Dealing With the “Bathroom Issue” and Transgendered Employees

By Eric B. Meyer

On my speaking gigs around the country, what’s the biggest issue I hear from HR professionals involving transgender employees?

Yep, it’s the use of the bathroom.

Folks, it’s not that complicated. But, I’ll get to that in a sec.

First, with a tip of the hat to Joshua Block (@JoshACLU), over the weekend, I read this tweet, which links to this story about a Planet Fitness location in Michigan that received a complaint from a female gym member.

Responding to a complaint by appointing the complainer

This woman complained to the gym about a transgender woman (assigned male at birth; identifies as female) in the woman’s locker room. She then told other gym members that “a man” was using the woman’s locker room.

So Planet Fitness responded.

It canceled the membership … of the woman who complained. Here’s more from the article:

After taking her complaints to Planet Fitness’ corporate office, Cormier [the woman who complained] said she was told that the gym was a ‘no judgement zone’ and they would not tell the individual in question to stay out of the women’s locker room. The person has not been identified….A statement released by McCall Gosselin, public relations director for Planet Fitness, states that members can use the locker room corresponding with their personal gender identity.”

In a press release sent to The Huffington Post, Planet Fitness further explained its actions:

Article Continues Below

Planet Fitness is committed to creating a non-intimidating, welcoming environment for our members. Our gender identity non-discrimination policy states that members and guests may use all gym facilities based on their sincere self-reported gender identity. The manner in which this member expressed her concerns about the policy exhibited behavior that management at the Midland club deemed inappropriate and disruptive to other members, which is a violation of the membership agreement and as a result her membership was cancelled.”

Put it in your employee handbook

When Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was enacted, there’s no way that either Congress or President Johnson envisioned protections for transgender employees. But, the law prohibits discrimination based on sex. And the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has upped its efforts to litigate cases of LGBT discrimination, arguing that it’s still discrimination based on sex.

But, even if the EEOC is wrong, and suppose you don’t live in a state or city that has a law prohibiting LGBT discrimination at work, you may ban LGBT discrimination in your workplace.

And, if you do ban LGBT discrimination in your workplace, let employees know by including it in your handbook and, then, training them accordingly.

On the bathroom issue, consider establishing some unisex bathrooms. Otherwise, allow your transgender employees to use the bathroom associated with the gender with which they identify, without having to worry about taking crap from their co-workers.

This was originally published on Eric B. Meyer’s blog, The Employer Handbook.

You know that scientist in the action movie who has all the right answers if only the government would just pay attention? Eric B. Meyer, Esq. gets companies HR-compliant before the action sequence. Serving clients nationwide, Eric is a Partner at FisherBroyles, LLP, which is the largest full-service, cloud-based law firm in the world, with approximately 210 attorneys in 21 offices nationwide. Eric is also a volunteer EEOC mediator, a paid private mediator, and publisher of The Employer Handbook (, which is pretty much the best employment law blog ever. That, and he's been quoted in the British tabloids. #Bucketlist.


513 Comments on “Dealing With the “Bathroom Issue” and Transgendered Employees

  1. There should be a rest room for vaginas and penises… there, problem solved. If you have a penis you go here, if you have a vagina you go there.

    1. i like where you’re going, but what about men who castrate themselves? i believe we should have a penis, and no penis restroom, that way no one falls through the cracks

      1. Simple, if you are without, or have both, if you can’t be associated with the men’s room nor the women’s room, then do your business at home, and stay away from public restrooms designated as male or female. Problem solved. A public restroom is a convenience, not a right It certainly should not be a political issue.

    2. Oh look, more idiots who do not understand transgender issues yet feel like they are smart enough to participate in the discussion.

  2. High time men just start walking into womens bathrooms all across America. Lets see how well that goes over. Hell just take the signs off the doors. What a bunch of Dumba–es are being born.

    1. I feel feminine today think i’ll use the womens bathroom.. what ?/ you say ?? who’s to stop me if I sue??

      1. Why would I stop you? You’re not hurting anyone if you’re just trying to use the toilet. If you identify as female, then you have just as much right to use the women’s bathroom as I do.

        1. Yet, another idiot in our midst! I don’t identify as female, but I will dang sure walk in and sit there staring at you. And what are you going to do? NOTHING, because now you can’t. Now how do you feel about that? And once you honestly admit to yourself that you would not be ok with my approach, then consider your stance on this entire thing. It is ridiculous!

          1. You realize that womens restrooms have stalls with doors, and they do not have urinals rights?

          2. I don’t think you understand how female restrooms work, nor do you get that regardless of your gender, that’s sexual harassment.

        2. except that in a locker room a lot of people get dressed and undressed
          by the lockers. I would not be ok with someone of the opposite sex
          being there while I changed clothes. There is a reason there are men’s
          and women’s restrooms.

          1. Honestly, I think the locker room situation is something that does require a bit more though. In a bathroom, no one’s seeing your nakedness (unless you’re using a urinal), but in a locker room, it’s just about inevitable. It make people uncomfortable, regardless of their orientation or gender or sex. But at the end of the day, the only thing stopping someone from coming into a locker room is the sign on the door.

          2. My problem with the locker room is the lady looked like a man with a wig. If I wasn’t aware of him, I would have probably been screaming and running. I think you need some warning.

        3. So I should worry about males frolicking around in the ladies restroom while I am stuck on the commode? By the way AniMajor, if your genetics and reproductive organs say you are a male you have no “right” to use a woman’s restroom unless otherwise noted. For instance, I can see a ladies restroom being open to all if the men’s facility was down. Regardless, I love when people such as yourself assume you have a right to do as you please just because you feel like it. Are you a millennial by chance? Perhaps a product of the 70’s if not?

          1. There aren’t going to be men frolicking while you’re on the toilet. That’s not what this is about. If someone identifies as female – not some dude who thinks it’s hilarious to dress like a woman – then that person has all the right to use the bathroom. There’s a big difference, regardless of this idea that if we let one transgender woman in the bathroom, every man, everywhere has unprecedented access to every women’s bathroom.

            And for the record, I’m not a millennial, no was I born in the 70’s.

    2. Where this will end is just the total elimination of separate facilities in the first place.

      Honestly, this has been building since the 80s when the idea of “gender myth” started making the University rounds.

    3. omg this comment was so stupid my head actually hurts. I love how many people here have a 5th grade understanding of the world.

      1. Very true. A lot of them are claiming to be the opposite gender now, not able to understand basic physical reality. Very sad.

  3. No man or woman should be using the opposite gender restroom regardless how masculine or feminine they may feel. If they have male genitals they need to use the male restroom, female genitals should use their designated restroom, it’s just that simple.

    1. All you proved is that you do not understand transgender issues and that you base your opinion on complete ignorance.

      1. “transgender issues”

        AKA mental illness.

        Lets stop pandering to the Mentally ill.

        Next we will have a man dress in male clothing feeling a little effeminate today and using the girls locker room.

        1. This puts women in the position of coming upon any man in a restroom and not knowing if he’s there to do harm or because he “identifies” as a female that day.

          1. Except no, it very doesn’t. Inform yourself. We’re not talking about whims. We’re talking about their minds being busted…A person with split personalities isn’t choosing for fork their psyche.

            It’s so hard for me to wrap my head around grown adults not just not understanding, but willfully remaining ignorant.

            If it was just a weird creepy person angling for a rape motive, why would they have any supporters at all? Wonder why the world seems crazy and you’re the only sane one? Because you’re missing part of the equation.

            It’s not waffling, it’s not selecting pants from a closet. They’re ill…

        2. If we are going to stop pandering to the mentally ill we will have to quit listening to you religious whack jobs and pretending to give a rats A$$ about what you believe because that is what is really Effed up !

      2. the ignorance is assuming we need to know the issues of transgender people as we are not transgender so they should not be our problems but they are being made our problems. opinions are just that: opinions. and that includes your’s because that exactly what they are.

        1. I agree, just like homosexuality, transgender problems are the problems of the transgender. Stop trying to force America to take on your own personal problems.

          1. It will be your problem when a fully transitioned male is forced to use the womens restroom. Have you ever seen a fully transitioned male? You probably have but didn’t even know. Lets see how well it goes over when they are in the womens restroom with all the ladies. Just because you aren’t transgendered or know anyone who is doesn’t mean its not your problem.

          2. Isn’t that what I implied? I don’t want men in a women’s bathroom for any reason. Yes, it will be a problem for them if they are. That is why I encourage women to carry pepper spray, or at least a small can of hair spray.

          3. You don’t want men in a womans bathroom for any reason….so you understand why a transitioned male must use the appropriate restroom (which would be the men’s). But you are saying a transwoman can’t use the woman’s restroom. I’m not sure what side you are arguing for.

          4. It’s simple. Genitalia dictate which bathroom they use. A female transgender (which means someone who has NOT gone through a sex change) uses teh female bathroom. I don’t have anything she doesn’t have, and vice versa. A male transgender uses the male bathroom, since he is physically male. I don’t know why that would be a problem for him. He’s been using male bathrooms all his life. He doesn’t have anything they don’t have, and vice versa.

          5. How many transsexuals and transgender people are running around “bothering” people? You cannot tell by looking at people what is in their pants. Seriously you people need help.

          6. well, looks like plenty, as we are having so many debates and initiating an act of congress to force us to let men share a restroom with our wife/daughter, I don’t pretend to understand the motivation of why any man would want to “transform” himself, but when that “transformation” starts to interfere with my familys own comfort level then I do consider it bothering people

          7. bpollen8 not exactly true about “Genitalia dictate which bathroom they use”. Some of us are on hormones and testosterone blockers waiting for the chance for surgery; that being said, I can tell you my desire for sex is just about zero as my testosterone levels are probably lower than your own, meaning that you probably get a lot more horny than me. The fact that I want to change my body to fit my gender identity has nothing to do with me wanting to have sex with someone. Transgender is an umbrella term that covers many different people including transsexuals, such as my self. If I went into a mans bathroom I am risking harm to myself from people that are lacking education and real intelligence, acceptance of a human being!

          8. Rhonda, the fact that men can obtain an erection during a rape has nothing to do with arousal. It is a biological reaction completely unrelated to your hormones or sex drive.

            I totally understand your apprehension about using a men’s restroom. When I see these debates, I always think of people in the middle of transitioning who are still physically one gender but about to be another. I don’t know what the solution is but do you seriously not understand a woman’s apprehension at seeing your penis in her bathroom. Restrooms are where we pull up our pantyhose, adjust our bras and buy feminine napkins. We have been taught since birth that a strange penis does not belong in any of those scenarios. So yes, we feel a little uncomfortable.

            Women have struggled for a long time to feel safe in the workplace. I would think transgender people should appreciate that. It would be so much easier if they could get together with others to come up with a solution that recognizes other vulnerable groups and allows everybody to feel safe.

          9. Aimee, That is one of the most ignorant comments I have ever read. Testosterone has everything to do with libido and arousal in both men and women; just that women have less testosterone than men. Unless your a pervert looking through the cracks in the stall door, there is nothing for you to be seen. Stop being ignorant and stupid!

          10. Unfortunately, it is a scientific fact. Your inability to engage in debate without resorting to name calling only shows your own ignorance. I don’t care what gender you are but you clearly need a little more research in biological processes.

          11. why is that ignorant?!? it is her feelings! are your feelings somehow more important than hers?

          12. If by “fully transitioned” you mean the penis has been removed and replaced by a vagina, that’s fine. That person does not have male genitalia. He’s not a female (you can’t really change genders), but he doesn’t have the penis, so although odd, it’s not the same as a male who wants to be female. BUT “transgender” means someone who has NOT gone through a sex change operation.

          13. A person who is transgender is more than likely in the process of transitioning. Part of that process requires him or her to live full time according to their gender identity. The surgery is the last step. Part of living according to one’s gender identity is to use the bathroom designated for that gender. Ditto for locker rooms. (They aren’t changing their gender, only their sex. Gender is in the brain and, at least with current knowledge, is immutable. A post-op male to female is a female, physically and legally. Ditto for a post-op female to male.)

          14. Hope, actually you are wrong, the largest percentage of male to female transgender persons happen to be Crossrdressers. Transgender is a umbrella term and defines all persons who challenge gender norms. ie. All Collies are dogs but not all dogs are Collies. All Transsexuals are Transgender but not all Transgender persons are Transsexuals.

          15. Where did you get your information from? Crossdressers are not classified as male to female, or vice versa. Male to female indicates a transition from one physical sex to the other. The term transgender indicates a person whose physical sex at birth does not match his/her gender identity or gender expression.

            Crossdressers (transvestites) are individuals who dress as the opposite sex… opposite their physical sex AND gender identity. A great many do this for entertainment purposes. Some do it as a fetish, and some do it for temporary escape from the pressures of their actual gender. But they do not transition from one sex to the other.
            Restroom and locker room issues deal with persons who have a mismatch between physical sex and gender identity. Such individuals who are not transitioning are unlikely to use the restroom assigned to their gender identity, but will use the one assigned to their physical sex. But once a transgender person has made the decision to transition to the opposite sex (transsexual) and has begun the process, it is expected that they will use the restroom and locker room of their gender identity, even before surgery.

          16. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. Transgender has various meanings, only one of which is a person who is in the process of transitioning and not having gone through the surgery yet.

          17. As a gay woman, I have always thought that straight women had the problem. Or as Rosanne Barr says, “I don’t know why lesbians hate men; they don’t have to fuck them.”

          18. So quit making problems for us and maybe it won’t be a big deal anymore. How many trans persons have you ever had in a restroom you were in who were there to do anything besides use the toilet ?

        2. Wouldn’t it be nice to just make yourself aware of it, since it is becoming your problem anyway? Complaining doesn’t seem to be stopping it.

        3. I agree. I don’t want to see a stranger’s penis whether it is in a bathroom, locker room or church. It really doesn’t matter what they are, who they are or why they are that way. Explaining to me the intricacies of sexual orientation, gender identity and the like doesn’t change that at all.

      3. Transgenders fail to understand that there are trained psychiatrists available to deal with their behavioral abnormalities and sexually deviant behaviors BEFORE they go the whole “cross-dressing/opposite identification route.”

        1. actually psychologists will recommend you for help to deal with your bigotry and not transgender which is nothing bad.

          1. actually only LGBT or New Age psychologists will………transgender is 2 to 4 % of the population at best…….that kinda makes the 96 to 98% “normal” folks

          2. Is that right? I doubt it, since anyone who did so would be drummed out of the profession for incompetence!

            Transgender is “nothing bad?” Yeah right! And a MONSOON is “just a little rain.”

          3. Having a mental condition is not bad. But it is a mental condition for which therapy should be sought, if he can afford it or has insurance to pay for it. It is NOT bigotry to state the obvious: people with penises use the bathroom with the other people with penises.

        2. Transgender does not equate to sexually deviant. Please educate yourself. Sexual orientation and gender identity are two separate issues.

          1. You don’t seem to understand the trauma that it can cause young people, especially children. We teach them not to talk to strangers, scream their heads of if someone tries to grab them, or touch them improperly. Now you want to scare them if a person of the opposite sex comes into a public bathroom, and they know it, and pretend there isn’t wrong.

          2. Let me post my reply above here…..

            And how would a child know there is a transwoman in the bathroom? Women’s restroom have stalls. They go in, they pee, they wash their hands (hopefully) and they leave. Transpeople aren’t out to assault people in restrooms. If you are going to argue that your kid might ask, “Mommy, why does that lady look like a guy?” Well I feel sorry for cis women that look manly by no fault of their own. Kids don’t have filters. Maybe its just an ugly woman and nothing else.

          3. But this isn’t just a restroom…it’s a locker room with showers where people tend to be in various states of undress. Locker rooms aren’t always as private as regular restrooms. Even if they weren’t, why isn’t this woman’s safety and comfort as important as the transgender persons?

          4. My thoughts exactly..It appeared to me that the Natural Born Woman was the one intimidated.

          5. Yes. When I’ve been to gyms, which is many times, women walk around in states of half dress or less. There are showers, few private areas to change, sometimes not even private stalls to use the bathroom (altho usually there are).

          6. You’re not a woman, are you? Women use the bathroom in stalls, but sometimes come out half dressed. They freshen makeup in the mirrors, hike up their skirts to readjust panty hose or whatever, raise their tops to fix bras. Women feel a comradeship and safety with other women. After all, we have the same parts. No one is a threat. None of it is being immodest. Put a man with a penis walking out of the stall half dressed with his penis hanging out (and yes, that WILL happen, sometimes intentionally), and it puts women in a repressive atmosphere. It’s WRONG.

