Did Tom Brady Lie? He Really Just Did What Great Leaders Do

You know what none of the great leadership speakers, gurus, TEDx speakers, etc., will tell you about leadership?

Sometimes in leadership, even the best, greatest visionaries, have to do things they wouldn’t want anyone else to know about.

We got to see this in the past weeks with Tom Brady, the Super Bowl winning quarterback from the New England Patriots, with how he responded to the Deflategate scandal. Tom had a chance to be the leader we all believe leaders to be. Instead, he was the leader that most leaders are.

You don’t want to hear this.

Protecting the brand

Brady did what leaders do. He protected the brand. Whether you like it or not, New England, the NFL, and Tom Brady are the brand. He protected the shield. You really think he’s going to throw the brand on the sword for some equipment guy that no one will know in 30 seconds?

Now, don’t get me wrong. Tom Brady is a liar. He lied about not knowing anything about those balls being deflated. He knew exactly why and how those balls were deflated, because he gave the order!

Taking one of the team – and the brand

The NFL is a $100 billion business. The New England Patriots are the NFL. Tom Brady is the NFL, just like the rest the teams and players are. So, the NFL, the Patriots, and Brady all have a vested interested in “handling’”this with as little collateral damage as possible.

Throwing a couple of equipment guys under the bus and throwing the blame on them is collateral damage to protect the brand.

You know what happens when a giant multi-national company does something horribly wrong and there is loss of life or major damage? They find someone to shoulder the blame that is smaller than the brand.

People lose jobs. Sometimes they even go to prison. But the company, and the brand, lives on.

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You’ll never see the multi-national CEO come out and take the blame for catastrophic events. They’ll have empathy, they’ll have compassion, but they will not take blame. This is real leadership.

You don’t want to believe that this is leadership, but it is.

How Tom Brady deflected a scandal

Tom Brady did for the NFL what great leaders do. He deflected a cheating scandal that could have cost billions of dollars to the brand, and placed it on the shoulders of some guy making $40,000 a year.

People can accept that story. Some dumb equipment manager was a super fan and just trying to help out “his” guy. It wasn’t Tom doing it, because Tom is a modern-day God!

Welcome to the show, kids.

This was originally published on Tim Sackett’s blog, The Tim Sackett Project.

Tim Sackett, MS, SPHR is executive vice president of HRU Technical Resources, a contingent staffing firm in Lansing, MI. Tim has 20 years of HR and talent background split evenly between corporate HR gigs among the Fortune 500 and the HR vendor community ? so he gets it from both sides of the desk. A frequent contributor to the talent blog Fistful of Talent, Tim also speaks at many HR conferences and events. Contact him here.


136 Comments on “Did Tom Brady Lie? He Really Just Did What Great Leaders Do

  1. Really??? lol He’s killed his brand to most football fans, only strengthening ties to his own fans, and losing a few of them as well. He handled this situation terribly, I used to hate him, but respect him, now, nothing. And any true fan of the sport will agree, he is a disgrace. Just as Spygate will forever disgrace Belichick, the whole team is a giant asterisk and is an embarrassment to the league.

    1. Again , you hysterical little NFL fan, go to YourTeamCheats.com. You sanctimonious snots are getting boring. A disgrace to the league? Look up your team. These are all FACTS, not ridiculous whining from some stupid fan that backs a loser team.

    2. Please John, tell me what Spygate was. Facts please, not conjecture, rumor, or hysterical accusations.

    3. John, read the Peter King Interview with Robert Kraft. Kraft goes on to say that during Spygate, the facts of the case were not in dispute, so the Pats took their medicine and moved on. For Deflategate, the facts ARE in dispute, so the Pats are fighting back.

      As far as the whole team being a giant asterisk…the league is becoming the NCAA, where noone ever wins an individual award and no team keeps their championship banner. They are all stripped away after the fact for minor and stupid rules violations.

      Finally, I understand your angst. We all route for the laundry!

    4. John.. what’s a disgrace is idiots like you, and the writer of this article, refusing to look at any facts but still having strong enough conviction to write about a subject that they know so little about because you REFUSE TO LOOK AT THE FACTS.

  2. Who the hell is this author? Like he knows anything factual. Just another chump trying to jump on the bash-Brandy wagon and get paid for writing an article on a hot topic. Freedom of Speech lives, but try getting facts before you clutter up the internet.

    1. This could be like “Spygate” where the media created false impressions in people’s minds. I asked four people yesterday what “Spygate” was, and all four said the Patriots were taping other teams’ practices. Wrong. They looked it up. Amazing how brainwashed they had been by the media.

      1. No, Spygate was Patriots taping the other team’s sideline to steal signs. Against the rules in the NFL.

        1. No, No, Spygate was the Patriots taping from the wrong location. Basically, Spygate was retalliation from Eric Man-Weenie of the Jets who was angry because the Patriots had their camera man escorted off the field in a playoff game the year before. The Jets wanted to record from the End-Zone where the team could easily see and record everything including signals.

          1. Yes, taping from the wrong location. It was/is legal to tape the other team’s sidelines, but only from an “enclosed” area, not the field of play.

