Employee Engagement: Changing Cultures and Managing Talent

Over 71 percent of executive level HR scorecards include an employee engagement metric, driven in part by a multitude of research reports that connect high engagement to business performance.

As HR leaders are increasingly held accountable for improved levels of engagement and thus higher expectations for performance they are taking a much deeper look at their entire approach to engaging and motivating talent.

Yesterday we were content to leave engagement as an annual event, but today High Impact HR organizations realize that to actually impact engagement they need to implement a comprehensive employee engagement strategy that is focused on cultural and business needs.

Join Stacey Harris, Director of Strategic HR and Talent Research for Bersin & Associates on Wednesday May 25 at 2 pm Eastern/11 am Pacific, as she shares recent Bersin & Associates data and trends on Employee Engagement and the practices of High-Impact HR organizations in this free TLNT webinar.

The discussion will include examples of how leading organizations are taking a strategic approach to integrating their talent and engagement goals into traditional HR processes, such as performance management, career management, and rewards and recognition. Specific case examples will be included in the presentation.

Stacey Harris of Bersin & Associates
Stacey Harris of Bersin & Associates

In this session we will cover:

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  • What is driving employee engagement market changes;
  • The details of employee and talent engagement strategies;
  • On the ground examples of integrated engagement activities; and,
  • Solution provider selection and partnering best practices.

This is a FREE webinar brought to you by TLNT, and you can register for it here.

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Brendan is a production manager at ERE Media. While relatively new to the recruiting industry, he is always eager to learn more, especially how technology is changing the industry.


2 Comments on “Employee Engagement: Changing Cultures and Managing Talent

  1. Changing culture is a difficult task, but it can be done by implementing some simple tools. First, organizations need to allow managers and employees to rrecognize each other in an open and transparent forum for actions that are based on a the companies core values. When
    everyone sees that these actions are celebrated, they are more likely to
    understand and become part of your corporate culture. This creates a direct connection of values to daily operations.

    We’ve found that this, along with a few other simple steps, can have a significant impact on your overall culture, as well as engage your employees.

    1. Hi Ben, Thanks for the comment. Changing a companies culture is a very difficult issue for most organizations and engagement strategies are a key component of any successful cultural shift in a positive direction.

      The topics of transparent recognition, behavior based engagement strategies, and core value alignment will all be discussed in the webinar. I look forward to hearing more thoughts on this topic during the event.     

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