          7. Yes, I am a woman. Natural born woman. So you can stop being so judgmental. I have never hiked up my skirt in the bathroom with other woman around. Maybe I’m just too modest but I do those kind of adjustments in the stall. But, every woman is different. If I use the mirror to fix my hair or makeup, so what? How is that offensive if a transgender person is doing it? They aren’t showing any private parts. Again, they are NOT out to assault anyone in a restroom. Geez.

          8. The real issue is the LGBT folks and the Fitness company who deserves to be sued for all it has. The Fitness company is proving they are NOT concerned about their clients safety in the least. The other women at the Facility should NOT know a man is using their bathroom? BS

            saying the FEMALE with FEMALE parts who identifies as a FEMALE should NOT be concerned about HER safety . Why not? That’s normal for the rest of the world outside the LGBT extremely vocal minority.

            That’s the problem. According to some reports on Google, trans make up 2 to 4 % of the population worldwide.

            ummmm we , the male is male female is female folks are 98 to 96% of the population. You want change ? YOU adapt.

            You got male parts , i don’t care what you think or want to be called, you are male. My Daughter should NOT have to worry about some MAN with male parts in a bathroom. PERIOD end of story.

            Open a TRANS sexual bathroom and all you males who feel you are female and females who think you are male can go there.

          9. And how would your daughter know there is a transwoman in the bathroom? Women’s restroom have stalls. They go in, they pee, they wash their hands (hopefully) and they leave. Transpeople aren’t out to assault people in restrooms. If you are going to argue that your kid might ask, “Mommy, why does that lady look like a guy?” Well I feel sorry for cis women that look manly by no fault of their own. Kids don’t have filters. Maybe its just an ugly woman and nothing else.

          10. there’s the whole point…..cis women. it’s just Men and Women. there is no cis, bi, trans… hormones or chromosomes to “prove” every one with XY is this or just YY or XX……it’s science not beliefs………but oh NO LGBT is about i “feel” one or the other……the 2 to 4% want to change, change YOUR perspective the 96 to 98% are the natural selection of the species…….yes its biology not feelings

          11. And you claim to know biology…..nope. There is more to it than what you’ve mentioned above. And its not just a “feeling”. Trans people KNOW they were born in the wrong body. Your brain says one thing, while your body shows something else. Science is actually starting to help the transgender theory out. So thanks but try again.

          12. I’m not embarrassed at all. If you don’t like what I have to say then move on.

          13. No, they don’t. That’s not what the studies say at all. That is what DOCTORS WHO MAKE MONEY FROM THE CONDITION will say. And they’ll certainly perform surgeries for a lot of money because of it. But as the tennis player who had a sex change said…s/he doesn’t recommend it. That if she could do it over, she’d seek therapy. She understood later that she was gay and had a compulsion to dress and live as a woman that she couldn’t deal with. It sounds like a mental condition that hopefully can be treated.

          14. What about males with Kleinfelters syndrome? Which bathroom do they use, they have two X chromosomes and a penis, from birth.

          15. See my post above. That’s not how women’s restrooms work. No, I wouldn’t lie to the kid. I’d tell them outside that there are people who don’t want to be male, so they dress up in women’s clothes and pretend to be women. But they still have male pee-pees.

          16. And, you just proved my point. What if you said that to your kid and you were talking about a natural born women you just happens to have “manly” features. How do you KNOW they have a “pee-pee”. Unless you go around doing genital checks….good luck with that.

          17. When anyone decides that they aren’t what they were born to be, then there is a problem. It isn’t about anything other than an insecurity with themselves as a woman or man. But, to want to change their sexual structure to the other sex (which either their father or mother or even God) had mistakenly done in conception is just ridiculous. You were conceived. In that time of nine months, your gender is determined by the DNA that is there. And at a certain point of that time, you are determined to either be a boy or a girl. You are born that way the moment you arrive and begin to take your first breath. To think that you weren’t intended to be anything other than what you were born is absurd and my opinion is more and more of this notion will continue to grow as more and more sexual deviants are wanting recognition and acceptance. I remember commenting a year of so ago about this very thing once gays/lesbians/homosexuals got their panties in a wad and began to demand acceptance. Oh, let’s go ahead and give them equality. After all, it won’t hurt. It will be okay. Now we are witnessing the results of that decision. Look out folks, you will soon have to allow pedophiles and those who practice incest to be normal as well. Then one can only guess what other sexual perversion will come to the surface.

          18. Fact is…it is impossible to change one’s gender. Gender is much more than genitals. The differences are many and run the gamut from dna to chromosomes, to skeleton, body shape, skin, hands and feet….so many things. None of those things can be changed. Born a man, you will always have most of the characteristics of a man.

          19. The FACT is it IS POSSIBLE to change gender. There are born
            normal females with the so-called male DNA so that is irrelevant. There are XX males with no Y DNA so chromosomes are not relevant. So many things can be changed. The genital sex can be changed, the person can get a real female vagina no different than a normal woman with a hysterectomy, the breasts can be changed to lactating womens breasts, fat and muscle can be changed, the skeleton can be changed if hormones at pueberty) although

          20. Jessa, if you’re going to claim that neither Chastity Bono who has pubic hair transplants on HER chin and goes after WOMEN sexually, nor Bruce Jenner, who wants to convert to Carol Channing, so he can ultimately hook up with a black MAN just like the Kardashian girls, are sexual deviants, it is YOU who needs the education! The issues are not separate, they are intertwined, and equally indicative of a deep seated mental illness!

          21. Did you see the post below? I’m not the uneducated one. So let me say this again….transgender does not equal sexual deviant. And I hate to burst your bubble but most transgender people that I have met will tell you straight out that they would give up ever having sex again just to be the right gender. Sex is not the issue at hand. Being aligned in body and mind is all that matters.

        3. From the dictionary…..

          the DICTIONARY:

          “Transvestite should not be confused with transgender or transsexual (“person who lives as a member of a sex different from their birth sex”). Transvestites generally have less or no desire to change their sex; they simply enjoy being able to cross-dress from time to time.

          The term should also not be confused with drag queen (“male who wears women’s clothing for public performance”); that term is specifically for performers.”

          Please don’t be willfully ignorant.

      4. I suppose you’d feel comfortable going into a locker room to undress and a person that looks like a100% man with a wig comes in. We aren’t talking about Orange is the new black. Look at the picture. I would have thought something bad was going on if that person walked in.

        1. These are the silly opinions that come up when someone does not even take into consideration the rights of the people who are being discriminated against. What about the people who are transgender, are you going to force them to go to a man’s locker room when they are actually women.

          1. I’m not saying they can’t use it. I’m saying in this particular instance if no one had told me, I would have been scared to see a man walk in while I’m undressing. If you don’t mind, good for you. If no one told me of the circumstances, why would I assume anything different.

          2. Yes but what about the Normal People’s rights? People need to boycott that gym..See how many people side with what they did..Oh and please, I am NOT a religious person. Cautious would be the term I would use.

          3. Everyone has rights. Not just transgenders. I have a right not to come upon a penis in the ladies’ restroom. To hike my skirt up to position undies or whatever. To fix my bra. None of these things is appropriate with strange men around, obviously. I think women are, by nature or raised that way, more private and modest about such things. Men are not. Which may be why male transgenders don’t understand the issue. It’s because they are not women.

          4. Do you often barge into stalls and look at the genitalia of the occupents? How often have you “Come upon” a strangers vagina in the ladies room? Personally your habits of both voyuerism and exhibitionism alarm far far more than what someone might be doing in a stall I can’t see in, or what I am doing in a stall that someone else can’t see in.

          5. But, you don’t mind miles of lesbians looking you all up and down. I have the right to not have ugly people in my locker room. People in this country are far too uptight about partial nudity. Trust me, no one, not lez or tran is looking at you.

          6. sorry, but that is not the issue, I don’t think I can handle a strange man in the same locker room with my wife or daughter, and why should I have to put up with it? are your feelings more important than ours are?

      5. So if I as a heterosexual male I decide Im feeling feminine today I can just use the womens locker room and bathroom. But the next day Im back to my old self I cant?!? Where do we draw the line? Because by your rational I can “emotionally” decide Im a lesbian trapped in a mans body, continue to look like a man, yet call myself a woman and use the womens facilities… Is that about right?!?

        1. No, it doesn’t work that way. You don’t transition overnight. You people are completely ignorant of trans-issues. If someone wants to dress up as a woman just to have access to a womans bathroom….that person is not transgendered. That person has other problems. Trans people use the restroom to pee, just like everyone else.

          1. These idiots make the same arguments every time. This wasn’t a problem until the idiots let their sick thoughts get the best of them. I suspect they envision a trans woman looking like a linebacker in an evening gown. They agree with the idea of this being a law, yet they don’t get that that would mean trans men would be using the women’s room. Morons.

          2. Exactly! I use that argument all the time. Lets have transmen use the woman’s restroom and see the uproar it causes. Most of them have full fledged beards and look like any other guy. I bet these people that get all up in a frenzy have encountered a lot of transpeople and never even realized it.

          3. Nope. There are many differences between the genders. Men who haven’t given that a lot of thought don’t know what they’re doing. Men have things that DO NOT CHANGE, and cannot be changed. Height, size of hands, build of body, where fat collects, thick skin, different kind of hair (example: Bruce Jenner’s “long” hair), skeleton, way of walking (the way the body is built determines the walk), shoulder width, big feet, and other things. Chaz Bono will NEVER look like a man. S/he looks like a woman playing pretend, with her round female face, narrow shoulders, feminine skin, small nose, etc.

          4. You are wrong. Most of the things that you mentioned CAN be changed and as for the skeleton, there is enough overlap betweenn normal men and normal women that 1/50 normal people have a skeleton that is within the normal range for the opposite sex.

          5. I know exactly what they look like. I’ve seen it on tv and a tv movie about the tennis star. They look like men with makeup, women’s clothes, and either a wig or longish hair. Or they may still dress like the gender they were born. Remember, it’s only that they “identify” as a gender. But if you have a penis, you use the bathroom with the other people with penises and that has urinals. Not with the people who have other urination parts and no urinals. It’s improper and immodest. He is NOT a woman.

          6. I’m pretty sure you (Jessa) don’t have the right to say when a person is felling transgender and when they are not. And might I add, you cant tell these men who feel a little feminin that they need to look or dress like a lady in order to claim how they are feeling because that would be sexist. See how silly this can get.

          7. I’m not sure where you are going with your statement. But for someone to transition, its not just as simple as wearing clothes of the other gender. You have to see a physician (medical and psychiatric). A medical doctor has to evaluate for hormone therapy and a psychiatrist has to evaluate that its truly an identity issue and not just confusion. Those people are given a “carry letter” that allows them to use the appropriate restroom. There are alot of steps involved that many of you don’t know about or ignoring in order to re-enforce your argument.

          8. No, you’re completely ignorant. The point is this – if you have male genitalia, use the men’s rest room; female genitalia, the women’s rest room. Why do we have to change for a certain group? And by the way, a person is not “born that way.” Just another way for a few people to force their beliefs upon the rest of us.

          9. Exactly. The famous tennis player who had a sex change operation, after living transgender for a short while, says now s/he wishes she had had good therapy instead. She hadn’t understood what she was doing exactly, that she had a compulsion that drove her to it. S/he wasn’t “born” female with a male body. He was gay with a compulsion to dress and live as a woman. Men can not become women, anyway. There are so many more differences between the genders than just simply the genitals. Those differences can not be changed.

          10. You do realize that one person doesn’t change the rules for the whole world, right?

            All of gaydom isn’t invalidated because some girl in college realized she didn’t actually like making out with her friend. Two separate things.

          11. Before you can transition now you have to go to therapy for a year. You have to make an informed decision it isn’t something that is taken lightly.

          12. Men CAN become women and gender CAN be changed. The Richards case you mentioned found that according to OVERWHELMING medical evidence, this person is now female. The evidence was not borderline or marginal but overwhelming.

          13. If one has a Y chromosome one is Male if not one is Female period. All liberal fantasy means nothing human biology is what it is..

          14. That is precisely why they are supposed to live as the gender they are transitioning to for a minimum of 2 years while going through counseling to iron out any problems they may find as they try living as the opposite gender.

          15. What about intersex or hermaphrodites which one should they use? Most of them have both genitalia.

          16. If one has a Y chromosome one is Male if not one is Female period. and trying include those people in with those that choose to be trans or or are mentally ill does a massive disservice to those with the birth defects you mentioned they would be treated as well as anyone with a birth defect should be if liberals would stop trying to muddy the waters with immorality.

          17. Here’s a personal example. Someone told me that I was transgender, which I find hilarious, and that I needed to use the men’s bathroom. I told them to stick it up their ass I was born a female and have always been a female. Yet because I don’t look like the movie goddesses they assumed something that wasn’t true. Most transgender people you cannot tell just by looking at them, others you can.

          18. It is sad that people get judged by their appearance instead of the content of their character we don’t always have time to know someones character and sometimes make incorrect assumptions. character is honesty and doing the right thing to make other people comfortable if possible. If you have a Y chromosome go to the Men,s restroom if not the woman’s be honest and don’t try force others to go along with a biological lie and say your are not what you are.On a funny note a I know tall woman that definitely looks like a woman that moved to a new state and got pulled over pretty often for traffic violations and always quickly got sent on her way with a verbal warning this lasted for years until one day a state patrolman after sitting in his car for a long while approached the drivers window and asked “Ma’am are you aware you drivers license says male?” apparently after checking records that typo had been on the license for years thru several ended the free pass on tickets after getting it corrected.

          19. That is kind of funny. You also have to realize that just because someone is in the midst of transitioning that they are psychologically the person they are becoming not the person they are. That is what confuses people. My best friend all through high school believed that she should have been a male. Through a lot of counseling and psychiatric testing, she was able to transition. He is now a father of three and happily married to the woman he met in college. This isn’t just a whim this is who they are. Dressing like women just to do it is not the same thing. I dress in jeans and t-shirts it doesn’t mean I want to be a man it means I am comfortable that way. If you are uncomfortable in your own skin your change the appearance.

          20. oh, and I suppose that no one would ever take advantage of such a privilege as that just to satify their own carnal urgings? do you not think that no man would ever get the idea to himself that all he has to do is just say that he is trans and he has a free pass to voyeour all he wants? what about the rights of my wife and daughter, mother and sister?

          21. “And by the way, a person is not “born that way.” Just another way for a few people to force their beliefs upon the rest of us.”

            How do YOU know ? If you have not been in that position how could you possibly have any idea how a person got to be the way they are ?

          22. I would be interested to know your answer to the following questions. I have a 48 year old friend who has identified as masculine since before puberty and in the past few years has fully identified as male including the use of male hormones, as a part of pre-operative gender reassignment therapy. Surgery has unfortunately been delayed due to rising medical costs which as of now range from $15K to $35K, depending on the extent of the surgery. As of now, this person has female genitalia and a beard and looks like a man. Do you think that women would mind if that person used a women’s restroom and, considering that answer, should that person be able to use another restroom where the beard and manly physique would not be upsetting (aka the men’s room)?

          23. I applaud your effort but there is no reasoning with these people. I don’t think they realize how transmen look. Transmen transition really well and most of them you can not tell from any other man. If a transman was forced to use the woman’s restroom….most of this hate spewers would be singing a different tune. They would only see a man in the woman’s restroom and freak out. But, if a transwoman uses the ladies room and they don’t “pass” as well, these people will still freak out. So, I’m not sure what solution they are looking for. They claim that your genitals define what restroom you should use but until they see a transman forced to use the ladies room….they just don’t get the impact that will have.

          24. Most of these people who have this bathroom use problem are just full of $H!T. Unfortunately for them, we in the LGBT community prefer to NOT fill up with $H!T and so we go to the bathroom.

          25. Jamie is still doing the mental gymnastics to consider this one. He’s trying to figure out how he can be attracted to a woman with a beard, and get her to sleep with him, all while making sure she doesn’t tell anyone , because he doesn’t want his GOP buddies to know about it.
            He’ll get right back to you ….

          26. Transgenders have not have sex change operations. They should use the bathroom that fits their sex organs. If he has a penis, then he uses the bathroom with the urinals and the other people with penises.

          27. I’m not sure where you got that information but transgender is an umbrella term. It applies to pre-op and post-op. A pre-op woman is a woman. A post-op woman is a woman. But they are still transgender because of the gender identity issues.

          28. Are you married with children of the male persuasion ? If so, do you all use the same bathrooms at home ? I think you have penis issues !

          29. nobody goes into the bathroom at the same time to use it so your argument is null and void, and besides the bathroom “at home” has a lock on it to prevent invasion of privacy!

        2. Finally, a man who understands. Would you want to find out that when your wife or sister was in the bathroom with her pants pulled down to adjust her underwear, or her top pulled up to fix her bra, that a man with his penis hanging out walks out from a stall? And don’t say it couldn’t happen. It most certainly could, and will. Women are more private about such things than men are, when it comes to men who are strangers.