        2. Robert is right. It is perfectly legal to film the other teams sidelines from certain locations at certain times. The Patriots filmed from the wrong location, which ironically, was legal the year before.

          1. And it was the Jets that turned them in five minutes into the game. @#$%ing Jets.

  3. Wow, calling someone a liar without proof; some journalist. Tell me you assume he’s lying, or you think he’s lying. But you choose to lie instead, like you have some kind of psychic sense. Bears fan, here; can’t wait to play the Patriots to come to town again.

    1. Tim Sackett is not a journalist but is an HR and talent management pro — and a good one — who writes and comments on talent management and leadership issues. You would have found that out had you read his bio …

      1. A LIAR is a LIAR – no need to read a bio. He obviously can’t read either, or he would actually know what is going on in the Wells report.

      2. LOL; now, John, I just know you don’t read the bio of every single writer of every single story you read on here; he may be good at his job, and good for him, but that doesn’t change my opinion of his assumptions about lying.

  4. You’re an idiot. If it was all about the NFL and the brand they would’ve never reported anything about the AFC championship.

    1. “You’re an idiot. If it was all about the NFL and the brand they would’ve never reported anything about the AFC championship.”

      Finally, a statement I can agree with!

  5. Brady didn’t lie! What kind of a leader would admit to something that didn’t happen.

    The balls had lower air pressure due to the balls being cold!

    It’s all in the Well’s report but they ignored the scientific evidence that, in fact, the balls were the exact expected pressure of a cold ball at halftime.

    1. The referee (Anderson) used the “Logo” Gauge before the game (Wells Report – Ref Pg 52)…Patriots Average 11.49 PSI at halftime with the Logo Gauge (Wells Report – Exponent pg 6).

    2. Results of “Experimental Simulations of Game Day” using the “Logo” Gauge…11.35, 11.46, 11.54 PSI (Wells Report – Exponent pg 59)
    Average Say 11.45 PSI (that’s the average after 4 minutes in the locker room at halftime)
    Actual Patriots Balls were 11.49 PSI

    3. Using Ideal gas laws…Ball in locker room pre-game (70 degrees) will be 12.5 PSI. At halftime ball (now colder at 48 degrees) will be 11.37 PSI (Wells Report – Exponent pg 39).
    Actual Patriots Balls were 11.49 PSI

    4. 3 of the 4 balls measured below the 12.5 standard (12.35,12.30,12.15) Page 8 of wells report. They all measured about 0.75 PSI under pregame 13.0 PSI. The Colts balls were measured well after the patriots balls (more time to warm up) and they only tested 4 of them. The Colts balls also averaged about what the Game Day Simulation expected, 12.4 (exponent page 58). Pats balls dropped 1 PSI average, Colts balls dropped 0.75PSI but had longer to warm up. This is exactly as the “Game Day Simulation” test indicated (exponent Page 58)

    How did they ignore this evidence?…
    They said it was unrealistic to think that a professional referee can test the patriots balls in 5 and a half minutes as they did in their own simulation!! (Wells Report – Exponent pg 68)

    They also said…“We therefore have been careful not to give undue weight to the experimental results and have instead relied on the totality of the evidence developed during the investigation. Even putting aside the experimental results, we believe that our conclusions are supported by the evidence in its entirety.”(Wells Report Page 13)

    Their only evidence is text messages about an employee griping about his obsessive boss, a 48 year old ball boy who had to take a piss before taking the field and Brady not handing over his personal phone.

    Just the facts!
    1. Balls measured 11.49 PSI.
    2. “Experimental Simulations of Game Day” measured 11.45 PSI.
    3. “Ideal Gas Law” has the ball at 11.37 PSI.
    4. Colts balls were also under pressure.

    It is physically impossible to have a ball at 12.5-13.5 both in the locker room and on a cold field. This whole thing is a set up for making the referees, Baltimore Ravens and the league look like fools with the eligible receiver rules…They were all pissed off by Brady’s quote the previous week when he said, “Maybe those guys have got to study the rule book and figure it out”.

    1. “The balls had lower air pressure due to the balls being cold!”

      Ahh yes, and the Deflator called himself the “Deflator” because he was losing weight, right?

      ROFL… Pats fans.

      1. Just ignore the facts and the science…that say the balls were NOT deflated, just underpressure to to the cold. -Some 48 year old part time ball boy who only works home games had text messages that are clearly humorous in nature from a year ago, that included texts such as “Whats up dorito dink” and “deflate and give somebody that jacket.”.

        You think it’s more likely that the Patriots would risk a cheating scandal and trust a part time ball boy to deflate the balls about 0.5 PSI…because that makes some kind of difference.

        You think it’s more likely that those texts were completely serious and not just humorous banter.

        The science, game day simulations, and halftime measurements all point to no air removed from the balls…Just simple physics of a cold ball and lack of understanding about how much ball pressure decreases with temperature change, jumping to cheating conclusions and lawyers paid to find a certain finding.

        1. So if this was the case, then why were the other team’s balls not deflated? And why were they deflated in warmer games? Your science lacks a little logic.

