Company Ordered to Re-Hire Employee Fired For “Racist, Offensive” Speech

By Eric B. Meyer

An employee was caught on video saying to black employees, “Hey, did you bring enough KFC for everyone?” and “Hey, anybody smell that? I smell fried chicken and watermelon.

The company had a strict anti-harassment policy. So, after learning about the comments, the company fired the employee.

So, what would compel an Administrative Law Judge to require that the company reinstate him?

Why fired employee was reinstated

Well, it’s not like he’s a violent racist.

It’s because of the National Labor Relations Act. And, apparently, an employee can make all of the incredibly racist comments he wants with impunity — as long as he’s on a picket line (engaged in protected concerted activity) and the statements are unaccompanied by threats or acts of intimidation. So says an Administrative Law Judge in this opinion:

[The] “KFC” and “fried chicken and watermelon” statements most certainly were racist, offensive, and reprehensible, but they were not violent in character, and they did not contain any overt or implied threats to replacement workers or their property….The record evidence in this case does not establish that Runion’s statements were coercive or intimidating to the exercise of employees’ Section 7 rights, and it does not establish that the statements raised the likelihood of imminent physical confrontation.”

NLRA 1 – Title VII 0

So, you’re thinking, wait a minute! The company had an anti-harassment policy. Doesn’t that carry any weight here?

No. Well, unless the anti-harassment policy references picketing (yours doesn’t?). Again, according to the judge’s opinion:

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The Respondent correctly asserts that pursuant to its harassment policy, employees who violate it may be disciplined or discharged. Clearly, the Respondent has the authority to enforce company policy in the workplace. Contrary to Respondent’s assertions, however, Runion’s racist comments cannot be analyzed in a vacuum…In this regard, the harassment policy makes no reference to conduct on the picket line in situations in which such policy violations occurred in the context of conduct protected by the Act.”

So, let’s play this out. The National Labor Relations Act precludes taking action here, unless you have a anti-harassment-cum-picket policy.

What’s an employer to do?

OK, so what happens when this behavior repeats itself enough that a victim files a charge at the EEOC alleging a hostile work environment. A hostile work environment that the employer did nothing to stop. How’s that respondent’s superior defense — the one where an employer who knows of workplace discrimination must act reasonably to end it — gonna fly?

Well, you see, Your Honor. You have to understand that this took place on a picket line. You know, a picket line. And a picket line isn’t part of the workplace. Well, not technically. So, what can you do, right?

Good luck with that!

This was originally published on Eric B. Meyer’s blog, The Employer Handbook.

You know that scientist in the action movie who has all the right answers if only the government would just pay attention? Eric B. Meyer, Esq. gets companies HR-compliant before the action sequence. Serving clients nationwide, Eric is a Partner at FisherBroyles, LLP, which is the largest full-service, cloud-based law firm in the world, with approximately 210 attorneys in 21 offices nationwide. Eric is also a volunteer EEOC mediator, a paid private mediator, and publisher of The Employer Handbook (, which is pretty much the best employment law blog ever. That, and he's been quoted in the British tabloids. #Bucketlist.


500 Comments on “Company Ordered to Re-Hire Employee Fired For “Racist, Offensive” Speech

  1. Actually, in the hypothetical future lawsuit the company will point to this precedent as their reason for taking no action and the action against them would be dropped.

  2. I wish you would only show pictures of this guy, interesting that he would saying something so offensive and nobody would take his picture.

  3. It’s funny – if people were more well read, no offense could have possibly been given. Stats show that whites eat more watermelon than blacks. I know that this person meant to be provocative and racist – but, if they had known the actually lie of the stereotype, then there would be no reason to consider the remark racist – the joke would be on the person attempting to be racist.

    As for fried chicken, that is something brought over to America from Europe, either Poland or a country around that area – i learned that this week from watching the FoodNetwork!! Lol!! Who knew!!!

    All stupid racist remarks can be debunked quite easily.

    1. That’s a load of CRAP. Watermelon and fried chicken have long been a black stereotype in America. Those are now and have been staple foods for poor blacks. So no, you didn’t debunk anything.

      1. Yes, it HAS BEEN a stereotype of blacks in America. However, the TRUTH IS – more whites eat watermelon than blacks and that fried chicken was something brought over from europe – if you read more, you wouldn’t be so surprised!! Lol!!!

        And, YES, I most definitely DID debunk exactly what i intended to. All you have to do is look it up! But you won’t cause you’re afraid to!

        Now, go and take your meds – your blood pressure is rising and you don’t want to have a stroke do you? Lol!!

        1. It may be true that white people in the US eat more watermelon that black people. Do you think that maybe it’s because there are a helluva lot more white people in the US? What’s the amount per capita? Hmmm?