          1. Really? Do you wait until you come out of the stall to pull your pants up and do them up?

          2. Do people REALLY come out of the stall still hanging outside their garments ? I highly doubt that, ESPECIALLY if they are trans and just trying to go to the bathroom with as little notice as possible.

      6. We don’t need to understand. They do. The world is under no obligation to bend itself and fit you in it. You can’t choose how you’re born. You can choose how to dress. You want to act, be treated like a woman? Make yourself one.
        Til then you can dress like a woman all you want but that doesn’t make you one.

        1. A man cannot become a woman. He become sort of like a woman, but not really. He will become an “other.” Almost like a third gender. There are so many differences between teh genders. Most of them are unchangeable. That’s what makes you the gender you are.

        2. Nobody’s talking about transvestites, kiddo. I know it’s really confusing because they both start with “trans,” but this is a psychological issue. They think they’re something other than what their body is. A little bit more confusing than “I have hairy legs but think I’d look good in high red leather boots.”

      7. The way to solve this problem is to stop going to these businesses. Once this happens, the transbender problem will go away.

      8. And apparently you don’t understand normal behavior. The last time I checked men had penises and women had vaginas. If you are either one, then you use the appropriate rest room. Your problem is just that – your problem. Just because you are struggling with your gender, doesn’t mean that you make the majority of people cater to your wish and force them to be uncomfortable with your presence. After all, you are the one who is breaking the rule. Either go to the appropriate rest room or wait until you get home.

      9. You are ignoring the obvious fact that genitalia dictates what bathroom you use. If they have penises, they should use the male or unisex bathrooms. Why wouldn’t they? Are they afraid of being beaten up or something along those lines? So they feel safer among women, knowing we won’t beat them up? But I have rights, too. The right to go to the bathroom without being subjected to male genitalia or using the bathrom next to a male. It’s improper and embarrassing. Women are just not raised this way. I never even walked around my sisters in my underwear. Our rights are being disregarded in favor of the flavor of the day.

        1. If Bruce Jenner gets his Johnson chopped off, he’s STILL a MAN, and I DON’T want him in the ladies BATHROOM or LOCKER ROOM! He can pop a squat over the urinal in the MEN’S ROOM!

          1. If Bruce gets his johnson removed PLUS gets a vagina, llabia minora, female breasts, curvy hips, then SHE IS A SHE.

        2. If you don’t walk around your sisters in your underwear, why are you doing it in public bathrooms? If you aren’t then what’s the problem? Do you have an issue standing next to a man in line at the bank? If you go out to dinner and you have a male server, do you spend the entire time worrying about when he’s going to rape you? Does your father walk around constantly with his penis hanging out of his trousers? I cannot imagine why you think these are or would be normal behaviours for any human being, transgender or not.

          The issue Isn’t transgenderism, it’s ignorance and bigotry like yours. Why do you spend so much time thinking about what’s going on in the stall next to you? I’d say you have more mental health issues than most transgenders. An unhealthy fixation on the bathroom habits of others, plus as I have said before, issues with voyuerism and exhibitionism.

        3. Yes actually they are more likely to get beaten or molested in a Men’s Room. If someone, anyone, coming into the restroom you are using is there to use the facility what problem is it of yours while they are doing so ? You have a penis issue & should see a therapist about it dear.

      10. You demand special treatment. If we give you precision to use women’s locker rooms, women’s bathrooms and especially little girls bathrooms. Then the police can not keep the perverts, pedophiles and voyeur out. All they need to say is I feel like a woman today and their activities are legal. You go on and on about how damaging it is for you to be forced to use a men’s bathroom, how do you think the vast majority of women feel being forced to share a shower or toilet with a man. You scream about your rights and feelings. What about the rights and feeling of everyone who does not share your sickness.

        1. That just a conservative fear mongering delusion. For people that have half a brain know that transgenders dress as women. That’s the whole point. You are not going to allow a masculine buch dude into a woman’s restroom, not matter what he says. Nor is any man going to dress as a woman just to get a peek. Also this conservative obsession with bathrooms is ridiculous. First they feared gays in the locker room (like they are going rape someone lol) and now that’s proven to be a fantasy they are worried about transgenders. Tomorrow they will find another delusion to worry about. Finally I love it how you don’t take into consideration the rights of the transgender people, you just forgot about that part completely. What is a transgender woman going to do? Go to the mens bathroom???? How stupid is that???? Why it is that bigots always forget about the basic rights of the minority they are trampling but are worried about everything else????

          1. Silly Silly, All that is required is for a man to say I feel like a woman. There is no test or registry. This is perfect for all Perverts, Pedophiles and Voyeurs. If you allow trans in then you allow anyone who will say, today I feel like a woman.
            Next you talk and talk about the feelings and rights of trans. Do women have any rights? Will women go to jail because they can not undress and shower in front of a biological man? Will women go to jail and loose their homes because a trans feels hurt and discriminated against ?

          2. There has literally been 0 times in history where slippery slope arguments actually came true. From interracial marriage (if you mix the races then you will have to allow mixing of the species as well); to women’s rights and voting; to gay rights; and now transgender right. I think you just need to brush up and understand history better. These slippery slope arguments have all been proven to be nonsense 100% of the time.

    2. unless there is a line. i have used “the men’s” bathrooms when the line to the ladies is to long or just to gross to use.

      1. I have made sure that the men’s room was empty and then guarded the door for women in distress and I am sure there are others who have done the same. But a “cross-dresser ” or someone transgender needs to either have their own restrooms or wait . They should NOT be allowed “free access ” .

        1. If you weren’t aware, a crossdresser and a transgender individual are two -completely- different thins by an enormous margin. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a big misconception. Most people aren’t used to dealing with both, and they do both start with “trans” (vestite)…hell, even the online dictionary has a note about it.

          Let’s read it, instead of being ignorant:

          “Transvestite should not be confused with transgender or transsexual (“person who lives as a member of a sex different from their birth sex”). Transvestites generally have less or no desire to change their sex; they simply enjoy being able to cross-dress from time to time.

          The term should also not be confused with drag queen (“male who wears women’s clothing for public performance”); that term is specifically for performers.”

          It’s like the difference between choosing to eat salads at McDonald’s while your friends all have burgers….and being an herbivore. Oh, and importantly, one is who you think you are, and one is the decidedly less important matter of… you dress.

          1. Also needing to be included in the above. A transgender is a person who has consolidated their daily living in association with the gender they feel properly aligned to. It is the gender they can best function within. They may, or may not incorporate hormone replacement therapy. And then there is transsexed, a term people for some reason get wrapped around the axel over. It’s a self identifying term. Transsexed requires either GRS/SRS..removal of the testis, or complete reconstructive surgery. Some transgenders do opt simply for breast augmentation and no GRS/SRS. People need to educate themselves and understand…transgender is about the brain and how the person identifies internally/mentally. And surprisingly, transgenders are by a high percentage extremely intelligent people with a much stronger character than those who are scared to death of them are. By and large they are simply wanting to go through life happy and comfortable within themselves. They aren’t looking to “stand out”, but blend into general society as productive, contributing people. The porn industry is largely responsible for miseducating the general public. Where do you think the term ‘she male” was coined?

          2. nobody will waste energy trying to remember the now 80,000 types of sexuality. there’s gay, straight, bi, and trans. that’s it.

          3. That is not “it”. It’s not just black and white. There is a lot of gray area in sexual identity AND gender identity. Which are two separate things.

          4. i know they are. and it IS that black and white.

            gender is a spectrum, but sexuality is needlessly broken down. the two are intimately intertwined.

        2. Why ? Just what is it that you are afraid they are up to ? Going to the bathroom is a basic need and if using a stall in a ladies room is SO INTRUSIVE on the other ladies in the room I think they are the ones who have a big problem !

          1. Michael, your comment illustrates a bigger “problem”. Just because a woman asserts her right to feel safe in her own environment, it does NOT make her a homophobe or somebody with “problems”.

            I see these bathroom policies as a seriously detrimental blow to women’s rights. A mere declaration that you feel like a woman just isn’t enough. You will have to excuse us for getting a little upset. But for years, we have had men tell us that our feelings are not valid and that we are overreacting to various forms of abuse. Now, people like you are trying to shame us for our feelings by calling us homophobes or hysterical. Women have fought too long and too hard to be punished for asserting our right to feel safe. You would think that transgendered people would appreciate the struggle we face and the progress we have made.

            Supporters often that no man would ever claim to be transgender just sneak a peek in the women’s bathroom. If you believe that, you clearly have no experience working with sex offenders. Sex offenders are not just pedophiles – some like adult women and/or men. They are resourceful in finding victims and will go to great lengths to gain access to them once chosen.

            There is simply no way to confirm what gender somebody identifies as. It is all done on the honor system with a pinky swear and a promise. Unfortunately, that also puts women at risk. Equality for transgendered people should not mean taking away the rights of another vulnerable group.

          2. It’s transgender not transgendered by the way.
            “You would think that transgendered people would appreciate the struggle we face and the progress we have made.”

            The same statement you made (above) could apply to you about Transgender folks too.

          3. How many women & girls have been attacked by Trangender “women” in restrooms ? How many rapists do you think are going to go to the trouble of dressing in drag to try and “Get You” as the Bigot Bunch would so greatly like you to believe. If there is someone looking to rape I doubt very much it will be done like that.
            Those you are listening to are scaremeisters trying to get you all up in arms over your “rights to privacy in the bathroom” all the while taking away your rights to equal pay, making your own decisions about your own bodies, and basically keeping you in second class status while trying to keep the LGBT community in 3rd class status !

          4. Michael, your reply is a perfect illustration of what I am talking about.

            Your dismissive tone suggests that all women are a bunch of hair pulling hysterics who are upset about nothing. It is flagrantly disrespectful and offensive to suggest that a woman’s feelings are invalid because they do not comport with what the LGBQT lobby says women should experience.

            I do not support any movement that tells me how I should feel, what to think or what to believe in. Like the TIME article about “why it’s best to avoid the word transgendered”. Why is it okay for a man tell me that he “feels” like he is a woman but I am not allowed to “feel” disturbed by that or, God forbid, ask a question about it.

            It is SUCH a double standard and I have yet to see a single LGBQT person address it adequately in a fair manner without resorting to throwing around words like “homophobe” and “fear”.

          5. Aimee,
            Below is a comment from a transgender friend of mine who recently had this situation to deal with :
            Interesting, fun to attempt to correctly inform but I do not think most people posting want to be correctly informed.

            Perhaps the best thing to do is point out the logic argument as follows:
            “All Collies are canines but not all canines are Collies.”
            “All Transsexuals are Transgender but not all Transgender persons are Transsexuals.”
            At a recent presentation it was the adult men who had a problem with my using the Women’s restroom, most of the women defended my use of the Women’s restroom. Go figure.

      2. That’s a different story. You’re not claiming to be a man. When you gotta go,you gotta go so you don’t have an accident. You run in and you run out. I would be in and out so quickly the mens heads would spin.

        1. So *you* have special privilege to use whichever restroom you want at your sole discretion when you feel you have good (enough) reason, but you reserve the right to forbid others to do exactly the same thing?

      3. Then you’re a hypocrite.

        “Get that awful non-female person out of the women’s bathroom! Oh, the line is long or the ladies’ room is messy because the “ladies” left it that way? Well, I’ll just go use whatever bathroom I want, then.”


    3. While I believe that urinals are more comfortable to use than toilets if you have male parts, both sexes are capable of using a standard toilet without issue.

    4. Frankly, I am tired of being bullied by the LGBT militants….They continually try to force on us straight people their perverted lifestyle all in an effort to make them feel accepted and normal….

    5. Oh, this is funny. You have obviously never seen a fully transitioned male. They look just like any other man….full beards and such. So, by your standard they should start using the women’s restroom. Let’s see how well that goes over. Trans people don’t go into the bathroom to do anything other than pee, just like anyone else

      1. So if all I do is go into a bathroom to pee it doesn’t matter which, man or women’s room I use. Foolish comment you have their.

        1. No, you are being foolish. You took my comment out of context just to be argumentative. So, you are okay with a fully transitioned male (beard and all) using the female restroom? You are the one being foolish due to your intolerance and ignorance.

          1. Jessa you sound like a transgender and if so please stay out of my bathroom. I find it offensive.

          2. No, not a transgender. My best friend is transgender and through my association with her I know a lot of transgender people. You’d be surprise how many you probably encounter and never knew they were any different. Are you going to go around and do a genital check on everyone you suspect might be transgender? Oh, and, I find your judgmental attitude and your ignorance offensive.

          3. You mean your association with HIM, don’t you? Now, you and HE can both PRETEND that your “Bestie GF’s,” but that don’t make it so!

          4. It IS offensive. And this is the sort of thing that will happen. Transgenders going into the restroom and intentionally flashing penises, just because they think they can, to intimidate the women and horrify the girls. You can see it from the attitude in some of these posts.

          5. If that’s a situation you come across regularly, I mean actually experience one a regular basis (say once a month to be generous), not just a fear your bigoted brain has come up with as something you imagine happens. Then you should be reporting these individuals, male or female, to the appropriate authorities. No one is permitted to walk into a public bathroom and flash the occupants, no matter if their genitals match the sign on the door or not.

          6. I see no one answered my question. So you are okay with a fully transitioned male (beard and all) using the women’s restroom? Cause that’s what your intolerance will force upon them.

          7. I will answer your question. I am a firm believer that no one has a right to infringe on someone else’s rights, that being said, I believe tolerance is a door that swings both ways. If a man wants to become a women fine, I don’t agree with it but who the heck am I to tell him he is wrong. If a woman wants to become a man and use the woman’s bathroom but still has her female genitalia even though she now looks like a man, she does not belong in either the MENs or WOMENs bathroom. A UNISEX bathroom could be the only solution. Jessa I understand your argument but I think you are missing the bigger picture of the argument that many other people have tried to make. We live in a world in which some pervert or rapist can throw on a wig and pretend to be a transgender person for a easy way to sneak inside a women’s locker room. Laws that would allow transgender persons to use any restroom they chose would also enable rapist and perverts to do so as well under protection of the law. I have witnessed a transgender women (who was clearly male) enter a bathroom a bathroom which was full of elementary girls on a class trip. A mom on the trip promptly freaked out at seeing “a man” in the bathroom with her daughters and chased the transgender woman out with a can of pepper spray. We will never know if that individual was truly a transgender person or a pervert looking for a good time.

          8. Fully transitioned whatevers, need to keep that crap behind closed doors! Women can wear FAKE beards in private, but while out in public, don’t be “bearding it” in the ladies room, just because you “identify” as a man! You’re NOT a man and you’ll never BE a man, and you have NO right unnerving other WOMEN with your PRETENSE!

            Let GLAD and any other sicko-sponsoring groups fund construction of F/U bathrooms, for “EFF UPS” who don’t know WHAT the HELL they are!

          9. Oh, good lord. You people are so uneducated about the transgender population. The beards aren’t fake. You can’t just take them off in public. They are grown, just like any other man. Have you ever seen a transitioned male? You probably have and had no clue.

          1. If that’s the case, why not make that argument to transgender people too? Or are their feelings the only ones that matter? Everyone wants to feel safe when they need to do private activities…not just transgender people. There’s got to be a better way to deal with this than just telling the majority of people to get over it.

        2. It matters to the other people. If it doesn’t matter to you, you need to use the bathroom that fits with your genitals and where the other people with your genitals go. No one in the women’s bathroom can use the bathroom standing up.

      2. Whether partially, halfway or a fully transitioned “male,” they’re still FEMALES in DRAG, just as faux “females” are MALES in DRAG!

        This whole issue is getting to be BEYOND a DRAG!

    6. it seems like the privacy (defined as: the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people.) of the individuals using the restroom their biological sex dictates is being discarded in favor of the identity of the trans individual. make no mistake; it’s an invasion of privacy when you cannot be comfortable and undisturbed in private. it isn’t just being unseen or having space away from others. employers should have BOTH sex specific bathrooms AND unisex restrooms. it’s really simple. otherwise, your rights end where mine begin.

      1. Small businesses can’t afford to provide that many bathrooms, of course. And it would be mega expensive for all malls and public places to add unisex bathrooms. So that’s the big problem.

          1. Nope she’s right, every mall and even target I’ve been to has a private “family” bathroom for just one person as well as the regular men / women ones.

          2. how is she right to say it’s prohibitively expensive if it’s already done? i’m the one saying that, so i’m right i guess.