          1. They were deflated. Three of the four colt balls that were checked were under the legal limit. Why didn’t they check all of them? Under those circumstances Luck should have been suspended for 4 games and the Colts should lose a first round draft pick

          2. The Colts dropped 0.75 PSI…They started at 13 and dropped to 12.25.

            The Patriots dropped 1 PSI…They started at 12.5 and dropped to 11.5.

            The 0.25 difference is because the Colts balls had more time to warm up because they were tested later.

            In the report, they did a “Game Day Simulation with the Logo Gauge” involving a refrigerated box set to the game day temp, and a room about the temp of the locker room. They tested the balls about the estimated times they were measured on game day and the measurements were exactly where the patriots and colts balls measured.
            experimental: 11.45 for pats 12.4 for colts, actual measurements were 11.49 and 12.25.
            (Wells Report – Exponent pg 59)

      2. Um…that “deflator” comment was made in May of 2014. The Wells report failed to put that into context, in relation to the “investigation.”

  6. You’re an Idiot. He is going after the NFL. He’s a leader for not over-reacting and when it is all over, he’ll be exonerated and NFL leadership will look like fools.

    1. “he’ll be exonerated and NFL leadership will look like fools.”

      If there’s not enough proof that he knew, you may be right. Though he will never be innocent 😉

      1. Sadly, you’re right about this. There won’t ever be proof of anything, so nothing that happens in the future will change anyone’s minds.

        1. The haters will continue to hate, cause objective facts won’t change their already made up mind.

      2. Every cold game they’re be a sideline reporter with a pressure gauge sticking out of a football. The gauge will indicate 2 PSI loss from the warm pregame ball…unless the NFL prohibits the networks from addressing this.
        The science is too easy to replicate.

          1. That is not true, 3 of colts balls also fell below 12.5 limit. There is so much misinformation leaked from NFL from the beginning and they never corrected them. If you are really a reasonable person and interested in finding the truth, here is an article that explains everything:


          2. That is why they should take it to federal court and get a decision. Even I, a Brady fan, am getting sick of all the info going back and forth. This is getting more stories on Yahoo than national security.

          3. The colts balls weren’t measured until later (more time to warm up). They only measured 4 of them and 3 of the 4 were below the 12.5 standard even though they measured 13 PSI before the game where the Patriot balls started at 12.5. (Wells Report Page 8.)

            The colts balls started at 13. They were measured well after the patriots balls. Unsurprisingly, all averages, rise the later the measurements begin.
            (Exponent Page 58 after 9 minutes 12.38)

            3 of the 4 balls measured below the 12.5 standard (12.35,12.30,12.15) Page 8 of wells report. They all measured about 0.75 PSI under pregame 13.0 PSI. The Colts balls were measured well after the patriots balls (more time to warm up) and they only tested 4 of them.

            The Colts balls averaged about what the Game Day Simulation expected, 12.4 (exponent page 58). Pats balls dropped 1 PSI average, Colts balls dropped 0.75 PSI but had longer to warm up. This is exactly as the “Game Day Simulation” test indicated (exponent Page 58)

            Also, it is ridiculous to say the colts balls are the control when they were measured many minutes after the pats balls and clearly none of the balls (pats or colts) were “in equilibrium” ie warmed up to room temp.

          4. Larry, you obviously KNOW NOTHING about what is going on in this witch hunt, so don’t make stupid comments that expose your utter ignorance.

          5. Brady’s footballs should have started at 12.5 ( on the low end of legal) and the colts probably started higher (if for no other reason than because they knew they were going to get checked again at half time). Add to that 2 facts: While the patriots balls were being repeatedly tested (leaking air each time) the colts balls were heating up back to their original temperature and psi. By the time they got around to measuring the colts balls half-time was over. They only tested 4 of the 12 and 3 out of the 4 still measured below the legal limit.

          6. Actually there were Colts balls with less pressure and they had needles to deflate them on the sidelines.

          7. Its easy, other teams weren’t incontrovertibly getting their asses handed to them in a playoff game leading to the Superbowl so they didn’t need to find an excuse why they totally sucked. There were absolutely no shenanigans or controversy in the Superbowl, where both teams played exceptional and the referees were completely unbiased. Tom Brady Superbowl champion and Superbowl MVP once again. Deal with it!!

          8. Actually 3 of the 4 Colts balls did show loss of psi if you read the report, then the refs stopped checking them.

          9. No 3 of 4 colts balls were below the limit based upon the lower pressure gauge readings. They all lost pressure if you believe the ref when he said the were at 13 to begin with. He also said the he remembered the patriots balls were at 12.5 before the game started. Apparently they believed that he remembered correctly the initial pressures but didn’t believe that he used the gauge he said he remembered using. But they used the higher reading gauge to conclude the colts balls were in range and the lower reading gauge to conclude the patriots balls were out of range by more than expected due to temperature. This whole thing is a joke.

          10. The others team’s footballs (the colts) did show a loss of pressure. In the summary the wells report said all of the colts balls (4 measured) were in range and the patriots were out of range. This outcome was based upon using the readings from 2 different pressure gauges. The one that read high was used when referring to the colts balls. The one that read low was used when referring to the Patriots Balls. Explain why this was done ? Using the low pressure gauge readings for the colts balls resulted in 3 out of 4 colts balls measured being below the limit. Furthermore the referee said he remembered using the higher reading gauge to measure all the balls before the game started and the that the colts balls were higher in pressure to begin with.