          1. Glenn, black people don’t understand what “per capita” even means. You’re wasting your time.

          2. Wow… did a black man take your wife or girlfriend? You have a lot of hatred. Must be hard for you to watch any type of sporting event or tv without getting heated….

          3. Awwwww poor Robert thinks that all blacks are dumber than he is. Does this comment boost your superiority complex? I’m sure I can find plenty of white folks who don’t know what per capita means… however… I know what it means, I know plenty of blacks who do and I’m CERTAIN that we are all more successful than you… Mr. Miserable.

          4. Excuse me racist, I am black so let me edify you on what “per
            capita” means. Having two Master’s I love to educate imprudent white hillbilly
            such as you. So here’s to you and all the racist White
            Southerner who owns a shotgun, goes barefoot, wears a worn out floppy hat,
            drinks moonshine and whiskey which I am sure you make yourself, plays the banjo
            or fiddle, drives old beat up pickup trucks, has bad teeth, is poorly educated,
            has a long beard, wears worn out clothes and hand me downs, and is happy and
            content with what they have. Per Capita = per unit of population, by
            or for each person it’s the highest income per capita of any state in the

          5. Campbell: You’ve eaten so much watermelon and extra-crispy you’ve regressed to the third grade. Also, you shouldn’t copy stuff out of a dictionary to prove your point. You may come across as looking stupid. Hmmm….

          6. And I suppose everyone around your trailer park is as educated as you with one of them mail-order GEDs, Robert?

          7. @Robert Buchanan- You sir are a racist dope!! I always see many white people who are lower in class, being the most racist! Its like, I am not that intelligent, and have a lousy low paying job, but hey at least I am white! Big deal the only ones who cares that you ar white are you , and other racists!(I bet you too wish your skin had color like ours, as you are probably somewhere tanning by your trailer, now how is that for a stereotype, right?!) I am black and was always number one in my jobs,(contract jobs), over white people matter of fact they took away all of their most difficult cases and asked me to solve them, which I always did. Even the white administrators met with me, to ask me how to handle their company’s problems. Personally I should have had their positions, as many of them were incompetent, and only got the position because of their color and education. Education is something I also have, but many racists such as yourself cannot see beyond skin color. However I never gave them all of my business strategies, and improvements, ha! My 30 year old daughter is a engineer and is a boss to many white people, many who are much older than her, white men included!! She graduated college in the top 3% of her class, and was a teachers aid and tutor of mathematics! Her favorite subjects were calculus and physics in which she excelled. She had many fortune 500 companies offering her a position, and was flown to interviews all across the country! So, so much for your theory about blacks being intellectually inferior. BTW, my nephew is a manager for a large fortune 500 corporation and is charge of a large amount of white employees!! So now what?!

          8. Robert Some of us do ,I hold an associate and Bachelors in Business and Political Science respectively and a Masters in Social work ” with emphasis on mental health” But in your case you have a sister named capita, probable related to the Duggars.

          9. Well we all know white people understand what “mass shootings”, “serial killings”, and “molesting kids” means!!

        2. Although I am not denying your “facts”. From what I have read most people say “look it up” when they have no proof. Not claiming a fact just stating what I have seen.

        3. Either that went well over your head or your inbred mind can’t grasp simple concepts, knowingoneify.

      2. they are staple food for everyone. I don’t know a single white person that does not love chicken. People in general do not pass up watermelon.

        1. Everybody knows it’s a dumb stereotype. That doesn’t mean that the intent isn’t to be racist. OMG are you people THAT dumb?

          1. Only a racist would say that to a black person. When I am around jewish people, I don’t mention the holocaust… do I have to explain why? I also don’t make Pearl Harbor jokes around Japanese people, do I need to explain why?

          2. @ Cam – I hope you would not make Pearl harbor Jokes to Japanese People. I think you meant to say Hiroshima or Nagasaki Jokes. Just My Opinion on What you might have meant to say!!!

        2. Here is your homework look up the word ‘stereotype,’ then get back to us Cam, that is if you can find a dictionary at your trailer park.

      3. What was being pointed out is that fried chicken and watermelon are stereotypes of blacks which are not consistent with facts.

        1. No. We’re saying its a stereotype created by whites to berate blacks. Regardless of its legitimacy. It is hate speech, plain and simple/black and white.

          1. I don’t see how fried chicken and watermelon is considered racist at all. KFC doesn’t even sell watermelon, The jiggaboo at the counter told me so.

      4. Sorry jim( little j intended), I don’t like watermelon and am sick of chicken or any flesh. I am a black vegetarian.

    2. Says the person who either doesn’t know or ignores the origin of the charactures used to slur Blacks (or any other groups). Easy for you to say get over it because it personally doesn’t offend you. Why should anyone be made to feel uncomfortable or even offended at work?

    3. No matter the facts of food consumption by race, the clear intent of these statements was to harass. That’s all that matters. The idea that someone doesn’t have cause to be offended when another person’s express purpose is to offend them is absurd.