        1. Most malls I have been to recently and even some restaurants have family bathrooms. What is your point?

        2. bpollen8, what law dictates a business has to have bathrooms delineating men and women anyway? The stipulates a safe and secure environment. Only difference in a mens bathroom is the urinal. Pull the existing signs down and put up the unisex signs and locks on the bathroom door. That takes care of the legal aspect of having to provide a safe and secure environment. Not many “small businesses” have multiple stall bathrooms anyway.

          1. The building code specifies that a certain number of toilets be provided for the number of occupants of the building, evenly divided between male and female. Unisex bathrooms are only used where only one stall is required or as an addition to the required, separated bathrooms.

    7. Who died & made you the gender expert! What if they have female genitilia but male chromosomes, then what? I think you need to educate yourself on the transgender before you express these opinions that you post.

      1. Hey, I have an upper middle class bank account but BILLIONAIRE chromosomes! Does that mean I have free license to go rob banks? Give me a BREAK! The transgenders need MENTAL HEALTH education, because they’re SICK!

    8. It’s a toilet, we all evacuate the same shit. Get over yourself. If you are looking at gender, then you are the pervert.

      1. Darice….the main idea here is safety. Say, a man posing to be a woman, enters the women’s bathroom and rapes a girl, that sort of thing. With that in mind, ONE “unisex” bathroom is appropriate.

        1. So what stops them now? Men still go into the women’s bathrooms and rape them. Transgender people are not interested in seeing what you have between your legs any more than you should be interested in what is between theirs.

          1. This is meant as a reply to JJ Helna, but there’s no reply on their post.

            I am confused as to why you think that a male would go into a ladies bathroom and rape someone, but wouldn’t do the same in a unisex bathroom.

          2. I didn’t say they wouldn’t in a unisex bathroom. Yet some countries that have these facilities also have the lowest crime rates. Their are people who specifically target women who go to the restroom alone and rape them in the bathrooms.

    9. So who is in charge of genital inspection? What will you do about ambiguous genitalia (intersex)?
      Nothing is “just that simple” – except maybe your brain.

    10. Then get elected into the legislature and get a law passed that says so.
      Or, you, know, just spout off about it online instead, like you do.

    11. I am a transwoman and have the body parts of a woman. I never have had an issue, and do not expect one. But not all trans have had surgeries, and I would wonder how you would feel with your sister or wife in a restroom when a transman walks in with a full beard, hairy chest, and a muscle shirt on. This is a two way street here, despite the fact that there has never been one occurrence of a transwoman attacking or bothering another female in the restroom, this continues to be a message of pandering by the conservative side of the world for no good reason other then they can do so.

    12. what about those people who are intersex a condition that used to be called hermaphrodite?Just because a Transgender individual was assigned thats ASSIGNED a sex and gender at birth by no means do they recognize that sex or gender this is what many folks seem ignorant about.that said being that Transgender male to female or female to male Transsexuals do not recognize the anatomy they were born with what actually suggests to you or those that will read this post that a Transgender female would use said unrecognized anatomy to assault a non Transgender female in a restroom or locker room hum you can also look at it as the anatomy that accompany’s a Transgender woman is no less a useless hunk of flesh that is really not wanted.If that were the case why would a Transgender person spend up wards of a hundred thousand dollars to change said anatomy?Guess they just wished to waste that money eh or wished to go through months of agonizing pain all on a whim huh.ya know the internet is a great learning tool its available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and has a lot of current and correct information its 2015 there is no excuse to be willfully ignorant about any subject.

    13. perhaps all should move to single occupant restrooms, or a simple xx or xy detector locking mechanism would be the easiest


    1. Spoken like a true sociopath. However, civilized people with sympathy do care about making other people feel bad, especially if not making them feel bad requires nothing from you.

      1. I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one. Why does this transgendered person have a “right” to sympathy, but a woman feeling very uncomfortable getting undressed (showering, etc.) in front of an anatomical man not deserve sympathy? I’m sure, no matter how sympathetic to transgendered people, most women would not feel comfortable with a man they don’t know showering next to them. I believe the “rights” of many should outweigh the rights of one.

        1. not true. Gay rights and african american rights would never have happened because the many didn’t care.

          1. This is not a civil rights issue. Nobody is being denied the right to use a locker room or restroom – just not the restroom of their choice. To both you bigomega73, it is absolutely a safety issue. You are ignoring the far higher number of women that are assaulted every single day by men to make your case. There have been thousands of cases of men using women’s facilities for their perverted reasons, it’s nearly epidemic. Women have been warned their entire lives to be leery of public restrooms – not because they’re paranoid, but because perverts are known to attack women when they’re off guard and there aren’t other men around. The reality is that men have a distinct muscular advantage over women. I will not ever feel comfortable undressing in front of an anatomical male (who is not my spouse). I shouldn’t have to “get used to it”. I’m sympathetic to people with gender identity issues, but businesses that want to make them feel comfortable need to have gender neutral restrooms and locker rooms. If customers don’t feel safe and comfortable using the facilities based on whatever policy is in place, they will lose those customers. Your sympathy for transgender people is all well and good, but your lack of sympathy toward everyone else is disturbing.

        2. So you think a biological male who dresses as a woman should use the men’s restroom, placing them in a situation where there is a heightened possibility of them being assaulted simply because they are dressed as a woman in a men’s restroom? Do you have any idea how often transgender individuals get assaulted or murdered? And you think they should be placed in harm’s way even further simply so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable? I thank you for your selflessness. Really. In Thailand, where transgender individuals are widely accepted, these is not such stigma and people don’t bat an eyelash when they use their preferred gender restroom. You know why? Because they’re used to seeing it. Your discomfort comes from it being unusual to see it. With more exposure to it you wouldn’t bat an eyelash either.

          1. The discomfort comes from a person with a penis being in a women’s restroom while the women are in a vulnerable position. Same goes for the opposite. Thailand has it own problems I am not going to get into…

    2. lol robert the only thing you proved is that you dont understand transgender issues and that you an ignorant bigot. I love your 5th grade understanding of the world though.

  5. I jsut do not get that any person can “Say” they are another sex and use a bathroom.. where is the protection from creeps and molesters” They should use the bathroom that corresponds to their physical body until their physical body is changed. PERIOD.

    1. Where’s the protection in bathrooms now? What’s stopping a women from taking pictures of other women in the bathroom? Or a man from admiring other men in their bathroom?

      Gender doesn’t stop people from being creeps or molesters, and being transgender doesn’t make you a creep or molester.

      Think about this: it’s the same as assuming that unless the person in the produce section is thin and healthy-looking, they’re going to use that carrot for sexual purposes.

      1. It is nothing like that .. If it is as simple as using a stall and it shouldn’t matter who is in the next one, then just use the correct anatomical one. You want everything both ways.. It is ridiculous..

        1. If it doesn’t matter who’s in the next stall to you, then why not use the one that feels most correct? If we both feel the most correct using the same bathroom, and we’re sitting in stalls next to each other without issue, then what does it matter the genitals we have?

          1. Because men should use the men’s room and women should use the women’s room, period. No one wants their wife or daughter in the same bathroom as some guy in women’s clothes.

          2. Why, though, it it inherently dangerous for someone with male genitals to be in a women’s restroom? Do male genitals explode or something if they go into an area marked with the little figure in a dress? Is it the rape issue? Do all people with male genitals start violently raping the closest female one they enter that door?

            If that’s the case, then what happens when a man accidentally enters the women’s bathroom?

          3. Because a woman has no idea if a man in her locker room is a rapist or just some transgender human, and its impolite to ask

          4. I didn’t have a problem supporting a person in my office who had to go through the mandatory “live as a woman” period before surgery. They had to use the womens restroom, and got an HR exception and employees notified.

            What is a problem is “men who feel they are women” who are not going to get gender reassignment surgery. Why should biological and post-op women have to humor their lifestyle choices?

          5. Survival of the fittest… They would never exist if their was no government to protect the mentally ill.

          6. The same as if I go to the bathroom at home, I don’t have men in with me, because I am a woman.

        2. And all stalls are always in perfect working order? And you can’t see through them either right?
          For all the idiots touting how in Europe both genders use restrooms, the one big complaint I get from European visitors is the lack of privacy in American bathroom stalls. So clearly their bathrooms are built differently than ours and offer more privacy.

      1. What a load of crap.. They can “be what they are” and still not offend others.. Just use the bathroom that fits your physical body… What safeguards this from abuse ? There are no barometers or measurements.. It is ridiculous

  6. There should be THREE toilets ……… one for males ….. one for females …….. and one for queers , phaggottts and homos !!

  7. Wait until drunk college jerks get involved here – I FELL like a woman tonight and pissed in the sink.. If my wife sees that I will not be happy..

  8. In response to the bigotry in these comments, are you people going to post “restroom monitors” to check people’s pants? Get over it. My motto is if you need so much privacy in a public bathroom, you are probably doing something illegal. Just go to the damn bathroom and stop caring about who is using the stall next to you.

    1. a typical response ..bigotry… why jim some people do have opposing opinion that yourself doesn’t make them any less valid..

    2. Why can’t YOU acknowledge your biological gender and use the proper facilities? Your emotional state can be helped with therapy. Go get some.

      1. Transgenderism can’t be “cured” with therapy any more than “gay” can. In most cases it shows up even earlier in childhood than gay does.Born that way just a gay is born that way. I would venture to say transgender’s use of female bathrooms is a hell of lot less of a threat to women than the threat to a transgender by using a men’s bathroom with as man people like you walking around.

        1. You’re right: gender IS known early- like at BIRTH. Again, you cannot change biology, but you can be mentally ill and disbelieve biology. Crawl back under the rock of ignorance from whence you came.

        2. Leah, you need to read Simon LeVay’s 1994 comments on “born that way”. If you don’t want to research it too deeply, go to Wikipedia and see: “LeVay cautioned against misinterpreting his findings in a 1994 interview: “It’s important to stress what I didn’t find. I did not prove that homosexuality is genetic, or find a genetic cause for being gay. I didn’t show that gay men are born that way, the most common mistake people make in interpreting my work. Nor did I locate a gay center in the brain.”

    3. Jenny, blow me! You can shove you bigoted statement up your tail end. And yes, if that is what it takes, then by all means, we need a scanner for peckers. How do parents determine who is safe around their kids? Or for that matter, how do we as normal people determine if some freak is next to us with some potentially life threatening disease we may catch. Yes, I am paranoid now. You people have caused it.

    4. So I guess the next time your in the locker room and I walk in stating I feel like I am a woman yet I am a man then your going to be cool changing in front of me?

  9. DID I MISS THE MEMO…. seems like in the last 5 years every one is gay, or transgendered ,, why even children are coming out as one thing or another …. i’ll have to choose what I am pretty soon…

    1. If I see myself as a dinosaur in human form, should the law bend my way so that i can run around and hunt to kill to satisfy my rights as a dinosaur?

      1. Im like Eminem and feel like I am African American and I was denied a scholarship because they said I looked white

  10. It seems incredibly simple to me. If a person has a penis, they use the men’s room. If not, they use the women’s room. What is the problem here?

    1. But, but but, that would mean all the wannabes and posers would have to actually go through the ENTIRE transition. And they definitely do not want to do that. That is why this is such a joke right now. They all FEEL like the opposite sex, but reality happens when the snip moment comes along for the guys and the ripping of mams and whatnot happens for the gals. Then we see just how serious these losers are.

    2. because we’re not coddling their broken brain. it is basically classified as a mental illness or defect. but instead of treating it like they would depression, bipolarism, o.c.d., etc they nurture it.

      1. You can’t un-transgenger the transgender men or women just like you can’t un-gay lesbians and gays folks. So get it right!!

        1. That may be true, but we don’t have to allow their problems on other people. Why don’t we just pander to all people who have some kind of mental problem, make new laws to “fit them in”, and just have one big Dysfunctional Country.

        2. actually no Alice not true, although LGBT’s wont accept that. I have known several M/F ‘s who married the other sex, had or sired kids, and then “decided” they were L or G after being hetero……it’s mental ……..

          1. PeachyKeen, I 100% agree. The many lesbians I have grown up with or been around were abused by men and thus felt safer with women. Whether they were molested as children, violently beat up in later relationships, etc they were driven to women. Sad part is I know some of them who ended up with abusive women too… I also know a fairly high percentage of strippers happen to be lesbians. With the crowd that they “entertain” nightly I am not surprised. Walk in a downtown strip club and you will never second guess why women would lose interest in men. Bunch of dirty scum looking men trying to grab on you all night. It comes with the territory but damn… It is usually a form of PTSD that causes these signals to become crossed.

        3. If they sought mental health treatment at the FIRST sign of their abnormality, perhaps they WOULD learn to make BETTER CHOICES, or choose HORMONAL THERAPY to straighten up and fly RIGHT, so YOU need to get RIGHT “Alicia,” if that IS your real name rather than “you can call me Al”…..

  11. Biology trumps emotion. And in the case of a man or woman who thinks he/she is of the opposite sex, there are psychologists to deal with their mental illness. But to expect a father to accept that mental illness in the restroom his children use is a sign of insanity in and of itself.

    1. Actually psychologists support transgenders using their preferred bathrooms. What noone supports is blind bigotry, especially when its passed from a father to the child. NOW THATS SAD

      1. it appears to be one of the few mental illnesses (and yes it is classified as such) that we pander to instead of treating. it’s clear something is wrong with someone’s brain if they cannot associate themselves with the gender they were assigned but more power to them. just don’t make it my problem.

        1. Its true its odd how when a woman claim she no longer wants to have sex, psychologists always say there is some underlying issue and pharmaceutical companies try to create medications to increase their libido. Maybe they are just anti-sexual. But if you have a penis and feel like you are a woman, that’s just totally normal?

  12. I see lots of public places now that have single seater unisex restrooms. In business buildings there should be the same thing. There would have to be three or four to replace the larger restrooms at each location. That would take care of this transgender problem.

    1. The reason against that idea is a public restroom not being 100% private example doors don’t go to the floor and anyone can just walk in the common area is to discourage things like Drug use and how do I say this ..two sets of masculine shoes in a stall pointing the same direction by those that lack self control not to mention rape. that is why the police have to spend so much time “policing” restrooms at rest stops and parks. just mark the restroom XX or XY or alternatively Y or Y with a international no sign circle-backslash over it around it to be scientific and be done with it.Who cares what you think you are fact is fact we used to treat people who thought they were George Washington or a dog or whatever.Speaking of which if I say I “FEEL” like a dog can I gust relieve my self on a fire hydrant without getting a citation after all no amount of cutting or sewing can make a human a dog anymore than it can change ones chromosomes. Liberal profesors and activists are so full of themselves they are starting to believe their own B.S. ignoring biological science. and yes I know a very few people are born XXY XYY XXX XXXY etc. but even these cases are either male or female with a Y chromosome as the determinant factor.Liberalism is truly a mental disease.

  13. Just say the pervert touched you and have them thrown in jail, easy way to solve the situation and they will not have a desire to use the others bathroom anymore, this is where they should be is in jail anyways.

  14. Liberals are all about woman’s rights, however they want men to use your bathroom, funny its the conservatives who want to ban this to protect woman.

  15. Last I checked restrooms have stalls, so do you think a transgendered woman is going to see your who who. And not many men I know care if someone see’s their penis, so if a transgendered man walks in, unless they have male parts they are likely going to go for the stall so they won’t be staring at your pee pee.

  16. The only issue with bathrooms is the placement of the toilet paper dispenser. WHO CARES who goes in and uses them. PLEASE, Please, please, somebody/architects/designers learn to put toilet paper dispensers where you don’t have to bend over to get toilet paper out of them. Seriously, who wants to bend over to get toilet paper?

    1. And the reason it does not matter who uses the bathroom is because everyone who uses them and leaves it trashy is just as bad as either gender. Being a woman I am amazed at the crap other women leave in the bathrooms. I wonder if they leave a mess at home. It’s disgusting.

  17. I hope people understand that women’s restrooms have stalls with doors so there are no privacy issues, people are just reacting like homophobes. Also, if someone is a transexual it means they are dressed as such, so this pretend fear that men will start walking into restrooms harassing women is a idiotic delusion.