          11. Read the report. Ref admitted used a different gaug for colts balls. Both gauges were tested and we’re not giving the same read. .4 off. Also, colts balls measured after 11 NE balls measured. All inside in warm air. Colts balls warmed up while NE balls were being tested. Nobel Prize winning scientist conducted the testing and concluded that the investigation failed to address simple scientific issues and therefore, it was his conclusion that there was no way the leagues findings could be supported.

  7. He’s a head hunter so he must know a lot about lying on behalf of his clients. He knows nothing about Tom Brady. There is no evidence whatsoever that McNally went into the bathroom and let air out of the footballs. He did not do that. He’s an hourly employee who helps out around the locker room. You think he stuck a needle into 13 footballs and let a ” little bit” air out because Tom Brady gave him a wink? It did not happen. The Patriots were lucky to win that Super Bowl, but air pressure had nothing to do with it, or with any other Patriots victory.

  8. Hmm, backing up the story of the two equipment guys that they never deflated the footballs outside of the rules isn’t “throwing them under the bus”. No blame by Tom Brady and the team that I have seen (unless I’m missing something you know, Mr. Sackett?). The fact that Wells’ investigation showed them going behind the back of the equipment manager to get stuff, is more probable than not why they are being disciplined by the team.

  9. “He knew exactly why and how those balls were deflated, because he gave the order!” Aaaaaaand that’s as far as I read.

  10. Brady is a liar? Where’s the evidence? Even the Wells Witch Hunt never concluded that. Sir, you are a hack, a Yellow Journalist of old.

  11. Look at all these idiots commenting about how Thomas Brady was being honest all along. If you don’t realize that Thomas Brady was lying, then CONGRATULATIONS, you’re one of the people he duped.

    1. I know he was lying. I simply don’t care.

      New England Patriots – Super Bowl XLIX Champions!

      Live with it!!!

  12. BRADY told a LIE. He wouldn’t turn his phone in. He’s GUILTY. He has a LOT on that phone. Suspend him for the SEASON and FINE him.

    1. Chin up, Tim. I think Jimmy Kimmel said it best (and I paraphrase for you “Journalism Experts” out there who’ve been dry-heaving over his post):
      There are 2 camps on this Brady issue – 1) Those who think he cheated. And 2) people from Boston.
      Personally, I’ll cut the Pats some slack. After all, they’ve had all this pressure to be the best team in the game since 9/11….That was the Super Bowl they just had to win – even though the Raiders got cheated out of going up against the Rams, and they’ve been suspected, implicated and proven to be a lying, cheating, low-rent organization more than once. Cheaters are going to cheat….and seldom do they have integrity.

  13. Tim Sackett is a moron and that’s plain as the nose on your face. First he is calling Brady a liar with out any proof, secondly he makes assumptions about subjects he obviously knows nothing about, third he has absolutely no business trying to get his name out there by writing an article about Brady, the NFL or the Patriots. As for the substance of said article, when someone that does not have a history of lying over a 15 year period they should be given the benefit of the doubt. Avoided a scandal? If the were no scandal then this moron Tim Sackett would have written about Brady, the NFL or the Patriots, what a moron.

  14. I would hate for you to be on a jury. You would hang a man for “more than likely, more probable than not”. Ol Mr Wells even convinced ref Walt Anderson that his best recollection as to which pressure gauge he used was “more probable than not” the other gauge. I guess Wells knew the pressure gauge Anderson said he used did not fit into Well’s and the the NFL’s pre-planned guilty verdict.

  15. well many defend King Brady saying he did not break any rules and his refusal to answer questions is what great leaders do and other young kids should do the say. Yes the NFL is now charging the rules that fans said were never rules but to defend the King this works. Now Kraft and King Brady will get their puppet Goodell to make this go away but if not well as we see Patriots are saying other teams have done the same. Brady knows he and his wife have a net worth of 1/2 billion dollars and he could care less what people say because they will pay big money to watch him. Brady said he knew nothing and yes he knew but just go along with being stupid and say he did not lie as he smiled when lying. I like people say he will be exonerated for breaking a rule that was not a rule because they now changed the rule. It is so funny how people will defend a liar and cheat knowing he is a liar and cheat.

    1. Where is the proof Brady cheated? You will convict a man on “more than likely, more probable than not” ? He is guilty, I THINK he did it? I guess actual proof is overrated. The Well’s report has so many holes in it, it is funny. And if a woman beater (Rice) and a child beater (Peterson) can get their penalty’s reduced or thrown out, why can’t Brady fight for himself?

      1. OP sounds like a case of “waah waaah, Brady has more money than me. Waah. And because he’s a winner he MUST be cheating. Waah.”