    4. But the remarks are still racist, regardless of their validity or history. White people created the stereotype, and they are the ones who hurl them so as to offend. Well, offense is taken. I would have become the violent one to show the white fool the error of his way.

  4. Racism used to be a lot more than some feeble comment. We have become so sissified today. He should have his job. And only be fired if he makes racist decisions. People are relatively free to express their opinions, regardless of the censorship the left is currently engaged in.

    1. People are free to make whatever opinions then want and as a business owner I have every right to employ the people whose opinions align with mine. This guy won this battle but I guarantee the bosses will find some other reason to dump this dummy. There are millions of reasons.

      1. You better watch what you say, although I do agree with you, people have been lead to believe you have no rights as a business owner. You must do as the majority says or they will use the Government for force you.

          1. I don’t know anyone who wasn’t independently wealthy that started their business without a loan. IJS

          2. You don’t get out much.
            A loan is there for anyone who is willing to risk it and has the good credit.
            So, no! Not everyone built a business, just the person who took the risk.

          3. Boy you don’t know much about anything do you?

            The person who took the risk, with the money that he got from the bank. Why did the bank loan some guy with no income money? Because the loans are government backed.

            I’m sure you don’t know this, but it takes more than dreams.

      2. Sorry but you don’t have that right, don’t believe it? look at all the pervs that force employers to capitulate to their perversions.

        1. I absolutely do as long as my actions are in line with the law. Sorry but I don’t look at anybody as being pervs. The people who throw those words around at others are usually insecure themselves. Back to this point though, this employer made the mistake of not thinking it through and documenting it in the code of conduct.

          1. Whether you consider people pervs or not doesn’t change what they are, or are you saying pedo’s are not pervs?

        2. The worst perversion is the child abuse that results from people forcing children to believe medieval nonsense cloaked in the protection of religion.

        1. It’s a union workplace, that’s why its decided by the NLRB involving Cooper Tire & AFL-CIO in Findlay Ohio, which this jerk couldn’t be bothered to mention

    2. So if someone came with 9/11 speech and deriding America, you’d be OK with that? You are right, people are relatively free to express their opinions, so if someone got physical and dropped you for your “feeble” comment, isn’t he expressing himself?
      Be careful of the lines you draw, Tarzan.

      1. I’m sorry, but the initiation of force is only exceptionable, the person is yelling at you and posing a credible threat to you or your property. That is what a rights is, not having to use force to exercise that right. So the moment that the force is initiated, you are not using your rights.

        That is what, to me, the issue is here. The business owner has a policy that the person violated. The business is the property of the owner, and just as no one can come on to your or my property and force me to do something against my will, neither should the government. The Government, by forcing the business owner to rehire the individual or any individual for that matter, is saying you do not own your property we do.

        And people say we don’t live under a tyrannical government.

    3. No one kept him from expressing his opinions…stop being so dramatic.

      ADULTS realize, however, that actions AND words have consequences…there’s a reason your grandmother used to say (assuming she did): “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.

      What is odd is that now we’re at a point in this country where people say offensive, bigoted, stereotypical, sexist, homophobic, etc. things that are offensive and we ATTACK the people being offended…because apparently being rude and insensitive to other human beings is something that needs to be upheld as a societal standard.

      And not accusing you personally, but it seems the SAME people screaming about others being “sissified” or too sensitive, or suggesting that words can never hurt you and so people should ignore rudeness, are the same ones taking blacks (for example) to task for being “rude” and “loud” in public, or for talking back to police and not being respectful. So which is it?

    4. What happens if everyone at the job starts making racist statements to everyone else. If blacks started making reference to him fooling around with his sister or saying Bruce/ Caitlin Jenner was a great representation of white men, would that be OK. I think it is a powder keg waiting to explode, the judge was stupid in this case, if you are there to do a job ,that is what you should do and keep your rude comments to yourself.

    5. No one is saying people should be fired for a slip of the tongue, but when someone makes it clear they are engaging of pattern of racial harassment, then they need to be removed. The employer is going to get sued. And if an employee is constantly splurting out racist statements, it won’t be hard to prove he is making racist decisions too.

  5. So if he had asked the group who was winning in the Stanley Cup it would presumably not have been racist. Had he asked the score of the most recent NBA playoff game it would have been a racist question?

    1. I think more to the point is, “Are you really that stupid to think that is funny, or are you stupid from not knowing any better”?

    1. People are offended when they are offended. No one has to justify their feelings to someone, least of all someone as irrelevant as you.

  6. you can make these racist statements all you want…just mix it up a little…if you’re around Mexicans, say “hmmm I smell bacon”….if you meet a cop say “why don’t you go back where you came from?”…..