  18. We need more bathrooms
    Men that want to be women
    Women that want to be men
    Men that want to be women but still pee standing up
    Woman that want to be men but still squat to pee
    Men that only want to be woman when they feel like it
    Woman that want to be men when they feel like it
    and on and on and on

  19. These scumbags should be outlawed as well as all queers and faggots, this stinking piece of sh-t president has made America the laughing stock of the world, the people have voted and clearly they don’t want the vermon in our schools or around our kids or neighborhoods
    I refuse to hire fags or rent to them and my employees and customers are grateful

    1. Then you are in violation of the Civil Rights Act. Sooner or later you will end up in court, and the Civil Rights Act was updated to include protection for gay people long before this president was elected. You are not very smart. You are putting your business on the line. I hope you lose it

  20. I’m assuming most of you think some men may try to be perving on women in the women’s restroom? Really? If you really think a man is going to dress up as woman, risk public ridicule and discrimination simply to get a glimpse at something he could easily look up on the internet, then you’re insane. Stop hiding behind your fear-mongering excuses and at least be brave enough to just state that you’re a bigot who just can’t accept that other people are different from you. You don’t think that transgender people’s lives are hard enough without you unnecessarily making them harder?? Why do you think so many attempt suicide? And you’re worried that they’re doing this just so they can spy on your egotistical ass while you change in the restroom? Get over yourself. Seriously. It sickens me that a country founded on freedom and the pursuit of happiness is so quick to deprive others of these principals that they deem unworthy. It doesn’t hurt you in any way to just leave them alone and let them live their lives. I admire anyone that chooses to live their life authentically, especially if it requires so much courage to do so. Those people have far more integrity and strength than most of you will ever show.

    1. Written like someone who has never been told not to walk alone at night, or to pull-over to a secluded area (even if you have car trouble), or told not to wear such revealing clothing, or told not to get intoxicated (or even accept a drink you didn’t see poured) in front of strangers. I certainly do not want someone taking their own life because of an overwhelming sense of betrayal between their body and who they feel they were born to be… but sacrificing one person’s safety for another’s sense of self is not the right answer.

      1. What personal safety are you sacrificing??? If a guy is going to rape or murder a woman, he’s not going to dress up as a woman to do it. If he’s going to commit rape or murder, you really think he’s going to follow some rules about him not supposed to be in the women’s locker room dressed as a man? A murderer or rapist doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that really worries about those rules. Your fear is baseless.


  21. A transgender person using a women’s bathroom poses a lot less threat to women, than the threat a transgender person faces using the men’s bathroom with as many hateful people there are out there. I will like to see you find an instance(or at the very least more instances) of a woman being attacked or molested or anything else by a transgender person using a women’s bathroom. I can almost guarantee you that instances can be found of a transgender person being attacked/ molested when using a men’s bathroom.

    1. The concern isn’t necessarily that a transgender woman would assault a woman in the ladies restroom. The concern is that a sick individual claiming to be a transgender woman would be granted legal access to ladies restrooms, and their pick of victims.
      Also, unless a transgender woman (born a male, but feels like a woman) were in the middle of the medical process of becoming a woman (hormones, dress, make-up, etc.), the men in the room wouldn’t know she was transgender.

  22. I prefer that employers create unisex restrooms, or at least ensure that all stall doors in restrooms are in proper working order. We’re adults using a restroom, we can make stalls work. It’s not a locker room. My concern with the locker room scenario is the undressing and showering. I do not want to undress in front of someone of the opposite gender… and no, there are no separate changing rooms in most locker rooms. It’s just open space.
    My concern is moving the locker room issue to schools. As a child, I remember how painfully embarrassing it was to change in front of other children of the same gender. We were in middle school, in various stages of puberty. Some boys were more developed than others; think man vs. boy. Some girls had breasts and periods, and others were still waiting for puberty to show up. Throw in “gang showers” and it was humiliating! Now, adults want to force children of different genders to experience those horribly awkward moments together? No, come up with something better, or keep them segregated by their “parts”.

  23. How about this. If you don’t want to pay for unisex bathrooms you just make people to go into the bathroom that corresponds to their sex (not their Gender).

    I always thought bathrooms were categorized by sex anyway, but I guess most people feel they are categorized by gender.

    To help eliminate this confusion, since the pictures of males and females outside the bathrooms are really confusing, we should just put pictures of genitalia instead. So, pre op you can use the bathroom of your “Assigned” gender. Post op you can use the bathroom of the Gender you “Identify” with.


    I’m here to solve first world problems. Hit me up with other issues and I’ll send the solution your way in a jiffy.

    Next on the Agenda, as a Gay or Lesbian person, are you offended being lumped in with Bisexuals and Transgender people when it comes to your rights and protected class? Stay tuned for a whiz bang solution to this issue.

    1. Thank God for you and your sense of humor, Josh! Now for my 1st world issue… I have a new iPhone, but my previous iPhone’s car charger won’t work with it and I cannot afford a new car charger. What do I do, Josh? What do I do?

      1. Go to a hotel, any hotel, and tell them that you think that you left the charger for your phone there. They will have abandoned chargers available for you to take.

  24. So here we are again. Just because its legal does not mean it is right. Someone will be offended. Just pick who.

  25. Restrooms and locker rooms are two separate places. I would not want a person with a penis in the women’s locker room. Locker rooms are for showering and changing clothes, so there is nudity.

  26. Besides a bar that does drag shows, who would hire a transgendered person? Really? If I were the hiring manager, how would this effect productivity and create a distraction with the other employee’s duties?

    1. Drag queen are not transgender people (at least not necessarily). Hiring a person who’s transgender isn’t different than hiring someone who’s not transgender. They don’t eat special food, they don’t need special facilities, they, as long as they’re skilled, can contribute the same to the team. If you had a person in your company that was gay or black or a fan of an opposing sports team, as long as they were competent, would you still talk about what a distraction they were? How is being transgender distracting to you? Because you’ll spend all day thinking how terrible it is that there’s is a biological man in a wig? Then that’s your issue, not theirs, and not the company.

  27. just to be clear….the big question for the lady at planet fitness was a locker room. I think that there should be some kind of privacy for people changing in locker rooms. Put in changing stalls. I may be uncomfortable around someone who is transgender, but as long as I don’t have to change in front of them or they are not changing in front of me it does not matter.

  28. So I guess this means I can just go in the womens locker room now and if anyone asks I just say I feel like a woman so its all good.

  29. I don’t see what the big deal is. If they are a transgender male who identifies as a female, I would not have an issue using the same bathroom or lockroom with them. They think like me and identify with women. They were just born with the wrong parts. I think it’s sad how so many people do not understand this.

  30. How about they use the bathroom based on the private parts they were born with? Thats much simpiler and then we all abide by the same rules no matter how we feel

  31. How about

    “The compromises you must make when you’re transgender.”


    “If you’re transgender, using your sex-specific bathroom certainly is not the worse thing that is going on in your life, so just deal with it and move on with your day”


    “Other people have rights, too.”

    or the REAL problem:

    “Stop manufacturing sex issues to control people over the most basic element of their identities.”

  32. This is great news for those of us who thought we would have to find a way to become invisible in order to walk into women’s locker rooms without getting arrested.

  33. Most of the ‘transgender’ hoopla is psychological. People with mental problems. It really isn’t difficult for science. Regardless of wants, thoughts, energies, vibes, whatevers, if you physically have a male sex organ, then you are a male. And if you have a female sex organ, then you are female. This would absolutely be based on how you left the womb. Mutilating your body (sex change) due to a psychological problem should not have to become a problem for the rest of society. How selfish of these mental patients.

  34. The transgender bathroom thing made me jump off the gay bandwagon. This was a bridge too far.
    What you’re telling biological and medically transgendered women is that they now have to share bathroom with males in dresses, because heterosexual males can’t manage to not commit hate crimes.
    Although it’s cute and trite to say “well you’re only in there for a few minutes to pee and poo” you’re forgetting one major FEMALE DEFINING act. We also have to use the bathroom to deal with our periods, heck some of us have to use it for dealing with morning sickness. So in the rush to appease a small number of people, you’ve thrown the baby out with the bathwater. I’d like to know these transgender women’s take on what it’s like dealing with periods and pregnancy in a public bathroom. I’m sure their insight is just amazaballs.
    Most importantly does anyone actually think that women who think they are men are going to jump and start using men’s rooms? No, they’re going to continue using women’s restrooms. So lets remember that it’s not women who have a problem with women dressed as men – it’s men who have a problem with men dressed as women. It’s men who are beating up men dressed as women on the streets, in the bathrooms and even when engaging prostitutes. ……….But it’s women who have to reap the punishment for men’s behavior.

  35. Everyone should quit that gym and leave just the people “who sincerely believe they are of the opposite sex”. See how long that gym stays in business for this politically correct crap. Did you see the picture of that guy? he looks like an ugly guy and still has male genitals. Taking the side of that instead of a “real” female. OMG. such garbage. Everyone should have stood with that woman and walked out. Let that gym make their living off of the “I think I’m a man” population.

  36. Simple, if you are without genitals, or have both types of genitals, if you can’t be associated
    with the men’s room nor the women’s room, then do your business at home,
    and stay away from public restrooms designated as male or female.
    Problem solved.
    A public restroom is a convenience, not a right. It
    certainly should not be a political issue.
    Where is the respect form those who are confused as to not upset the 98% majority of the gender areas they are invading? It is completely selfish on the part of such a few with mental problems to try and dictate, confuse, twist, etc. Especially since they can’t even make up their minds as to who or what they really are. Ridiculous!

  37. So the solution is to have a third bathroom? And this is logical how? Oh, that’s right, you have to ignore created order. Make sense now.

  38. No. It is not our jobs to adapt to them. It is their jobs to adapt to the fact that their chromosomes determine they are male or female. They can identify as a cat, but that doesn’t mean we have to adapt and rent them a room at the pound so they can be with others they identify with.

    My little Girl’s rights to use the restroom with other little girls, is not to be placed behind his fantasy of being the opposite gender. THAT IS HOW THIS WILL WORK. They adapt, not us. If you have a penis and a Y chromosome, you ARE A MALE. If you have a vagina, periods, can have babies, and has two x chromosome, you ARE A FEMALE.

    Deal with it.

  39. This is all part of the Progressive agenda.

    The idea is to berate us/shame us/whatever us into thinking that we know nothing of what gender really means. They want to tell us that the only difference between men and women is what we are taught at the societal level.

    they can upend this most fundamental truth in our lives and insert
    their own distortions, then we are basically owned…there are NO
    fundamental truths left.

    Don’t give in.

    Do not let them define who and what we are.

    Do not let them tell you that you have no understanding on what gender is, and how it is formed. Yes there are aberrations, but they do not dictate how all of society must behave.

    Trust your feelings. We fundamentally know what is right and what is wrong. These people will prostitute any class, they will exaggerate any issue, in order to gain control.

  40. I would never cater to these sickos who think they are women because they had breast put into their chest . If they have male parts , then they are males and visa versa. and actually some of these butt holes are really ugly. and they smell like arse. a little sick of you butt smelling idiots pushing your smell upon me if you want to smell like butt fine but go home and do it.

  41. I feel like a girl today, can I go into the women’s locker room now? Don’t believe me? Prove I’m lying. Protip: You can’t.
    In all seriousness, it’s not that difficult: Were you born with a penis? You use the men’s room. Born with a vagina? Use the ladies’ room. YES, it is that simple.

  42. I’m just wondering when pubescent boys are going to starting claim transgender to get into the girls locker room, and you can’t call them liars no matter how evident it is or not allow access, because that would be insensitive! lol The Hilariousity of “Earth!” Get’s better everyday, I just can’t wait for the apocalyptic episode.. IN HD!!! We’ll all be united and laughing at these 1st world problems.

  43. The HYPOCRISY BY THE LBGT ADVOCATES is astounding. Talk about INTOLERANT PEOPLE! If I was TRANSGENDER, I WOULD NEVER INCONVENIENCE 99.9% OF POPULATION BECAUSE OF MY OWN SELFISHNESS. I WOULD USE A MALE RESTROOM since I would understand HOW PEOPLE WOULD BE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH IT, PARTICULARLY women (who feel vulnerable) in the restrooms with kids as it is. That is just common decency.

  44. The reason against that idea is a public restroom not being 100% private
    example doors don’t go to the floor and anyone can just walk in the
    common area is to discourage things like Drug use and how do I say this
    ..two sets of masculine shoes in a stall pointing the same direction by
    those that lack self control not to mention rape. that is why the police
    have to spend so much time “policing” restrooms at rest stops and
    parks. just mark the restroom XX or XY or alternatively Y or Y with a
    international no sign circle-backslash over it around it to be
    scientific and be done with it.Who cares what you think you are fact is
    fact we used to treat people who thought they were George Washington or
    a dog or whatever.Speaking of which if I say I “FEEL” like a dog can I
    gust relieve my self on a fire hydrant without getting a citation after
    all no amount of cutting or sewing can make a human a dog anymore than
    it can change ones chromosomes. Liberal professors and activists are so
    full of themselves they are starting to believe their own B.S. ignoring
    biological science. and yes I know a very few people are born XXY XYY
    XXX XXXY etc. but even these cases are either male or female with a Y
    chromosome as the determinant factor.Liberalism is truly a mental

  45. TYPICAL LIBERALS / PROGRESSIVES / DEMOCRATS! “WE WANT YOU TO BE TOLERANT OF OUR LGBT CAUSE (at all costs, no exceptions), BUT WE DON”T NEED OR WANT TO BE TOLERANT OF YOUR CAUSE or sensitivies ( marriage, bathroom gender issues, protecting your kids from being exposed to it, religious views) “. Not to mention the fact that a majority of the country is NOT LGBT and is Christian. Some common sense would go a long way here.
    The naive LBGT extremists will now say we are forcing our views on them. NO, we have bathrooms based on your gender, not how you feel or if you were born in the wrong body or the wrong sex.

  46. So who gets arrested when a biological male in a women’s locker room exposes a penis to a bio girl in that locker room? The biological man, the facility’s manager or the mother that makes the complaint? Indecent exposure is a crime, is it not?

  47. I note with some amusement a couple of folks here who love to call anyone with a traditional, commonsense understanding of physical biology as it relates to gender names, insinuating or even plainly stating that these persons are somehow wrong and mentally or emotionally deficient because they recognize the simple difference between “male” and “female”. It doesn’t take a psychologist to figure out a person’s sex: it only takes one to help confuse the issue further. It takes someone as simple as a plumber – who can easily show you the difference between ‘male’ and ‘female’ fittings, if you are still having problems with the concept at this point – to know the difference between a guy and a girl.
    One of the tactics one of these persons likes to use is accuse those here with a basic understanding of biology with having a “fifth grade understanding of the world”. I have come to realize that he/she/it is using this as a wistful compliment, since every fifth grader I have ever come in contact with can easily point out the difference between boys and girls – and knows that neither belongs in the other’s restroom – and this person is still having trouble with the concept. That’s ok – you will graduate to fifth grade someday, too.
    A couple of others like to call people “psychopaths” or “bigots” if they don’t fall in with what is apparently the party line. Psychopath – because apparently consigning people to the proper restroom is cruel and you don’t feel bad about it. Bigot…well, mainly because you don’t think like your more ‘sophisticated’, ‘enlightened’ – and supposedly inclusive – fellows. Somehow they miss out on the fact that their very attitude and comment makes them just as bigoted.
    Finally there are one or two telling us that you don’t “need that much privacy” in there. Oh, really? So… if that much privacy is not important – why is it some important to the “transgendered”? If it is of no importance to normal people who go into these restrooms who is in there – why is it such a big deal that the cross dressers must be allowed in? Your very argument defeats you. If it is important, than the majority who use the room should have the vote. If it is not important for one – it’s not important for any, so no change is necessary from the normal “male-female” restrooms we have. I, will however, give you a solution: if you really must have a restroom accommodation for those so badly damaged that they cannot eliminate with those of their sex, provide a separate single bathroom with a question mark on the door – since neither they nor anyone else really know what they are to begin with.
    Can’t wait to hear how bigoted, psychopathic, or otherwise awful I am…

  48. TLNT, how about using the correct form of the word in your title for starters. It’s “Transgender”.

  49. Why is it so complicated. If you IDENTIFY as woman you go to a woman’s bathroom. If you IDENTIFY as man you go to a man’s bathroom. That has nothing to do with which sex you possess.

    1. Good idea. And those who identify as a hamster can leave their droppings in the corner on some cedar shavings, those who identify as a dog can use the hydrant or any of the conveniently places trees or posts outside… this could work!

    2. Alicia, you can keep flagging my comments and try to make them go away – a typical liberal tactic – but it won’t make them any less true: it simply proves that the left cannot stand up to rational logical opposition.

      1. You’re really confused as to what these up and down arrows are. You give me way too much credit. And I don’t believe i disclaimed my political leanings. You may be surprised.

  50. Thanks for stating this so clearly, definitely and with understanding. As I get to speak to organizations as a consultant ( helping people understand when a co-worker transition, this question often comes up. I will train the HR and managers before I train the entire team. For most people this is a non issue, but it does need to be explained. Thanks again.

    1. The issue isn’t transitioning employees. this is an issue of people who have no plans to make a physical medical transition to a new gender. I’m not as a period having womb club member going to accept that I should be required to share a bathroom with men who wear dresses.