        1. Cough, cough, FYI Linda N – I AM a Patriots fan. Waah Waah. I don’t care how much money the Brady’s have. I also never said nor feel that Brady cheated ….Try reading my post again, Waah …

          1. I was talking about Jackie, “Original Poster, OP” not you. Sorry if you thought it was you, Robert!

    2. “Now Kraft and King Brady will get their puppet Goodell to make this go away”

      Hey Einstein, in case you hadn’t heard, Goodell just hit Brady and the Patriots with one of the most severe punishments in NFL history. Not only that, but he was complicit in launching a sting operation against the Pats, and then distracting the team during their Super Bowl preparations by launching a huge investigation in the weeks leading up to the game.

      If that’s your definitions of a “puppet” then you are truly a moron.

  16. Hey Sackett where’d you get your degree in journalism ??? dollar store special !!! Go back and read his press conference in January when he admitted he wanted the balls inflated to the LEGAL LIMIT of 12.5 ,, this is the problem with you idiot so called reporters ,, you take things out of context and half report everything ,, is it any wonder Marshawn refuses to talk to you dipstiks ,, after this fiasco if they had any sense all the Players should follow suit and then we’ll see how long you have a job ..

  17. “He knew exactly why and how those balls were deflated, because he gave the order!”

    Funny, I missed that in the Wells Report. Was it in your eyewitness testimony?

  18. Tim Sackett your an Azz Clown, where is the proof Tom Brady lied??? Tom Brady is his own brand Fcuk the NFL Rodger is a drunk idiot dragging his brand thru the mud, the brand built off of the backs of the reams and players. Rodger has been killing the league and soon the owners will fire him for his incompetence.

  19. The very last thing Bradfy was is a NFL God. He’s just a cheater, rules mean nothing to him, nor was he man ’nuff to accept his punishment. His coach’s influence weakened him, Bill is a long-time cheater.


      1. This kind of ignorance is the sort that you run up against when people don’t actually read a report (due to lack of intelligence?) and hence have no actual clue of what is truthfully and honestly going on.

    1. Here’s a website you may want to take a look at, you old ‘mo.



  20. The balls were never deflated. They were in the same range as the Colts. That pretty much destroys your entire article.

  21. here’s where this all goes worng. The balls were not underinflated. He ordered the balls to be at 12.5 psi. Using the guage that anderson used pre game and halftime. The Ideal Gas Laws state that the balls should be 11.39 – 11.49 using the atmosphere at the time. The average PSI for the 11 balls measured at halftime were 11.3 PSI. everything else is a ghost story by the NFL. If you ask about the diffrence between the Colts ball and the Patriots balls. The patriots balls were left exposed to the weather and cold. The Colts balls were kept in a plastic bag sheilded from the freezing rain. Also they did not measure the Colts balls until the end of halftime where the balls could warm up and gain lost PSI. SCIENCE is a wonderful thing.

  22. Tim Sackett is a judgemental spiteful POS. This is a hit article by a lowlife sniper who claims to be a self appointed expert on leadership qualities. NOT!

  23. Stupid article written by a stupid bias individual. Innocent until proven guilty is the Law of this land period. I hope you get into trouble and they throw you under a bus for your actions.

  24. Wait, how the hell can you say “Did Tom Brady Lie? No, He Just Did What Great Leaders do.” Then, in your second segment say “Now, don’t get me wrong. Tom Brady is a liar. He lied about not knowing anything about those balls being deflated. He knew exactly why and how those balls were deflated, because he gave the order!” Which the hell is it?

  25. I would never hire your firm – due to lack of intelligence! Brady did not place anything on the shoulders of some guy making $40,000 a year because ABSOLUTELY no one has done anything wrong. If there is no wrong doing then there is no one to blame. READ the report (if you are intelligent enough to do so) and try to learn what the truth is. There is not one ounce of evidence that any person or persons in the Patriots organization intentionally lowered the PSI in footballs to an illegal limit. They may have deflated them to the lowest possible limit – but, there is no harm in doing that. GET A CLUE!!!!

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more!!! The problem is the majority of the rest of the country already bought the garbage reported by the media. What pissed me off is that Roger Goodell and those incompetent investigators don’t have any interest in what the actual science shows. If NFL already paid wells millions he would not stop until he found some “evidence” of wrongdoing. That’s why the “investigation” (witch hunt) took so long.

  26. The thing about being the press you can print anything without proof. This author is an A Z Z simple as that.

  27. Just another Idiot Blowhard writer.
    “Tom Brady is a Liar”. Just slam someone that you have ABSOLUTELY ZERO FACTS about whether he did or did not lie.
    Whats’ YOUR Aegnda?!!? Not having a writing “job” much longer?
    Because you certainly don’t have a Brand!!

  28. My kids science fair has stricter, data collection and measurement requirements then the NFL used…. Embarrassing the way this whole thing has been handled!

  29. How can you say with a straight face that the footballs were deflated after they were cleared with the ref? Do you really believe that McNally casually carried those two big bags of footballs into the bathroom, then rushed through deflating 12 footballs in 90 seconds? That doesn’t even sound feasible. And who threw the equipment guys under the bus? I haven’t heard anyone from the Patriots organization blaming the equipment guys. They were fired by the team because it was part of the punishment handed out by God, I mean Goodell. I can’t understand how people can discount the fact that the Ideal Gas Law is what lowered the pressure in those balls. Hey, maybe the reason why Brady has denied doing anything wrong, is because he hasn’t done anything wrong.