    1. No, you really can’t and you really shouldn’t. The only person that thinks you are funny is you. You look and sound like a jerk to anyone you are near. But go ahead, freedom of speech. You are the guest that makes people leave the party. We all know the type.

      1. I’m sure you’ve made more people leave parties than Robert with your self-righteous, arrogant whining. We all know the type, you’re so much more “enlightened” than those around you.

    2. And if you’re around white people, say, “Hmmm, I smell oppressiveness, entitlement and cruelty, with a slight under-smell of willful stupidity and Wonderbread.” Fair is fair, right?

      1. More ignorant ranting from the “tolerance” crowd. It’s not white “oppression” that keeps you poor and stupid. It’s your own pathetic helplessness.

        1. Keeps who poor and stupid? Please, do tell me more about myself based on one online comment, ya moron.

        1. I’m an American of Latin descent (Cuban). I like my mojitos cold, my salsa music hot and my men tall, dark and handsome. 😉

      2. Some might say they smell gay! for what ever reason this is becoming associated with white society – mostly

      3. I wouldn’t say Mexicans don’t cook with bacon, that’s stereotyping. Mexicans use A LOT of lard, which is pork fat, which is essentially liquid bacon. Also, in Tucson, I know for a fact that Mexicans there wrap their hotdogs in bacon.

  7. This is a stupid decision by the judge. Being on a picket line should not exempt people from non-racist remarks and those remarks did create a hostile picket line environment. It appears the company’s policy was wiser than the judge.

    1. He is opening the company to a lawsuit. Sad. Bad employee says something to the other employees and next thing you know… lawsuit.

      1. No, he is not. He was not being payed by the company as he was on the picket line, nor was he on their property.
        The person could be sued himself, but that would never see a trial.

        1. When he is working he will not be able to control himself. He will say something. If he is that stupid to say that in public, he will slip and say something on company time… then LAWSUIT. He is stupid and you cannot fix stupid.

          1. Silly, always want a lawsuit. Still can’t sue, all the company would have to do is terminate him at the first complaint. However, I doubt he is so ignorant to let it slip while on the job.

          2. Only a fool would have said that in the first place, so I would not count on his high intelligence to keep him out of trouble.

    1. racists are EVEYWHERE.

      white republicans openly and passionately DEFEND the josh duggars of the world yet go after 14 year old BLACK youths as thugs who deserve to be gunned down.

      1. So, every person who is racist, first says i am Republican before they attack you?
        Your tinfoil hat is looking for you.

    2. Jerry Seinfeld said so a few days ago. He said that young people these days use words like “sexist, racists”…just to be using them, and that these young people “don’t know what the F— they are talking about”.

    1. you know your are right – just the other day I said on an airplane “kill all American infidels” – do you know they escorted me off? I didn’t kill anyone. oh well…

        1. “kill all American infidels” Had you prefaced that with “They” , it would not have been misconstrued as a threat, but rather, a statement.

          Learn from your mistakes Luke, the force will guide you.

      1. But you made a threat, that is different. And even though you really didn’t do that, if you had and I was on the plane, you would have gotten a serious beat down.

        Your free to say what you want, but words have consequences.

        1. Chris, then you’d be going to the jail with him, being sued for assault….Then you guys could kiss and make up in the jail cell. 🙂

      2. but did the words hurt you or anyone? you would have scared people but not hurt them … the act would have hurt them if were carried out.

      3. That is violent speech and not protected. The violence indicated in the statement “Kill all is obvious. Now if you had said “American infidels are pig fuckers” that would be protected. Get it?

      4. Given recent history, that wasn’t a very smart thing to do. But seeing that you have no idea what the subject of the post is really about, I’m not surprised you did something stupid.

    2. that is one ignorant statement.

      WORDS have the power TO KILL MILLIONS. and has….REPEATEDLY.

          1. I have yet to see an autopsy report or death certificate that listed the cause of death as “words”.

          2. The words themselves didn’t kill the people at Charlie Hebdo, it was others reactions to those words that did.

          3. And there’s always going to be a reaction. Words are the catalyst. People aren’t robots. They’re always going to react to words. Your boss tells you you’re fired. You react. Your wife tells you she’s leaving. You react. Someone tells you a relative died. you react. Stop acting as if words don’t effect us everyday.

        1. actually fairy sure in the history of the human race words have caused heart attacks. I’m not going up to a person with a heart condition and telling them that their son died.

        2. When someone declares war, those words alone will get thousands killed.

          The pen is mightier than the sword.

          1. That isn’t even a good example Chris, yes, words are spoken, but to declare something, not hurt someones feelings. Words are just someone trying to get a response from someone else. Most bully’s want easy targets, fight back just once, even if the bullied don’t win the fight, chances are the bullying will stop, after all, they have shown they aren’t an easy target and the bully will move on.