      The LGBT community has taken an issue of heterosexual males committing hate crimes and decided the solution is to make women suffer. So now we have put biological women at risk to appease the LGBT community and men. So natural women lose, again.

      Just how many of the women who think they are men do you think will now start using the mens rooms? I’m guessing ZERO.

  51. You are kidding me right? I’m all for accommodation, but this goes too far.
    I want to go the the “Men’s” room, not have women in there too. I really don’t care what you “identify” yourself as. Who’s to say you’re not just a pervert.
    Unisex bathrooms are fine, but, you know, it’s getting to the point where those of us “normals” are having our rights trampled on now.
    We deserve our own bathrooms (men or women) without being invaded by the tiny little minority of folks who can’t make up their mind.
    As my grandpa used to say: “You are what your equipment says you are. You wanna be something else? Change your equipment.”

  52. If an business doesn’t want to go the unisex bathroom route, all employees should use the bathroom of their biological gender. The double standard of catering to the feelings of transgender individuals while telling someone who may feel uncomfortable that they need to deal with it has to stop.

  53. Build UNISEX facilities. End of argument. Getting rid of the members who complain is discrimination also. This isn’t a one way street but swings ‘both ways.’

  54. If a business doesn’t want to go the unisex route, all employees should have to use the bathroom of their biological gender. The double standard of catering to the feelings of transgender individuals while telling those who may feel uncomfortable that they just have to deal with it needs to stop.

  55. Restrooms are much different than locker rooms.

    I think that Men and Women should use the restroom and locker room with the same gender they were born as…not what they sincerely believe they are…

    The man (who identifies as a woman) was using the locker room area, not just the restroom, where women are showering and changing clothes – a large difference than just using the restroom… If the gym doesn’t want a future sexual harassment lawsuit towards this man or towards the gym, for allowing a man (who thinks he is a woman and identifies as such) in the locker room, it would be wise to separate the sexes. Does the gym think this will be a good financial decision to kick out the woman who had a problem with this? Also, would you feel secure to allow your small children in the locker room/dressing area with a man, a stranger, (who identifies as or thinks he is a woman)?

    I have a problem with this and would not be a member at this gym where this is a policy… It offends me that others have a problem with me (and others) having a problem with this!!!

  56. Expecting, insisting and setting forth rules that those who have junk in front use the MEN’S room and those who don’t have junk in front use the WOMEN’S restroom is NOT sex discrimination…it’s common sense.
    I don’t care how you “feel” on the inside. Your anatomy dictates that you are either a male or a female.

  57. If a business doesn’t want to go the unisex route, all employees should have to use the bathroom of their biological gender. This double standard of catering to the feelings of transgender individuals while telling those who may feel uncomfortable that they just have to deal with it needs to stop.

  58. I read comments like “Well today I feel feminine. I think I’ll use the women’s room.” or “What if some guy decides to be a female?” IT IS NOT LIKE THAT!

    Transsexuals begin to feel their gender dysphoria (discomfort) sometimes before language develops! At 2 or 3 years of age! A friend of mine, born with female body structure, began tearing bows out of his hair and rebelling at wearing dresses when he was a TODDLER! “me BOY!” As he grew older, he was shamed/disciplined into ‘accepting’ his female identity, but when I first met ‘her’ I sensed instantly that SOMETHING was amiss… I didn’t know what, but the person in front of me just FELT wrong… when he finally came out as transsexual, in his early twenties, EVERYTHING snapped into focus! HE… was a GUY! I’ve spoken with his mother. She confirmed that her ‘daughter’ refused to wear dresses as early as pre-school. I’ve seen pictures of him as a small child. In all the ones where he is in jeans and a T-shirt, he’s happy. In the ones where he is in a dress, his entire face is downcast, his expression miserable. He KNEW his correct gender before he could talk!

    To transition successfully, one must first live for a year in the new gender, live, work, socialize, dress and identify as such, WHILE undergoing psychological counseling! After that first year, the person is then placed on hormone therapy. During that second year if they can afford it, the transgendered person will apply for surgical reassignment. But ALL of this treatment and process is only CONFIRMING what the individual has KNOWN since early childhood! Even if he or she had no words or concepts to express it!

    A man does NOT just wake up and say “Today I’m a girl!”. A woman does NOT just haul off and *decide* to be a male! That’s just foolish! The REASON many gender reassignments come as a “bolt out of the blue” is because the person has HIDDEN it for so long!

    1. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways as I’ve been a terrible parent…

      My daughter went through(what I thoughts was) a phase from around 2.5 to 4.5 years old, where she thought she was a cat. We would remind her all the time that she was in fact a human girl, but she wouldn’t believe it. In all the pictures where she’s acting like or dressed like a cat, she’s happy. In pictures where we’ve told her to stand up and act like a child, she’s sad… She’s now 5 and I thought she was out of that phase, but I guess maybe we just pressured her to conform to societal norms.

      I bet we’ll find out when she’s an adult that she is actually a cat… And she knew it all along…

      * As a side note… She does have catlike reflexes and she almost always lands on her feet…

    2. I don’t care if they feel like a turtle one day and a rabbit the next.
      Why should biological women and post-op transgender women bear the brunt of male hate crimes against transgenders? Do you foresee trans-men rushing to use the mens restrooms, or will they continue in the safety of womens restrooms?
      The solution here is to make men accountable for their behavior, not force women to take up the slack. This is an idiotic solution that is akin to splitting the baby in half.

  59. The reason against that idea is a public restroom not being 100% private
    example doors don’t go to the floor and anyone can just walk in the
    common area is to discourage things like Drug use and how do I say this
    ..two sets of masculine shoes in a stall pointing the same direction by
    those that lack self control not to mention rape. that is why the police
    have to spend so much time “policing” restrooms at rest stops and
    parks. just mark the restroom XX or XY or alternatively Y or Y with a
    international no sign circle-backslash over it around it to be
    scientific and be done with it.Who cares what you think you are fact is
    fact we used to treat people who thought they were George Washington or
    a dog or whatever.Speaking of which if I say I “FEEL” like a dog can I
    gust relieve my self on a fire hydrant without getting a citation after
    all no amount of cutting or sewing can make a human a dog anymore than
    it can change ones chromosomes. Liberal professors and activists are so
    full of themselves they are starting to believe their own B.S. ignoring
    biological science. and yes I know a very few people are born XXY XYY
    XXX XXXY etc. but even these cases are either male or female with a Y
    chromosome as the determinant factor.Liberalism is truly a mental

  60. A condition of hire for “transgenders” should be that they come to work as they were BORN and leave the cross/trans dressing for behind closed doors at home. Just because abnormal people who steadfastly refuse psychiatric help “identify” as the gender opposite to the one they were born as, doesn’t mean that employers and co-workers alike need to be held hostage by this abnormality. Deviant sexuality has NO place in the WORK place.

  61. It’s sad when other countries are mature enough to have co-ed restrooms but the USA is not. I suppose for people that have never left their trailer parks this might be shocking.

    1. Actually, I met Europeans who complained about the lack of privacy in the individual stalls in American restrooms, this was before the transgender bathroom issues. Now that this transgender issue has come up and people keep saying how Europeans have unisex bathrooms, it is obvious that the quality of the bathrooms is totally different.
      When I’m in the ladies restroom even as a biological female I don’t like the lack of privacy from poorly constructed or maintained bathroom stalls.
      And with the new rules do you actually think that women who see themselves as trans-men are going to flock to the mens restrooms, or continue using the ladies restrooms? Also, why should women bear the punishment of heterosexual males committing hate crimes? The LGBT community has got their panties on backwards in this case, and I refuse to support this nonsense.

  62. Why not title signage on the bathroom doors Penis and Vagina. If you have the equipment that matches the sign, you use that bathroom. It’s not discriminatory, because you are not basing it on gender, but on plumbing…

    The unisex bathroom is okay as well for establishments which have the room to facilitate it, but many places may only have enough room to accommodate a couple of restrooms or locker rooms.

  63. I don’t believe a transgendered person should be allowed to use the restroom they identify with until which time he/she has surgery and is officially recognized as the opposite sex under the law. By law until this point, regardless of how they feel, they are still technically whatever sex they were born at and it is no different than a non-transgendered person attempting to using the opposite sex restroom.

  64. This is great! I’m a Planet Fitness member and you have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to put on a bra and panties and hang out in the women’s locker room. I identify however you want me to for that. Woohoo! This weekend for sure. Don’t ask where I got the bra, I’m totally straight. I’m going to have a great time. Wait until someone complains too! They’re going to hear me screaming about my rights a mile away! I’ll have to, so they don’t arrest me, lololol.

  65. It doesn’t matter what these people feel, or think about themselves. You are what you were born to. Use the bathroom that fits your parts, not what you want to be.

  66. If you have a penis you are a male, if you have a vagina you are female. So clip it off if you want to use the women’s facilities, or grow one if you want to use the mens. There that is solved

  67. It does NOT matter whether they SAY they identify with that gender or not. The simple reality is that they could be lying. You know what that is, right? Have male or female parts? That’s the bathroom you use. Sorry.

  68. I personally don’t see the bathroom issue as a big deal. I used a group port-a-potty at an outdoor event recently and was in a stall between two women. No issues. What’s a bigger deal is locker rooms, particularly in schools. What they really need is a legal standard for what constitutes a transgender person, something that is recognized by the government after approval from a psychologist. That way it is more of a permanant status and not something that can just be turned on and off and abused by people just to sneak a peek.

    1. I’ll remember you said that when your 10 yr old daughter comes running out of the girl’s room at the mall screaming she saw a grown man’s D*ck, and you rush in their ready to kick ass like any father would.

  69. Transgender = Surgical sexual mutilation so as to produce visual effects of the opposite sex . I knew Dr. Stanley Biber who did many “gender reassignment ” surgeries in Trinidad , Colorado . He named the two surgeries as a lopitofame and an adadictome . Just as a face lift does not make a person younger , transgender does NOT change a person’s sex .

  70. What “transgender” people need is deep, thorough, psychological counseling. Not placating. We certainly don’t need to go trying to fix social norms that aren’t broken.

  71. What next? Midgets demand a spot on the LA Lakers? Some 6’7″, 300 lb man wants to do women’s roller derby? You are what you are. Grow up and get over it. “Equality” is not the same thing as “sameness.” We’re all different. That’s a good thing.

  72. In Illinois, they are going to let genetic boys that feel they are girls compete in girls sports I feel sorry for all the women in track and cross country who’s records will be shattered by women that are genetically male

  73. If I’m in the ladies’ room and a woman walks in who I think has male genitalia, I am not going to care at all. If she feels safer or more comfortable in that restroom, that’s where she should be. I have never personally met any women who were so mean and bigoted that they would care, and I hope I never do.

  74. ATTENTION WOMEN – You just lost a lot of ground for women’s rights. Forget about “Peeping Tom,” now you have “Peeping Paul(ette)” and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. In fact, he can now sue you! And don’t bother teaching your children about “privacy” and “private parts.” Privacy is now a hate crime.

  75. Every transgender does NOT always dress in their new gender. There are plenty of transwomen (born male transitioning to a female) that still dress like guys. And the same goes for transmen (born female transitioning to male). That being the case means you can’t always tell from how are transgender dresses if they are the other gender. For them….if they can’t dress like the duck they want to be…. they don’t get to use the duck’s bathroom. And while there are tomboys and tomgirls it’s pretty much known who are the boys and who are the girls. That, however, is not the case with transgender folks.

    I certainly understand the woman’s view at the fitness club. Most women don’t want to be taking showers and seeing transwomen’s ‘male’ genitals in their bathrooms. Just because these transwomen are transitioning doesn’t mean their junk doesn’t work. It does. And they can be a threat to women. Women, naturally born as such, deserve to be with women – not some mixed up bathroom. The same goes for the transmen using men’s bathrooms….even more so since their junk is intact and works ….they can still be raped by naturally born men.

    It comes down to having bathrooms for transmen and bathrooms for transwomen. It really is the only way it will work.

  76. I’m not sure I understand why any public place has multiple toilets, accessed from doors opening into a common room. I stopped using urinals at public restrooms quite some time ago out of concern that someone would steal my wallet from my back pocket while I was doing my business. And shouldn’t privacy dictate that each toilet have its own entrance and that “locker rooms” become a thing of the past? If you don’t want to “share” a locker room at Planet Fitness with someone who is transgender (or whatever) change at home and don’t enter the locker room (which should obviously be remodeled into multiple changing stations for individuals, each with its own door).

  77. Did you see a picture of the “man” wanting to use the female facilities? He is literally a guy wearing a wig. I don’t know “him” personally, so I don’t know if he lives his life as a woman, but it looked like a bad halloween costume.

  78. If she, the male that identifies as a female, is in there swinging a penis around, then she has a right to complain!!!

  79. If I were to walk into the ladies locker room and start to strip, I bet cash money I would get taken down.
    How was the woman that lodged the complaint to know this was a tranny instead of some mental freak? Last I heard, putting a sign about someone’s preference on them was illegal. Religious, sexual, or any other type.
    This wasn’t about Burtha sweating up the stationary bike. it wasn’t about Stan funking up the weight room. Or Moohamed praying to Allah because he finally lifted the empty bar over his head.
    This was about a Johnson sighting in the ladies locker room. NOT RESTROOM, LOCKER ROOM.
    Eventually, there will have to be separate locker rooms for them, then they will cry about that being discrimination as well. Excluding them from all others or some such BS.
    And to the sniffler’s, no, they are not just like everybody else. Regardless of what the libtards tell you. Any doctor or shrink will tell you that
    I will not apologize for the way I am, just because you either feel cheated by nature, or uncomfortable in the body GOD gave you. I have more than enough problems to deal with in life than to worry about whether Shelia wants to be Stan, or the other way around.

  80. This is what happens when we try to manage everyone by the exception to the rule. Instead of making it an exception, now 99% of the population has to change their ways.

    1. because bathrooms are always perfectly maintained, with doors that always latch? The public bathroom is the most vulnerable place for a woman.
      The LGBT community needs to be kicked in the shins for this idiotic rule.

  81. I suggest you all do an internet search for female to male transsexuals and you will find that they have beards, deep voices, and look more masculine than lots of biological men. The problem you wish to solve is becomes worse. Only resolution I see is a door guard who grabs everyone’s crotch as they come in. Maybe we should have male door guards grabbing the women’s crotches and vice versa – wouldn’t want to have anything gay going on either, ya know.

  82. Americans and their hang ups about sex. Europeans just use the “restroom”, most of which are unisex. I could care less. I don’t even care if there is a man cleaning the restroom. If I gotta go, I gotta go. There are doors on the stalls and all I am doing is peeing. LOL Thankfully, I am raising my kids to be tolerant of everything in the hopes they don’t grow up to be ignorant, sexually misguided/naive, hating people.

    1. Europeans don’t have the black problem Americans do. Would you feel the same if some big black perv was standing there next to you stroking his black meat?

    2. However, the Europeans I’ve met complain about how American restroom stalls themselves are flimsy and lack privacy. So your claim doesn’t wash.

  83. There is an obvious contradiction here. First the gym says, “the gym is a ‘no judgment zone’” then the gym’s policy is, “based on their sincere self-reported gender identity”. Who is going to decide what is “sincere” or not? I know loads of guys who would claim that black is white and 2+2 = 5 just to sit in a locker room full of naked women.

  84. Why is the Lgbeees ONLY using poster worthy folks for their cause? I’ll answer that for you, because MOST of the tranny folks are horrendous monsters and a horror to behold and would shine a bad light on their agenda.

  85. Here’s what I don’t understand…the gym claims to have a non-intimidation policy, but when this member freaked out because she saw what she perceived to be a man in the women’s locker room which is an intentionally segregated space with an expectation of privacy because people tend to be fully undressed they not only do nothing to make her feel safer, but they cancel her membership when she warned others? Okay, you want transgender individuals to feel safe, but what about the need for nontransgender people to feel safe and not intimidated? Do they not matter?

  86. The notion of “unisex” bathrooms is actually wrong. Unisex is what we mostly have now – “uni” meaning “one”. A men’s bathroom is a unisex bathroom. What they should actually call them is “omnisex” with “omni” meaning “all” or “every”.

    That being said, this discussion can easily be ended. If you have a penis, you use the men’s room (where the urinals that require said appendage are). If you have a vagina, it’s the women’s restroom. Simple.

  87. My concern with all of this is that the day is coming when men can become women and all the science and drugs does such a good job that we can’t tell the difference. Why is this a problem? Because I have no doubt that more and more trans folks, will choose to not disclose their past, to everyone they choose to start a romantic relationship with or have a one-night stand with. I don’t care what anyone says; people have a right to know who/what they are getting romantic with!

    1. Yes, now we’ll have to get DNA, STD tests and credit reports for dating instead of just assuming everything is kosher.