  30. I would fire your ass on the spot for seemingly condoning this…

    Because that is not protecting anyone, it is just setting a bad example for those under you…you do want to be lied to by an underling ??? I don’t, so I set the RIGHT example…and when I make a mistake, which thankfully is not often, I admit it and take my punishment…that’s what I expect of those who report to me and my superiors deserve no less…
    You desperately need an ethics lesson !!!

  31. Show me ANYWHERE in the Wells report where he told someone to deflate the balls below 12.5 PSI. Can’t, that is because he didn’t.

  32. This could have been avoided, if the officials checked the balls. You would not have this problem, if the officials did their job. The officials are responsible for checking the air in the balls in sports not the players or equipment staff. Most officials should carry a pump and a needle too check the balls in their respected sport. Why weren’t the officials questioned, since they handled the balls and check equipment before and during the game they officiate???

  33. No direct evidence = another loss (L) in federal court for the NFL
    Brady – (L)
    Peterson – L
    Vilma- L
    Rice – L
    Is this what they pay 42M to Goddell for?

  34. What about Goddell’s leadership and the protection of the brand? Not very successful if you ask me.

  35. ” He knew exactly why and how those balls were deflated, because he gave the order!” Where is your proof? Not probability, not assumption. not hearsay. Actual proof. Can you imagine going into someone’s workplace, accusing them of something because we think you “probably” did it. We’re doing to suspend you without pay for 4 weeks. Anyone would sue and win. I think this whole non-scandal fiasco is like a scene from an Adam Sandler movie. I can’t think of a team in the NFL that hasn’t been caught cheating. I’d rather watch hockey anyday. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/25184939/new-web-site-documents-how-your-favorite-nfl-team-cheated

  36. Exactly. Tom Brady is not a liar, nor a cheater. Sounds to me that someone is extremely prejudice against tom brady and the Patriots!!!!

  37. The Wells report is a travesty…that attempts to do what the author does here…offering proof by assertion. There is no evidence that Brady directed anyone to break the rules…On the other hand, Aaron Rodgers has publicly admitted that he directed his equipment guys to overinflate footballs….Why aren’t the Packers in hot water? Could it be because the Packers are not the Patriots? Why didn’t the Packers opponents complain to the league? More probably than not because they know football inflation is no big deal. What is on display here is not Brady’s leadership but the incompetence of the Commissioner and his staff….who spent $5M on an investigation by the same hack who the tobacco industry hired to assert that second hand smoke does not cause cancer.

  38. Forget whether he is guilty or innocent, the tenet that this author forwards that any great leader lies, continues to lie, and is honored for doing so is just stupid. Jeez, that is not a characteristic I look for in a leader. By this standard, we should be holding Richard Nixon up as a great leader, or maybe Bernie Madoff was the best leader ever.

  39. And you know this how? You sound like a Brady hater. Is that because he beats your team so often?

  40. The colt balls are irrelevant until someone tells us what were the conditions under which they were inflated – if they were inflated with 50 deg F air, they would show no change or an increase in pressure. If they were inflated with 100 deg F air, they would show twice as much drop. It’s like comparing the Patriot balls to a random set of tires out in the parking lot. The colt balls just showed that there is nothing special about the Patriot balls.

  41. This shows that Goodell is an idiot. Letting this build into a big deal over some deflated balls that may or may not have even been at the correct psi when the game started. Refs used different gauges, didn’t check all the balls, don’t remember what happened to the balls, etc. If this was a sting, it will end up stinging Goodell in the azz before it’s all over. My take is Brady won’t even miss a game.

  42. 2 things stand out here. 1) You called TB a liar in print with no proof or evidence…be careful buddy. 2) Nobody threw the equipment guys under the bus. Nobody on the Patriots has admitted any wrong doing. Now…whether you believe they did something or not is not the point. The point is you have two false statements in your article. Guilty until proven innocent…the new American way.

  43. You guys are funny. Yea I’m a Seahawk fan, but guess what I’m a fan of even more. Science. Its a fantastic thing, Science that is. And because of the laws of physics it shows the following if the Colts footballs everyone is talking about that were low on air pressure (3 or 4 of them under 12.5 psi) here is the problem with this. .75 was the biggest loss of air pressure in the balls and yes this is within the laws of physics that when a ball with warm air is then cooled the pressure will indeed drop. The issue here and now were going to use this thing called Math (I’m a fan of Math as well) .75 / 13 = .057 or roughly 6% if you round up. The problem is that the patriots footballs 1.75 / 12.5 = 14% to 2 / 12.5 = 16% . It is impossible for a football to lose 14% – 16% of its air pressure from being out in the cold and the Wells report stipulates this. It is also reasonable to assume that a man who throws a football for a living who at a minimum has thrown a football at least 100,000 times in his life would not notice a football is under-inflated by 14% – 16%. Go outside and inflate a football to 12.5 PSI and give it a good squeeze. Toss it around a bit. Then take out 14% – 16% of the air pressure and give it a good squeeze and throw it around. I did this with a few buddies and it is very noticeable. Now I have a hard time believing this guy (Tom Brady) wouldn’t have lost his mind if the ball was missing 14% – 16% of its air pressure unless that’s exactly how he liked it. Because at the end of the day if joe schmoe (myself) can notice the difference then there is no way in hell a guy who has thrown a football at least 100,000 times in his life didn’t know something was a miss.