        3. Considering the words of the Bible have and continue to spark wars. Surely proves your statement wrong.

          1. Not really… the words in the Bible have never killed anyone or started any wars.

          2. The words in the Quran haven’t killed anyone either, it’s the numbnuts that act on those words that do the damage.

        1. What scripture are you talking about? You are spewing lies about a God you don’t understand and you are going to poison others with your misinformation. Probably your goal, feel sorry for you.

          1. well Reggie, I’m no bible thumper hater, but… the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites were all to be exterminated, including children and infants, all by Gods command, so I think they would beg to differ on your “opinion” (that would be unquestionably genocide in case your takeing notes) or the Midianites, man, they got a raw deal, just because the Israelites couldn’t keep it in their pants.
            “Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.” That’s your God speaking BTW.
            He is most certainly hard to understand, but one thing is for sure, he is a vengeful and jealous God, your God.

      1. Words themselves have no power, the power is in the actions and reactions to what has been spoken or written.

      2. You give words power. If you’re that weak to allow words powers, we’ll…… You’re just a weak person.

        1. I bet you how much if said something about your mother in front you and your mom it would not end well. What do want to bet.

          Let’s see ……If I said something cruel about something or some one you loved or your ethnic background you’re telling me that you would stay as cool as the other side of the pillow. You’re full of shit. And you know it.

    3. Go f*ck your sister you Hillbilly piece of cum stain! The fact you can breath and type at the same time is amazing since you have your sisters clit shoved so far down your throat.

      1. dont be racist towards hillbillies. ignorant people should not be denied any rights just like gays or blacks should not be denied any rights. saying an ignorant person or hillbilly has sexual relations with his sister is no better or worse than the other guy saying blacks like to eat watermelons and fried chickens.

        1. Very true, but it’s funny that one is off limits and the other isn’t. Fact is, hillbilly’s laugh right along with the jokes, everyone should try laughing at themselves again as we used to.

      2. I must commend you on a very intelligent and well reasoned argument
        The public school system in this country has turned out another articulate and thoughtful citizen

    4. Yeah, let’s talk about raping your mother and sisters, I am sure they enjoy it a lot and sowing the seeds into them make the world a better place.

      Words can hurt people more than you can imagine. Physical wound can heal easily, but mental wound can last a life-time. Ignorant people like you never under situation where people swear at you all the time. It can lead to Anger, deep anger seeded deep inside people and can result into violent behavior once it explodes.

    5. You’re right. Words don’t hurt or offend you stupid piece of dog shxt that should be taken out to the shed and put down like the piece of filth you are. Wow. Glad you’re taking that okay.

    6. yeah … “professing to be wise, they become fools” … Bible not so outdated as people think, now is it?

    7. I’m pretty sure words are what’s in the Bible. So why does the pro-life crowd use the Bible as it’s justification?

    8. @randithistle:disqus – Thank you, this person is truly and idiot. The power of life and death… That might slip over there head as well.

    9. Yes, sure…and EVERY single human being has had words said to them that has offended them or hurt their feelings. It is QUITE human to have words affect you…both in a positive and negative way.

      Unless you’re a robot, you’re no less guilty than the people you’re attacking.

    10. yes another nice white cop left his job over that stupid big mouth black idiot punk kid who would not listen when he told her to stay down I hope all cops leave the force let them kill each other then the cops don’t have to worry anymore…

    11. Tell that to the parents who have lost children from suicide because of bullying. Words hurt there as much a cause of pain as physical violence.

        1. You just thought what’s the most offensive thing I can say an you said it. Congratulations I got a good laugh at your expense.

          1. As tragic as a child committing suicide is, if they do it over the taunting from other kids, there were deeper issues not being addressed

      1. Sorry but kids need to grow thicker skin. All throughout history kids were bullied and it made them stronger. We are raising the weakest, most worthless kids in human history.

        1. You are absolutely right! We are eroding our strength, honor, principles, and freedom. We are catering to the basest and worst elements in our society – the Politically Correct! A recent statistic shows that college graduates (who now have the knowledge that high school graduates had some 50 years ago) owe three times as much on student loans – and that’s because they no longer work for college costs, they just borrow. The banks are only too eager to encourage this practice, of course. The borrowers figure that they can either pay it back much later, or even default and so what? If they renegotiate the loan balance, the American taxpayer pays for it, so they are shifting the responsibility to someone else. Way to go, America.

          1. then they refuse to pay the loans back because they cant find a job in their chosen career… Yeah, id LOVE to get a job as a tire maker for the Flintstones car but they don’t carve tires out of rocks no more so im f***ed! Guess ill just go get a job doing something else.

          2. Just like I”ve had to do 4 times. Tough, ain’t it? And the banks and government caused it all 4 times. And yuou’re the same gutless ass as the guy below.

          1. lol one who knows what he is talking about… why? what kind are you?

