first such a thing as discrimination in the first place. Was Boneberger discriminated against? No! Just the fact alone that the employer wanted to hire a Black female for the position does not mean he was discriminated against. No employer is obligated to hire the so called “best qualified” for a position. That term involves a lot of things such as age, gender, race, education, experience and personality or fit. So if a Black is passed over in favor of a white … is that discrimination? Have Blacks ever been discriminated against because of their color? Idiots! White skin color DOES NOT mean you automatically “fit” and are qualified for a position or promotion. Diversity is a reason to reject an applicant and to hire one. Damn racist Supreme Court with it’s one mildly black token has this country
    a(s)sed up!

  29. Could it be that this idiot just played the race card. Perhaps the Black female was just better qualified and a better “fit” for the position than the white guy. I guess it is hard on the ego to know that their white skin did not curry favor this time. Except among the legal clowns and buffons with the gavel. White welfare and preferential treatment still exists. The worthless and lame elevating the worthless and lame … this is the story of white America. I am glad that these are part of a DYING BREED!

    1. “At trial, Boneberger testified that Academy Director informed him that he shouldn’t bother applying for the job because it was going to a black female.” How would anyone know before he applied whether or not the “black female” was better qualified? If they had compared his qualifications to Jane Doe’s and she was better qualified, the job should go to her, but discrimination is discrimination, period.

  30. “Equal protection under the law” is all I have to say. If it’s illegal to discriminate based on race, gender, creed or national origin, then it is illegal period- regardless of race, gender, creed or national origin.

    1. It only matters when the person is NOT WHITE,in Canada white males are treated as sub human and are refused jobs based just on being a white male

    2. Same thing is happening in America. Companies are in a frenzy to hire as many minorities as possible in some sick and twisted contest to prove their company is “least racist” by being the most racist towards white people. One other thing I see more and more today is “language preferences” even though my industry has absolutely nothing to do with linguistics or foreign communications. My fear is that as all of these brainwashed self-deprecating snowflakes sneak into courtrooms and government seats, they’ll begin operating under this absolute nonsense that “minorities can’t be racist against white people because they don’t hold authority and power.” I am so sick of identity politics!!!!!!!!

  31. diversity?whites already have diversity,redheads,blonds,and brunettes.why the hell would we want a bunch of non whites popping up complaining about everything.and accusing us of racism,we like it better white .it makes it easier and you identify with other employees better.they just want to steal our jobs and give them to non whites from india.

  32. I witness this daily. I work for a technology company in sales. The latest hires not only do not have any degrees or relevant experience/knowledge about the very technical products, but to boot many are former furniture sales people and pizza delivery drivers. I am not kidding.

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