    1. You like math, then you should love physics.
      This is simple physics:

      Ideal Gas Law: PV=nRT
      P: Pressure (must include 1 Atmosphere of pressure, 14.7 PSI)
      V: Volume
      n: Moles of air (mass of air)
      R: Constant (conversion factor)
      T: Temperature (IN KELVIN!!!)

      Assuming V1=V2
      P2 = P1(T2/T1)
      P1= 1 ATM + 12.5 PSI = (14.7 PSI) + 12.5 PSI =
      P1=27.2 PSI
      T1 = 72 deg F = 295 K
      T2 = 48 deg F = 282 K

      P2 = P1(T2/T1)
      P2=26.0 PSI
      P1-P2 = 1.2 PSI

      1.2 PSI difference

      So the ball that started at 12.5 PSI will be 11.3 PSI at halftime.
      Patriots balls averaged 11.49 PSI

      Any remaining difference is the result of the following factors:
      -Rain is colder than air temperature.
      -A wet ball undergoes an evaportive process that cools the surface of the ball below the air temperature (like sweating cools a person).
      -300lb guys jumping on it breaking it in and loosening it up ball expanding during play. This would mean that V1 doesn’t equal V2 and could result in additional deflation.

  44. Hi Jim, sorry, but you made a mistake in your calculations – you have to use absolute values, i.e., not gauge pressures and temperatures. What you wanted to say is the pressure dropped from 27.2 (12.5 + 14.7 PSI) to ~25.2 PSI or less than 10%. But the temperature ratio is about 283K/295K or about 5% drop. Usually, a factor of 2 is pretty good for ideal calculations, but apparently the NFL and fans want more fidelity, so second order effects have to be taken into account. That’s what’s so disappointing about the Wells report – their consultants just started discounting other effects out of hand like the relative humidity – if the ball was filled with 75F air with 60% RH, then the temperature on the field is below the dew point meaning the partial pressure of the water disappears, about 2 tenths of a PSI. I can think of at least three other effects that weren’t considered, but when added up probably will get to a 10% answer (like air lost after every measurement, the elasticity of the pigskin – does it change after being played with for a half, the seal around the needle – it’s only rubber, and when it gets cold, it might seal as well as it should – think of the Shuttle o-rings, etc…)

  45. Excuse me Mr. Sackett. Did you skip your medication today? I’m asking because your brain seems to be malfunctioning. You would be wise to consult a physician, schedule a brain scan and find out why your neurons aren’t firing correctly.

  46. It all matters not, because when the referee puts the ball down, careful to mark it with the chain and blows the whistle to signal the clock that the ball is ready, approved and in play, he does so with the full authority of the NFL behind him; At that moment, “He is the NFL”.; Before this, he has gone through his routine to check for pressure, he squeezes it and inspects it for any possible damage, sometimes he even wipes it off if it is wet. Once that whistle blows, there is no illegal ball because the referee has indicated his approval of the ball and then you do it all over again….period.

  47. Jesus people I’m no Brady fan.Why? Because he too damn good and beats my team when they play no other reason….Now I don’t see the big deal here its not like the guy threw lights out in the first half then stunk in the second half it was just the opposite,and for the super bowl three letters sums it up MVP…This is about haters hating nothing more he does have a pretty damn good life a whole lot to hate on

  48. First of all, the issue with Brady isn’t even so much that the balls were deflated, it has more to do with his response after the fact. Oh yeah, and anyone who has suggested that Tom Brady isn’t arguably the greatest QB ever or this some how diminishes what New England has accomplished because of this issue with the balls is a bona-fide “Jerry’s Kid”. Brady and the Pats have been the standard bearers for how to consistently field a team worthy of a playoff spot. All that being said, The Wells report used verbiage such as “more probable than not” because of having a lack of hard evidence but possibly an abundance of circumstantial evidence. Of course this could have been due to an unwillingness to fully cooperate on behalf of Tom as some have reported in the media but you have to also take into consideration that the league is not a court of law. This is an internal matter and like in civil cases tried in our judicial system, the burden of proof is less than in a criminal case. In such a situation, circumstantial evidence often times carries a lot of weight. Yes the text messages seem to imply that Brady wasn’t being truthful. Although hilarious in my opinion, the suggestion that t
    he context of the text messages can be misconstrued because they are subject to interpretation is a legitimate argument. My question is, “If no transgression was committed and the the organization is standing behind Brady’s statements and they’re willing to defend the Patriots to the fullest because the judgment handed down by the league is unfair, why have the equipment manager and the other fella been suspended by the Pats?”

  49. Weird take on things from someone with an HR background. Perhaps a little vengeful for many an HR exec who cant reach CEO. CEO’s don’t get fired for terrible results, massive safety oversights? Really? Hmmm. In 2014 more CEO’s were fired than in any year since the crash. Toyotas CEO stood up directly and took ownership of the safety problems Toyota faced a fee years ago. Lastly, the NFL performs the investigation with a bunch of lawyers and no expert witness to review the facts from a scientific standpoint? I’m not a big Brady (the person) fan but articles like this make me want to barf. Its clear that the author has an axe to grind. Grind it somewhere else.