        2. …lol see my comment above!
          we are raising P***ies! “If someone makes you sad, its ok to cry, if someone picks on you, tell them you love them and give them a flower” lol gimmie a break. if some one picks on you… wait until they are alone and hit them over the head with a chair or something…. don’t worry about fair or rules (there are no rules to street fighting and everything is fair!) do what you need to do as a man!!! even if you are just a kid!

          1. Fighting shouldn’t be the only answer. I did it myself when I was getting bullied. It didn’t make me a better person. Those aren’t good memories of childhood there bad. Looking back it didn’t change their opinion of me either. Although, in the moment it made me feel better. No one is telling these kids to turn the other cheek. We’re not giving them any solutions at all outside of fighting. So they find there own suicide

          2. You’re right. The black guy should have just punched him in the mouth. Right? Every time a white person says something racist just hit them over the head with a chair because Glocks said its okay. Don’t worry about rules or being fair. Next time a white person picks on you or says something racist just wait until they’re alone and beat them with a baseball bat. That’s the Glocks way.

        3. Bullying has existed throughout time, but bullying via social media is new. Which adds a whole new level of hurt. I had a handful of bullies myself, but if they took to the Internet. I’d probably wouldn’t be commenting today. Instead of having 1bully. You now have 20, 50, 100 because people love looking at clips of other people’s humiliation and pain. So bully’s up the ante on Facebook and YouTube to get likes and votes. Doing one outrageous thing after another at your expense. You start to think the world hates you and thinks your ugly. Here comes the suicide.

        4. I agree with Kanna. I was tortured in school but hindsight it was nothing compared to the adult world. Nobody get in my way now and it taught me to combat work bullies. This demon says maybe its for the best because they would’ve been able to cope in adulthood.

      2. It’s quite sad that people would rather teach their kids to “suck it up” rather than to teach their kids to be kind. The latter being an easier, more endurable thing to teach anyways (too many things in this world can cause people to have their thick skin ripped off, so raising “tough” kids is too unreliable). The whole “the world is cruel, deal with it” pretense that excuses human beings’ ignorant, mean behavior is becoming old and tired. It’s just an excuse for lazy parenting at this point. People can say this generation is weak all they want, at the end of the day I think there’s little to no excuse anymore for people being unnecessarily mean/rude to each other. This is 2015 and people still want to act barbaric. Ridiculous. Progress is not a bad thing, so why don’t we try it?

        1. we tried the whole “Being Kind” thing and look where it got us… a bunch of kids committing suicide because they cannot handle life! Nor do I believe they should just “suck it up” either.. I think if your wronged, you either deal with it or you haul off and smack the person! but just stop being a woos!

        2. That’s the only reasonable thing I’ve read so far. Who are these parents raising bullies. That it’s okay if they lack empathy and sensitivity, but if they knock a few people down its considered strength. Cause the other kid most’ve deserved it or just to weak to handle it. Smdh

      3. that’s because we are raising a bunch of little cry baby pu**ies today. back in my day if someone said or did something you didn’t like, you gave them a swollen lip or a bloody nose! you didn’t run off to a quiet place to sort out your feelings or run off and find a place to cry! Everyone has to stop raising kids like they are sheep, especially boys… its at a point now that boys are even being bullied by girls!! where are men going to be in another 25 years? worse… what’s football going to be like….? “And here comes the home team, your Baltimore Ballerinas!!” and they come dancing onto the field in pink uniforms, spinning and jumping around like a bunch of queens! Bleeeckk!

    12. Agreed. However, the issue is not what was said. It’s that it violated a company’s policy. There’s a difference between violating freedom of speech and a business right. Just as we have a right to say offense things as long as they are not threatening the life of someone (that’s against the law) then a business has the right to protect it’s interest/image in accordance with the law (does not violate the 1st amendment, civil rights act, labor act). In other words just like you can say I hate X people the business has the right to say we don’t employ individuals who say X as they can consider it detrimental to their business hence affecting it’s bottom line. You can’t have it both ways, meaning you can’t say it’s a free market but then hold corporations hostage by telling them individuals have rights to say whatever they want regardless of the impact it might have on the corporation but the corporation does not have the same right to protect it’s interest. Double standard if you ask me. Just my 2 cents.

      1. Unfortunately they have shown that the EEOC and courts can have it both ways. They can tell you that you must NOT take an action and that you MUST take that action.

        As in this case, they are not allowed to fire an employee for what is an illegal behavior to allow under EEOC rules. They will be successfully sued by any and all employees who were forced to work in the hostile workplace the fired employee creates.

        They will lose conflicting cases unless they are somehow able to appeal this case and win the appeal.

    13. That is ridiculous. You try living with derogatory remarks from others because of the color of your skin and doing so in the work environment is intolerable. There is no justification for it and it is the height of inhumanity to suggest that the person subjected to it should just get over it.