  88. Oh ya, it’s such a common problem. Hey…civilized society doesn’t care about these freaks of nature.

  89. I think the tranny on the TiME cover is Wendy Williams…either her or Queen Latifah with some photoshopping.

  90. Since they are pretending to be a gender they are not, then let them go to the pretend bathroom outside. Why should any normal people have to deal with their craziness in any way?

  91. There is nothing here to “deal with,” except chronic delusion.

    All the surgery a human being can undergo will NEVER refashion a man into a woman or a woman into a man. NOT EVER. The moment the meds stop, so does the “transformation” come to a screeching halt–and right back to reality. So keep it real–men should keep using men’s rooms and women should keep using women’s rooms.

    Yeah, it’s really that simple.

  92. stop making yr life choice our want to be a different gender,you deal with it.dont force us to change too..

  93. Guess all public places are going to have to put in an “It” restroom…To me the Natural Born Woman was the one that got intimidated. What a transgender “Feels” in their head does not make it “So” in their bodies..Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with transgender people. However they appear to want everyone to pay attention to “Their” feelings, while they have no care for what others are feeling.

  94. So, if in the future, I am out in public with my 6 year old daughter, and she has a need to use the potty. Then while I’m waiting for her to come back out, some creepy guy dressed as a woman goes into the same restroom. the future course of that MAN”S life is going to be forever changed. He will NOT get the opportunity to explain that he feels like a woman. You are what You are, deal with it, and stop trying to force the rest of us to share in your creepy world.

    1. And you will be guilty of assault, possibly a hate crime.

      There have been zero cases of men dressing up as women and entering the opposite sex restroom for unsavory purposes.
      There have been many cases of trans women (and in some cases trans men) being assaulted, harassed, and intimidated in the restroom that conforms to their gender/gender identity.

      Trans women do not enter restrooms to harass six year olds. They enter to use the restroom for it’s intended purpose.

      If you beat somebody up for using the bathroom, the judge will not be sympathetic to your justification. You’ll end up going to jail, and not being with your daughter.

      All because of what?
      How constructive is that?

  95. If you have a penis, use the male bathroom. If you have a vagina, use the female one. This is not rocket science and should not be up for debate. And transgendered is just one form of the vast array of neurological disorders. Do we need to make exceptions for every form of dismorphia, just to make sure we don’t offend any more whack jobs?

  96. Anyone else sick of these weirdos having more rights than you? This gym will eventually end up in a lawsuit when one of these creeps gets caught peeping. I hope everyone remembers this gym’s name and boycotts it. if the rights of some weirdo come before my rights they don’t get my business.

  97. Cry all You want .We can’t accommodate everyone.That’s life.It’s tough all over.
    There are many men who call themselves women and dress as women who are still attracted to women.They shouldn’t be in women’s restrooms!

  98. If I was a woman and some ‘dude’ in a dress went into the girls bathroom and ‘whipped this out!” I’d be offended too!

  99. I was at a recent Festival and we decided to eat at a nice restaurant. As we were paying our bill which was oddly in the rear of the establishment . The restrooms were near the check out. The line to the ladies room was seven or so outside waiting to get in and the men’s with no line. Some of the women decided they would go in the men’s even though there were men in it. They marched right in with one telling a lady in line for the ladies room “I have seen those things before”. I was finishing paying when she came back out and laughed telling the lady she should go on in as she had just seen the biggest one she had ever seen??? She seemed quiet happy!

    1. This just proves that men and women can pee together and nothing bad will happen! More power to them! They might even find that it’s fun!

  100. Having both a “men’s restroom” and a “women’s restroom” is a complete waste of money and space. We should just have “restrooms” which either sex, or both simultaneously, can use. As long as the toilets are in separate stalls with locking doors, there is sufficient privacy. This arrangement is commonplace in several European and Asian countries. I’m amazed at all of the “adults” here who are acting like children. No, actually children wouldn’t have a problem sharing a restroom with the opposite sex.

  101. I have a simple solution. Let’s remove all signs on bathrooms that say men or women. All pictures with dresses or stick figures- gone. No pink or blue colors. One door can say penises only, the other can say vaginae only. Pictures could even be put up just in case someone is confused.

  102. There is a difference between using a locker room and using a bathroom. We have 2 bathrooms at work with a toilet and a sink in each one. No sharing. Locker rooms are different. No girl parts no girl locker room.

  103. simple regardless of your trans beliefs if you are a man and you walk into the bathroom with my wife or daughter at best you will get a serious beating or worse end of story period

  104. Wow I cannot believe how stupid people are, ranting on about something they know nothing about. Being transgendered is NOT a mental illness, it is a gender identity. Some people believe it or not, are born with a gender identity that is the opposite of their body is. It is a function of the brain that doesn’t match their physical body. How the hell would you feel if all your life you felt like and thought like a woman while you had a mans body…… it is a proven medical condition thanks to the genetics of the person…….. transphobes are stupid, stupid lazy people who can’t be bothered looking up these topics and finding out the facts. So if you were to see a transgendered person in the womens bathroom, that person isn’t interested in you sexually because they are a woman. They don’t think like men. the people you should be afraid of in the bathroom are men with male brains, who are more likely to be sexually attracted to you. The fact that they are in the bathroom in the first place is a big indicator of something not right, so duh???? . Oh and do any of you stupid people realize that gay, bi and lesbian people use the bathrooms too and they are sexually attracted to your sex, but don’t worry they won’t be attracted to you because not all gay people are in lust with every person they meet. Guys, how many men do you pee in front of at the urinal that might be gay??? Ladies how many women in the bathrooms do you come across that are lesbians???? Does that offend you???? And tell me, how many times have you been sexually assaulted in a bathroom? And if you have who has done it????? Let me guess a straight male???? I am so tired of stupid people who can’t get their lazy arses off the couch to read up and learn about the facts…….. And how would you feel if you had a transgendered brain and everyone treated you like rubbish because of it, no matter how good a person you were. Get over your selfish “oh I am uncomfortable with it…..crap cause the feeling doesn’t last long..but the constant shit flung at a transgendered person lasts forever. And you know what? Once you learn that the transgendered person in the bathroom is no threat to you (because you have bothered to read up on the issue), you’ll never have to feel uncomfortable at sharing the bathroom with a transgendered person ever again. Transphobes and homophobes are nothing but a bunch of scared lazy bullies, with no kindness or true understanding of love and humanity…….!!!!!!!

  105. As horrible as it might sound to some conservatives, the easiest answer is unisex bathrooms. I live and work in Taiwan, and there are some unisex bathrooms. The men stand along a wall and urinate with their backs to the interior of the room. Women come in and go to one of the stalls with a door that reaches all the way to the floor, so there is excellent privacy. The bathroom is for business and not socializing. Unisex is the way to go.

    1. They have had these at some U.S. colleges and universities, complete with showers, for the past 20 years. Men and women use those facilities at the same time and no one has a problem with it. If you didn’t have a problem with it in college, why would you have one now??

  106. And please be clear in your own mind of the difference between a bathroom and a locker room. Very different purposes. No one wants pervs in locker rooms, but the issue here is not a locker room. It’s a bathroom, the purpose of which is to take care of bodily needs in private. Unisex bathrooms provide this privacy.

  107. Gender is a physiological entity, just like a finger or an eye or a rib. People are not “assigned” a gender at birth, the ARE a gender at birth. Any “opinion” to the contrary is not an opinion, it’s a delusion. No, that is not hater talk, that is not bigotry, that is a physiological biological fact. Period. What a person “feels” in their mind is not gender, it’s their persona. As for this statement made by the gym in Michigan: “Planet Fitness is committed to creating a non-intimidating, welcoming environment” WHA???? The vast majority of women in this nation will find it intimidating and unwelcoming to have people with penises in their dressing rooms and showers and bathrooms. What kind of sick mentality expects American women to feel any differently? Those about to reply to this comment with your “get an education” “Bigot” “hater” replies; America is sick of that, too. YOUR mentality is the bully, the deranged, the uneducated. Dude, you have a penis. You are male. You are not a women trapped in a man’s body, you are a man who wishes he was a woman. Get over it. I am a short guy who wishes he was tall, but I do not demand an NBA team sign me up. America is so sick of this utter non-sense trying to present itself as an “enlightenment.”

    1. You may have it backwards. The person in the women’s locker room wasn’t a person with a penis who looked and dressed like a woman (if so, how did the complainant know it was a “man”?). It was a person with a vagina who looked and dressed as a man, i.e., had male features, beard, mustache, etc. According to you, that person did indeed have the right to use the women’s locker room.

  108. As a woman, I resent this. I have rights, too. What dictates use of the bathroom is your genitalia. It is improper for a man to use the same facilities as a woman, even if he identifies as female. While I’m sympathetic with his predicament, he surely recognizes the fact that he has a penis and is outwardly and for all intents and purposes, for bodily functions, a male. I have never used a unisex bathroom, nor would I. Why would he not use the male bathroom? Is he dressed as a woman? Is that it? So people figure it’d be easier battling women over this than subjecting males to the horror of sharing a bathroom with a male wearing a dress and wig? I just don’t get it. Identify how you wish. But that’s not what dictates use of bathrooms.

      1. Yes, I did. I’ve also seen documentaries about transgenders. They are male, totally and completely, with a compulsion to dress and live as women. Some take this further with sex change operations. If they have a penis, they are male and should use the bathrooms that the other people with penises use. Why wouldn’t they? What’s the big deal? Do they think they’ll get beaten up? So it’s easier to push in on women? They have a problem. But it’s THEIR problem.

    1. I am educated about transgenders. They have a compulsion to dress and live as a woman. Except they are not women. They have the chromosomes, the brain, the skeleton, the build, the hands and feet, the skin, the gentials of a man. They are physically and biologically male in every way. It is wrong to force women to use the bathroom with men.

      1. It’s wrong??? It happens in college dorms all over the US! Many of the coed dorms today have just one large COED bathroom and shower room on each floor, which is used by both men AND women students at the same time, and very few problems have been reported. It looks like you need to mature a bit…

  109. I do not see why this is so complicated, it doesn’t matter what they want to be. If they still have the equipment they were born with, that is what bathroom they use.

  110. How about this princesses, we all have to shit and piss, do you do it any better than me? I think not, you are just as full of shit and piss. Get over it. When I’m in the bathroom it’s to evacuate, not to pick up on your sorry ass.

  111. just curious.. if the person in the wrong restroom is actually a rapist looking for easy prey…is planet fitness ready to take responsibility for not protecting its genetically female members and face charges of endangering their clients??rule should be if you have something that hangs between your legs you belong in the mens room..if you want to to identify as a woman and get treated like one cut it off!

  112. people WHO! think they are the other sex are truly mentally retarded. if you have the parts for a man you are a man if you have the parts for a woman you are a woman. there is no GRAY AREA . none. get over your pathetic pity me I am a sick degenerate mode. face reality and live the good life if you have man parts you are a man ACCEPT that. if you have woman parts EXCEPT THAT there is not changing in biology self demented and delusional is all you are man parts man, woman parts woman. no if and or butts. period period

  113. Until you have had to deal with it personally you can make all the assumptions you want. It is unfortunate but undisputable that it is disturbing, very disruptive to the rest of us that are acting and living according to our “Original equipment” and “this” minority that has flourished in the last 6 years fits in perfectly with the free for all that has taken place since Jan 20-2009

    1. Europe has lots of mixed gender bathrooms. It didn’t bother me one bit to have women using toilets right next to me or when I used a urinal. If you really find this disturbing, I think you need to grow up.

      1. I’ve been to a mixed gender restroom before too. It was no big deal. There were no urinals, just stalls. Men and woman both went in and out and there was no problems. We are all adults and we all have to pee and poop….its a normal bodily function. Not sure why everyone gets so uptight about it. As far as kids…yes, that might complicate things BUT parents should escort kids to the bathroom anyway (for several reasons). Or if available, use a family restroom.

  114. If thats the case anybody can say theyre “transgendered” and walk into a bathroom… i mean common how would u feel u half naked dressing in a gym locker/bathroom and a guy walks in… common now… a unisex bathroom is not that complicated

  115. Great news..,,, now we know what Gym we can send all the pervs to so they can be *Bi* and feel like a woman for the day to look at changing women in the locker room. I really hope some of these people pushing to allow such end up getting personally assaulted by this and have their families assaulted by this. Its a seriously tragedy and misuse of the the *discrimination based on sex* law. It was never intended for this sort of nonsense and these people will never learn until it has a serious impact on their personal lives.

  116. I wish all restrooms only accommodated one person. Can’t stand having others around when I go, or being in the same room as others when they go, GROSS!

  117. ok this is not that difficult whatever gender you are presenting as you use that restroom .lets make some facts or myths absent . the transexual or transgendered perosn is in the rest roomto use the potty not as some peeping tom or rapist. get in get done get out no problem! simple! if your mtf tthough ya should have a purse along and in that purse should be a pad and tampon. when in rome do as the romans do. so be prepared to help a female in need of a pad or tampon . .sit dont stand when peeing , should be a no brainer but some have to be told . now to put this in proper perspective imagine your the parent of a teenage or younger lil transexual mtf , she is dressed like a girl wearing makeup and jewelry ,do you really think it would be right to send her into a boys restroom at a truckstop. well do you? to help many of you adjust to the new world show respect use the proper pronouns for the gender the appear as .they just wish to blend in with ther target gender they dont want anything different than what is expected ffrom that gender . wannamake adifference make one of them glow , its easy just call a mtf person ms or a ftm one sir and watch their response.

  118. Crazy and Insane as this may sound: Telling someone to use the correct restroom according to their physical birth is not sex discrimination.

    I don’t think Transgender people are crazy. I believe the ones who decide everything LGBT do are acceptable and lawful are insane. Help us in this topsy tervy world of identity crisis. Yes it a crisis when people are forced by some unwritten law to accept a lie. It is a lie anyway to say it or do it. He is not a woman. He can choose live as
    woman, but he is still not a female with a penis because he puts on a dress. Sorry for the rude awakening, but please somebody open their eyes to the truth.

    Be who you are, LGBT or whatever, but you will not make me believe a lie. Your rights to be do not override the truth. Your rights do not change the fact that a man identifying as a woman should not be in the bathroom with females. Yes there is a difference whether anyone want to acknowledge that fact or not. Insanity at its best.

      1. My thoughts exactly. Know the difference-Know There Is a Difference! Just as there is a difference between transgender and transvestite:

        Same-Sex Marriage and Gender Identity is two very different things. One explains and identifies exactly who they are, but sincere self-reported “Gender Identity” leaves it up to interpretation. So this honors the rights of Gender Identity sexes as preferred over the rights of others. They want people to believe it really does not matter and is no different. Who’s fooling who??? Who is crazy? Who has made this judgment for all the world that a female who is a “he” can invade the privacy of the female that is a “she”. Sounds a bit confusing. Well it is. Just Saying.

        1. Please educate yourself on trans issues before making comments. A transwoman is not out to invade another woman’s privacy. All they want is to blend in and be like every other woman. No one chooses to be trans. You think life is hard? Try living in the wrong body and being hate upon and discriminated against and living every moment in fear because someone with hate in their heart could beat you or kill you for trying to align your mind with your body. Yeah, I thank my lucky stars every day that I don’t have to deal with those issues. But my best friend does and it breaks my heart to see her in so much pain because of the hatred and intolerance of society.

          1. Dear Jessa Mc: I in no way believe that anyone should be mistreated, hated or abused because of who they are. My heart goes out to your friend, but that does Not change the truth. The truth does not change. There are extremes in every area, whether heterosexual or LGBT. Lumping everyone in one category is not the answer. Every time someone disagrees with the agenda of the LGBT community, they are labeledvery negatively. I supported LGBT and same-sex marriage until I realized the extremes that some will go to. These have turned into the haters and abusers of people who disagree with them-(not with who they are.)

            They want gay or transgender pride and self-esteem. Then it starts with knowing who you are and accepting yourself first. It starts with you. In same-sex, they acknowledge the
            truth that they are of the same gender. In transgender, you acknowledge by the very definition that you are
            different. It is OK to be different. It is Not OK to try to force
            people to believe a lie is the truth. How can I accept who you are, if you do Not accept who you are??? Now you want to hate on me and label me because what you say makes no sense to me. You want to be who you are Not.
            This is a dead end street. No one can magically turn themselves into something else—Black or White or Asian—Cat or Horse or Bird—Male or Female or Trans.
            Be Who You Are! You are who you are. No make believe. No shaming. No lies. The truth will set you free. And a lie will Not live forever, even if laws are passed to declare it so. Who’s fooling who? And thanks for the education.