  50. I’m not sure why you’re writing at all Mr. Sackett, considering you seem to lack an understanding of the basic rules of grammar and punctuation. Your article is strewn with errors and bad writing. I thought that journalists had to know how to write the way that physicists had to know how to add and subtract. This was the first and last article I will read from you and this website. You may want to consider running your articles through an editor or taking some classes on basic English because this read as though it were written by someone whose second language is English. Good luck.

  51. I wonder if some of these sports writers know how arrogant they are? Every city has at least a few and NYC has the largest contingent. NYC is also the biggest market in America. I’ve seen decently informed opinions on both sides. I keep coming back to the same question: “What difference could it have made? The Patriot receivers were so open that Brady could have hit them with a nerf ball. New England had beat the Colts by over 20 points earlier in the season and this game was just as bad. The Colts couldn’t stop the pass or the run.

  52. Welll.s report biased:
    #1 Brady might not know McNally (Bruschi didn’t). Maybe he might have known who Bird was or Burt. If he was shown a photo of McNally and then denied knowing who he was, then Brady lied. Was there a member of the Pat’s organization there, is there a recording of the interview?
    #2 Certainly Anderson can report whether or he used a straight gauge needle or a bent one. The logo non logo stuff is a fabrication that is used to provide damning evidence against the Pat’s. We should ask Anderson or McNally.
    What we do know is the Pats’ gauge and Anderson’s gauge showed little discrepancy (two balls had issues). The same is probably true for the Colts’ gauge. This means that two or three gauges were not that far off from each other. Then there is gauge that reads appreciably lower than the gauge used by Anderson which as I have pointed out lines up with the Pats’ and possibly the Colt’s. All data taken by this outlier gauge should be thrown out.
    Then all presure drops are explained by the ideal gas law and McNally could not have let any air out. McNally saw Anderson “tamper” with two balls.He had to check to make sure that the “tampered” balls were not “ruggers”.
    Mr. Wells ignores Walt Anderson’s testimony so he could pursue Roger’s idea of parity

  53. I don’t know which is more sad, fanboys running to defend someone who doesn’t know or care about them or fanboys who come running to an article and fail to comprehend what was said. The article is about managing your public image in a crisis and making sure the company and brand survive beyond the crisis even if it means throwing some people under the bus or taking one for the team. Look how long Lance Armstrong and the organizations around him did it.

    What does it take? People stood behind Lance Armstrong with far less evidence for ages. These are the same fans that give football players a free pass for RAPE, dog fighting, drugs, MURDER, sexual harassment, spousal abuse, etc. etc. etc.

    The guy cheated, he lobbied for rule changes and then went a step further. He tried to make analogies to baseball gloves, but the analogy is an exact fit for baseballs. What he did was make a spitball. Tampering with the ball in baseball will get you in trouble, in just about any sport, but QBs lobbied the NFL to let them dictate ball condition. What other professional sport allows each team to bring their own balls?Brady cheated, it is only bigger because it’s once again the Patriots. There is a 0% chance that he is the only one that cheated by pushing the footballs outside of regulated PSI. Too little oversight and too much opportunity for people to make things the way they like them, malicious cheating intent or not. Truth is, the NFL is the only one responsible for making this possible. This should never have been an issue to begin with if the rules were logical the balls were treated like they are in MLB or NBA.

    Idiots acting like some professional athlete is their guy or some team is their team. Do no wrong or forgive all sins because they provide entertainment? Really simple, if this was anyone else or any other team? They’d have a 100% change of view. Fanboys just making excuses for their man crushes. Really sad guys, grow some objectivity and grow some self respect.

  54. The fish rots from the head. From the first Belicheat filming scandal, the organization supports this type of behavior and attitude.

  55. there’s no evidence that brady asked anyone to break the rules. kraft wasn’t named specifically in the wells report as being the “evil mastermind” so if he wants to drop it then fine but i don’t blame brady for trying to clear his own name. there’s nothing unethical with brady to let it be known that he likes the footballs to be at the low end of the deflation. but to accuse him of saying that he wanted them – not just at the low end of deflation – but *below* regulation – is not fair unless there’s actual evidence.

    the wells report says that the colts balls were *also* deflated – but it’s only because andrew luck likes his footballs overinflated to start off with that the balls were still within regulation. so if both teams had balls that lost air, then why is only new england being accused of “tampering” with the balls by deflating them? if andrew luck isn’t going to be accused of being behind some kind of “tampering” with his footballs, then brady shouldn’t be either. the wells report never gave hard evidence…it only gave weak language such as it was “more probable than not” that brady was “generally aware” of tampering. that’s supposed to be “evidence”?? ted wells calls himself an attorney…but he sounds like an idiot.

    it’s soooooo painfully obvious that all of you haters (*especially* the guys) are just JEALOUS of “the golden boy”, his looks, his athleticism, his wealthy super-model wife that makes more money than he does…need i go on? btw, i’m from pittsburgh so i’m not a new englander…

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