      1. That’s the point. It wasn’t in the workplace. The guy who made the remarks was on strike and standing in a picket line outside of the place of business. The person wasn’t “at work” when he made the remarks. Now, most companies have a clause in their employment contract that permits them to fire someone for behavior outside of the work environment if it reflects badly on the company. If the guy had just been walking down the street and made these comments then the company might have had grounds to fire him. However, on a picket line a person is protected by the National Labor Relations Act. They can (and do) harass anyone entering the business, and anything they say has first amendment protection.

        Having said that, if I was this guy’s shop steward then I would have dragged him off the picket line and chewed him out severely. Permitting striking workers to make comments like that makes the union appear to be racist.

        1. The National Labor Relations Act doesn’t say that is the point. If you make statements that diminish your employer and reflect poorly upon your employer, you can be dismissed even during a strike. That is the point. Yes, if the union condoned it, it is indeed racist but that wouldn’t be the first time a union has treated people of color in a disparaging manner just like every other institution in America.

        2. They can (and do) harass anyone entering the business, and anything they say has first amendment protection.

          But harassment is against the law! I’m not aware of there being any exception to such laws simply because one is one strike. I’d have the cops standing by, so everything this d!ck harassed someone, they could arrest him!

          1. Harassment is a civil tort. It is not a crime. You can be sued, but you cannot be arrested for it.

      2. I have, I had plenty of black people calling me cracker and threatening to kill me because I was white…. That is a fact.

        1. No one has called you shit. Even if they did, if it didn’t effect your employment, where you live, the ability to get a quality education, a loan from the bank, the right to vote even though you shed blood and gave lives for this country, then shut the fuck up.

        2. And the opposite is also true: many people of color have been threatened with death and called names.

          Sucks, doesn’t it?!

          1. Well if those people of color — who threatened you with death and called you names, are your colleagues you should report them and they should be fired. You should also contact LE if someone is saying they’re going to kill you, chap. lol

        3. but the guy never threatened the Blacks with violence or anything…to me it just sounds like he thought he was making some awesome, funny, edgy racist remarks when all he was really doing was insinuating that those particular Black people liked to eat fried chicken and watermelon…which im sure this guy did as well. I love it and im white!

          1. “I love it and I’m white” Yes, no surprise there. I’m not sure how many black people agree that it was funny.

          2. That stupid stereotype that was started way back when does not make sense because most people in the South like fried chicken and watermelon. Everyone pretty much likes fried chicken and that is why you have all these fried chicken and wing places. There are not enough black people to support all these business if we were the only people that liked fried chicken. The watermelon thing is a case by case with everyone. I am not a big watermelon fan but it has nice health benefit so it is good to each watermelon every now and then.

          3. The stereotype actually started on the notion that blacks like chicken and watermelon so much because they were small and usually not real close by to people so they were to steal.

          4. No, because the act of eating watermelon and fried chicken didn’t require the use of utensils; therefore, it projected the image of blacks eating with their bare hands, barbarically, and like animals.
            People keep taking it literally as if to say this guy was implying that it’s all good, he was just making a little joke, and “I love fried chicken, too”—but the fact is, it was a prejudiced statement, and for every action one takes, ramifications are sure to follow.
            I think he should have made a better decision about making the joke altogether, but jerks will be jerks.

      3. “Height of inhumanity”?

        You’re just kind of … precious … aren’t you?

        I disagree with the judge. The guy is a racist jerk and clearly in violation of the workplace policies. He should be canned, not reinstated, the picket line should be no defense for racist behavior. I get *why* he decided the way he did, but he is IMO wrong.

        But you’d be a lot better off – MUCH more convincing arguments – if you’d drop the silly hyperbole and not play the identitarian/intersectionalist victimhood politics nonsense.

        1. Don’t get stupid. And don’t provoke me. There is no victimhood here. Just stating the facts about what is America and most of the western world. You can attempt to make yourself feel better by suggesting that mentioning this truism is the problem, but that too is a lie just like you.

          1. Too much is being made out of this whole thing. The next time you smell KFC keep it to yourself.

          2. I do… I wouldn’t want everyone coming over and asking for some…Ef you, go buy your own KFC B***H! lol

        2. god..i hope none of your coworkers ever asks you about YOUR lunch! I can see it now, a coworker says: “Hey piotr1600, whatcha got for lunch today? Peanut Butter and jelly and a bag of chips?” and you’d be off to HR to get them fired…lol

          1. They can’t because its a normal part of their lives. Its like the guy with a body odor problem who doesn’t realize it because he’s gotten used to it. Racism is so common place in some peoples lives that they’ll never understand it.