  119. I think an office restroom is a very different place than a gym locker room.

    For one, there is the expectation that you go in, find a stall, and shut the door for privacy. But locker rooms are bigger and have many, many more open areas in which you have no privacy at all.

    Yes, companies could have unisex restrooms. But really, if the person is dressing the part (at least making an effort to show the gender they identify with publicly) – I am not sure anyone should have a problem sharing the no-privacy sink area with them.

    I do acknowledge, that I am female and that the male urinals offer some different challenges from the all-stall female side. But…again…either party here could find the stall for privacy.

  120. when dressed I will use the ladies room, however I enter go to a stall close the door do my business , and leave , however in the case of a locker room or shower if there are no private facilities I either would not use or go as a guy

  121. Ultimately women need to grow up and stop bitching about everything. Problem solved. I don’t have a problem with a transgender female using the men’s bathroom.

        1. Uh, okay. Well, I don’t think that is an “experiment” that transwomen are comfortable trying out. It only takes one man to get the wrong idea and beat or kill a transwoman for using the wrong restroom.

          1. While I was using a urinal in a public restroom in Italy, a cleaning woman was mopping the floor right behind me. She didn’t pay any attention to the men, and we weren’t bothered by her at all. We’re all adults; we have all seen (or should have seen) the opposite sex naked many times.

      1. Most men could care less. And any man who hits a woman is considered a coward even if she is trans. In a way that’s part of the problem, women get away with complaining much more then men do, mainly because they can hide behind their husbands/boyfriends. If a guy complained about half the things women complain about he’d get his ass kicked. And rightly so. Like I stated, a lot of women just need to grow up.

  122. If you have ever been to Europe you will notice that many of the public restrooms (Toilets) are co-ed! It’s no big deal. The doors to the stalls are like room doors! They are solid from ceiling to floor and almost sound proofed! You go in, do your business and come out and stand next to someone of the opposite sex while you wash your hands. No big thing! Employees could consider this approach. Also I personally don’t care whose in the next stall or urinal! We shouldn’t be peeking anyway!

  123. Thank You President Obama. All Perverts, Pedophiles and Voyeurs can come out of the closet. No more discrimination or hiding who we are. All we need to do is say today I feel like a woman! Their isn’t a test or proof it is our word against nobody. We are free to openly walk into women’s locker rooms, women’s bathrooms and most of all little girls bathrooms. We are free to fulfill and enjoy our wildest sexual fantasies. Thank You President Obama and your political correctioness.

  124. I don’t care what’s going on in your head. If you have junk, you use the men’s room, if not, seek the alternative. If you’ve actually had your junk removed, I’ll cut you some slack.

  125. Female genes are XX. Male genes are XY. I don.t want to see anyone with XY genes coming into the restroom I am in, period!

    1. What are you going to do, take it on yourself to do blood tests at the door of the restroom? Demand to see someone’s birth certificate?

  126. If America will stop having these idiotic conversations we might actually find the time to accomplish something beneficial to ourselves and our posterity. What will future generations think of all the time and resources squandered over such ridiculous issues. Are you really this stupid, fellow Americans?

  127. Just how many times has ANYONE ever seen or heard of a rapist dressing up in women’s clothes to go troll a bathroom and lie in wait for his victim ?

    1. Exactly. And what’s stopping them from doing that now? I don’t see how allowing transwomen to use the womans restroom will suddenly open the gates and a bunch of men will all the sudden dress up in a wig to go around assaulting people in bathrooms. Its ridiculous.

      1. Well, these morons listen to Faux News & Televangelists like Pat Robertson telling them we are all sex perverts and get all bent out of shape over diddly squat. That is how fear mongering works and it not only brings in $$$ but also votes for the returdlican’t party nitwits who do the same fear mongering when they campaign !
        If they can get these wack-a-doodles to focus on the LGBT’s then they have much less time to notice they are being robbed blind by the GOPer’s !

  128. What’s the problem? Unisex bathrooms for all, one big happy family. Lewd conduct laws will be obsolete soon.

  129. Geez, for the last time.
    Being a trans woman (or trans man) is much more than simply one day donning the clothing of a particular gender and dictating yourself that gender.

    It is a commitment to living as the gender of one’s identity, and part of the long process of transitioning. You can’t, as one reader suggested, simply feel feminine one day, put on a dress and waltz into the ladies room. That’s not how it works.

    It’s the whole deal. It’s identifying and making a commitment to live as that gender. The genital reassignment surgery is the last step after the long process, and is often not performed until years after the initial switch. Has to be done with the blessing of the entire medical team, especially the psychiatrist, which is understandable (you don’t want someone changing their minds after the surgery)

    The whole requirement of “genitals must match the restroom” is bogus anyway. What are you going to do, perform a genital check at the door? And it raises the question: Between the person so concerned with another person’s genitals vs someone in there to use the bathroom for it’s intended purpose in the place that matches their identity and appearance, who has the bigger problem?

    Ask yourself this. In recent history, can you think of a singe case where a person was harassed or assaulted by a trans person in the restroom?
    I can’t either.

    Any cases of a trans woman lifting her dress and flapping her wiener around?
    None, right? Because if you are identifying as a gender, you are not going to flaunt things that are of the opposite sex. It’s counter productive.

    How about this:
    How many cases where a trans person was harassed, intimidated or assaulted in the restroom that matches their identity?
    A lot.

    It would also be my thinking that anyone attempting to gain access to the opposite sex restroom for unsavory purposes could find an easier way to do it than keeping up a ruse of living as the opposite gender long term. I don’t think there has been a single case of that, either.

    And as far as worrying about who feels comfortable, I think we should give that one to trans people. They already have enough of a challenge without being subjected to shoddy treatment by a bunch of intolerant prats. That’s what we should be focusing on: helping these people make their transitioning easier with as little drama as possible.

    I am man who has always been a man and happy to be one at that, and in the men’s room, there is a rule that all men follow:
    Go in, do your thing, mind your business, get out.
    You wanna know why there’s no line for the men’s room?
    There you go!

    1. Great post! But these people don’t care about reason and fact. You can argue until you are blue in the face but the bottom line is, they don’t understand trans issues. They claim to be educated but I have yet to see such a thing on here. No one chooses to be trans. It’s an extremely hard life full of obstacles, hatred, and discrimination from others. There is a reason the suicide rate is so high with the trans population.

      1. Yeah, it’s positively awful. It seems like people always need a scapegoat and trans people are the scapegoat, for now.
        This whole thing is a very simple concept, and I fail to understand how people are not getting this. I understand there are people who might have hang-ups. But the last time I looked, it is the person who has the hang-up with the problem, and we, as a society shouldn’t have to acquiesce to that hang-up.

        Instead, we should be thanking our lucky stars that:
        A: We are happy with our gender
        B: We have reached such a level scientifically and medically that if not, it can be remedied.

        As human beings, I think this is one of the major areas where we really need to get our shit together!

        1. I have seen my best friend go through transition from start to finish and I wouldn’t wish that upon my worst enemy. We think life is hard but its nothing compared to what the trans community is subjected to. These people have no idea. They really don’t.

        2. I understand you completely. Once you get the law changed to protect your rights. All women will loose their rights. You will be able to get rich suing women for discrimination because they can not get undressed and shower in front of you.

          1. I think it is funny that you are assuming I am trans! I think I might have shaved my beard off for the photo!

      2. I understand you very well. Only your rights are important. Soon you will sue any woman who discriminates against you because they can not get undressed and shower in front of you.

        1. Are you assuming that I’m transgendered because I defend their rights? Guess what…..I’m not. I’m just an advocate for equal rights. Nice try, though

          1. He did that to me, too.
            If he looks at my photo, he’d note what a manly looking woman I was!

          2. Yeah, they’re good at grasping at straws. They can’t see past their own hatred and intolerance.

    2. So when you win your rights. Will you sue any woman who can not get undressed and shower in front of you? You will make a good living suing women for discrimination because they hurt your itsy bitsy feelings for refusing to get undressed and shower in front of you. You will become rich and force the closure of all locker rooms and public bathrooms. Thank You President Obama for allowing political corrections get out of control.

      1. Me? Are you assuming I am trans? I am not; I am a man, and happy to be one.
        And as a man, who plans to remain a man, thinks like a man and does man things, of course it would not be appropriate for me to be in the women’s room.

        But people who are transitioning, and have made the commitment to live as that gender are within their rights to use the facilities that conform to their gender identity without being harassed or intimidated.

        It goes for trans women, it goes for trans men.
        (and just for the record, the person who is doing the harassing is the one who accosts, draws unnecessary attention to another person)

        In this day and age, gender transitioning is a very real thing. For most us, it’s not going to change. We remain the gender we were at birth and are satisfied with that.

        There are going to be some people who will transition. And it is the least we can do, as human beings to let them do it and all it entails without harassment or ostracization.

        Some people will think it’s “icky” or have other hangups about it. We don’t have to pander to people’s hangups.

        But I’m stil chuckling at your assumption. If you look at my photo, I’d be a pretty manly looking woman!

  130. Normal is a state of mind.

    Abnormal is a different state of mind. Drugs sure help with the abnormal state.

  131. Locker rooms are not bathrooms; it must have been extremely “intimidating” (the word used in Planet Fitness’ policy) to the woman who was naked in front of a male! The transgender individual may have FELT like a female inside, but to that poor woman, it was like being naked in front of a man. The locker room is an extremely vulnerable place for women. I would NOT, however, want that transgender person to be forced to go into the men’s locker room either. What Planet Fitness needs to do is put changing stalls in their locker rooms. Until they do, however, I think people should be in the locker room where everyone has the same BODY PARTS AS THEY DO. I do not want to see anyone’s package in a locker room, and my husband would be ticked if he found out I had!

    1. I don’t think she was flapping her wiener around in the locker room, and the last time I looked, it is very bad form to look at the genitalia of others in the restroom/locker room.

      it is behavior that, in the men’s room, is likely to get you beat up.

      From what I read, the trans woman wasn’t doing anything that was intimidating. She was simply using the locker room for its intended purpose, minding her business, and was not doing anything that would draw attention to herself.

      If the other woman had been using the locker room for its intended purpose and not paying attention to others, we wouldn’t be having this issue. Instead, she chose to create a hostile and unsafe environment for the trans women.

      Everybody is free to use the restroom without harassment.
      And the harasser is the one doing the harassing (accosting another person, drawing attention to another person, threatening another person etc)

    2. Every transwoman I know would do anything to avoid being “outed”. They are not going to walk around a womans locker room with their “junk” hanging out. It goes against everything they are trying to accomplish (fitting in as any other woman).

  132. We keep using this term ‘trans gender’ like it is real. It is not & there is no such thing, & those of the population who do have gender identity (mental) problems, seem to think that it is their right to ‘invade’ the space of the opposite sex & it is our duty to support them. Also this ‘right’ seems to be supported by the mainstream & therefore must reflect the degenerate nature, absence of morals & lack of spiritual direction that a society must achieve to characterize this kind of retarded behavior as normal.

    1. Well, that depends. Do you identify as female? Have you seen a physician to get medically cleared for hormone therapy? Have you seen a psychiatrist to get mentally cleared for transition? Yeah, see, its not as simple as just throwing on a wig and claiming to be female. Get a clue, people.

        1. I never claimed to be such. I’m just giving you an example of what trans people have to go through. I’m not trans but my best friend is and I’ve seen her go through hell and back just to live some semblance of a “normal” life. What you take for granted….they wish for. There is no agenda to assault someone in the restroom or invade anyone’s privacy.

          1. Then who can use the womens’ room and who can not? Are there any restrictions at all? If so, what are they?

  133. The Far Left liberal mentality is at its most clueless and bullying when it comes to transsgender issues. Hello! Transsgenders are WANNA BE males or females and their perspectives are based completely on DELUSIONS!!!! – No different from people with any other type of delusion like thinking they are Jesus Christ or Cleopatra or a cat person. It is inherently very dishonest on the part of people to treat these people as if they were their wanna be gender.

    No one should have to be made uncomfortable because of transsgender’s delusions and the resulting delusional behaivors and the the liberals bullying others into sharing traditional female only spaces or typically male only spaces.

    The biggest injustice out of all of this is allowing biological males to compete in sports as if they were females. Hello! This is equivalent to allowing people who take performance enhancing drugs to compete against people who don’t take performance enhancing drugs – which almost everyone knows is illegal and doing so has caused many athletes to lose their medals and other negative consequences. The genetic male body is physically stronger and more athletic in every way and only the best genetic female athletes would be able to physically compete against a genetic male. But then this is just more complete hypocrisy from those with the mental disorder of liberalism.

    Liberals are obviously just as completely confused as GLBT people and clueless about just about everything!

  134. Another big problem with the transsexual issue is that any male can pretend to be a transsexual to help him get into women’s rooms to assault women and children when the right opportunity comes. Allowing obviously males dressed up like females into a women’s rest room can give criminals an opportunity that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

    Women and children HAVE BEEN raped in female rest rooms in the past in locations like parks, elementary schools, etc.

    There is no test available to prove that someone is REALLY transsexual. It is a totally subjective issue with no test available to prove they are not. Same with any GLBT person – these are completely behaviors and ways that these people relate to others – no way to objectively determine if a person is really GLBT.

    1. Okay, so you said that woman and children have been raped in female restrooms in the past. This is BEFORE any of the trans issues being discussed now. You do realize that, right?

      1. For all I know, any man who raped women or children in women’s restrooms might have been disguised as a transsexual.

        There are a number of issues here. I don’t see how the issue that you raise with your question is relevant.

        What liberals ignore with their pushing of behavior previously defined as devient and immoral is that these behaviors have always made people uncomfortable. It is not true that any person can change their gender for one and all these people do that try is to abuse themselves and to mutilate their bodies. Most men who try to have surgery to look like women still look very much like males and are only kidding themselves. The trans genetic males who look like women after spending a small fortune trying to are still not real women.

        1. You don’t have the slightest idea of what you are talking about. You should search online for “Christine Smetzer”, a beautiful 15 year old girl who was raped and murdered in a high school GIRLS’ restroom BY A MALE STUDENT who had cut class and was hiding in a stall. He was NOT trans.

  135. I watched the Dr. Oz show this evening where Tom the transsexual said that after all the surgeries and so on in his attempt to be a fake female that for he felt “real” for the first time. Interesting that someone would feel “real” with fake breasts, a fake vagina that likely has no sensation since modern medicine still has not figured how to hook up nerves successfully, possibly a fake vagina made and all the other fake things they have in their attempt to be something that they can never truly become – a person of the gender that their DNA is not.

    The attempt to make people accept transgenders and their behaviors as normal and to accept the huge lie that it is possible to change one’s gender is even more sick (inherently dishonest) and depraved than trying to get people to accept same sex sexual “love” although that certainly has its baggage – inconvenient truths also.

    1. LOL, that is great. So men or woman need fake body parts to make them feel……….human.

      How inhumane is that!

  136. It is obvious by a lot of these posts that some of you didn’t read the original story. The woman who lost her membership was asked to wait to use the ladies locker room. She was asked to do so because a person who was in the process of transitioning was using it at the time. The person transitioning was indeed a male to female transition and had not fully transitioned yet. That is why she went around telling other women there was a man in the locker room.

  137. Repeat: I in no way believe that anyone should be mistreated, hated or abused because of who they are. My heart goes out to your friend, but that does Not change the truth. The truth does not change. There are extremes in every area, whether heterosexual or LGBT. Lumping everyone in one category is not the answer. Every time someone disagrees with the agenda of the LGBT community, they are labeled very negatively. I supported LGBT and same-sex marriage until I realized the extremes that some will go to. These have turned into the haters and abusers of people who disagree with them-(not with who they are.)

    They want gay or transgender pride and self-esteem. Then it starts with knowing who you are and accepting yourself first. It starts with you. In same-sex, they acknowledge the truth that they are of the same gender. In transgender, you acknowledge by the very definition that you are different. It is OK to be different. It is Not OK to try to force people to believe a lie is the truth. How can I accept who you are, if you do Not accept who you are??? Now you want to hate on me and label me
    because what you say makes no sense to me. You want to be who you are Not.
    This is a dead end street. No one can magically turn themselves into something else—Black or White or Asian—Cat or Horse or Bird—Male or Female or Trans.
    Be Who You Are! You are who you are. No make believe. No shaming. No lies. The truth will set you free. And a lie will Not live forever, even if laws are passed to declare it so. Who’s fooling who? And thanks for the education.

  138. mentally ill men: MTF TRANSEXUALS – sick delusional perverted exhibitionists should be arrested for public indecency when they are caught in a woman’s restroom-the law should protect women from the illegal intrusion of small penis men wearing dresses who lives are nothing but a twisted masturbation fantasy-deranged men jacking off in the bathroom stalls of woman’s restrooms is not a civil right!!!

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