      4. jurah youra moron.words only have power if you give it to them.i grew up in a mainly Hispanic neighborhood,i am white,if I let it get to me evry time I was called whitey,gringo ,pendajo whiteass,etc then I would have been pissed all the take your tender feelings and shove them into what ever hole god gave you that they will fit in.whiney assed troll,cry me a river you friggin cry baby bitch

        1. What a waste you are. Why are you even breathing our precious air. You haven’t ever been called anything that wasn’t true except decent or human. By the way, can you even read this or is someone translating it for you into a language you can understand?

      5. cry me a river you sorry whiney little troll.words only have power when you give them the power.if words bother you go kill yourself you useless waste of skin.take your tender feelings and shove them where the sun don’t shine.its cry baby losers like you that have the world all phuked up.grow up you losers and quit letting something some dumbass said bother you.i bet you head is spinning after reading this you fool

      6. Hey if someone askes if you like watermelon and fried chicken, and you do like it, all you have to do is say “Yes, I love it… its delicious, you should really try it one day!” and that’s it. im Italian and all the time I hear comments about Pizza or Pasta but you know what? I love Pizza and I love Pasta, meat balls and all that stuff… so, hey, no biggie to me. What if they were asking if you liked Girls? “Oh look boys, its Jurah the Woman lover… gonna go out tonight to pick up Women? I bet you get women all the time huh Jurah?” lol (by the way, im only assuming you are a guy but if not or your gay, just replace the words Woman, Women and, Girls with Man, Men or Boys)

    14. so if i say at work as a manager all women are horrible workers and the asians cant drive , and i insult your mother at the company picnic calling her a slut. and i call habeed a terrorist that would all be ok? think about it people.

    15. Cool. So if a Black man shows up to work everyday at a predominately white work space and perpetually and publicly laments of “smelly, pale faced, trailer park white bigots stinking up the workplace” then that should be okay? By your estimation he would still be unworthy of termination and should keep his job correct?

    16. try doing that in a crowed theater by yelling fire everyone out loudly and see how many get trampled and as they take you to jail you call that lawyer and see how it goes.

    17. As long as he doesn’t interfere with other employees right to perform or conduct business. Just remember that part.

    18. Words are as old as civilization and they have hurt for as long as civilization has existed. Our thoughts becomes our words spoken and depending on the words we speak we cause all kinds of mayhem as well as start wars. So it’s a misguided to say that words don’t hurt anyone. Most people would much rather be made to sit in a corner than to be called a degrading name.


    20. Maybe not, savant. However, subliminals in the forms of words or images could psychologically damage someone’s psyche without that person even knowing that those words are affecting them in that manner. Subliminals can be insidiously employed by effectively conveying a harmless meaning on one hand, but implying another injurious message (demeaning, insensitive, insulting, dehumanizing) on the other.

      If a relative of yours had 60% of his face burned in a house fire and is having recurring nightmares over it, would you continue to tease him by calling him “fireface”? If not, then why not?

      —-because fire is a good thing right?

    21. Show your ignorance. The supreme court says you cannot yell fire in a crowded theater. Just words, right?

  8. I don’t have that problem—I don’t talk to blacks anymore—-I might say hello & end up in court
    I put 46 years in Detriot–I’ve had enuf sht

      1. So how exactly did he state he was superior to a Black person, due to his and their race.

        Just love those social justice folks that think by hijacking the meaning of a word, they can shame people.

        1. I suppose you did not see anything wrong with what the McKinney officer did either. Some people just cling to their hatred and are blind to anything else.

          1. Well since no one knows all the facts that have come out of that yet, just all the they said, they said. I cannot claim the officer was right or wrong. nor can I claim that the kids where right or wrong. Making accusations based solely on one video, or even so called eye witness testimony (Mike Brown), does nothing but show ignorance.

          2. We know all the facts, he was caught on video, only inbred hillbillies can’t see it, Alberto.

          3. Officer in McKinney should have gotten a medal. 2 blacks males rushed him, he pulled out his gun when one of them reached into their waistband, when they ran off, he holstered his gun. situation defused. great job!

          4. If the little black darlings would learn to keep their mouths shut, they wouldn’t be slammed to the ground. There are consequences for being a dick.

        2. Only an inbred would not see the racism in that statement Alberto. BTW, do you call you uncle dad?

      2. No, after seven years in Philadelphia I can say, unfortunately, it’s the statement of a realist.

      3. Wait a minute he has that right not to speak to Blacks. I don’t he think also known as…Mr, Geburuh is really is a racist he is letting off steam. Who gave you the right to judge what is and what isn’t a racist Mr. Guess Comment?

        I am a Native American/Jewish wounded Viet Nam Vet and some don’t like I have to wait for them to evolve.I was not told to wait I was order by the Torah written by G-d himself and yes it hurts…these remarks…But Mr. Guess when you right a comment like that you become the raciest of them all.

        Geburuh had a point and 46 yrs in Detroit maybe he may have a point…ALL YOU HAVE MR. GUEST IS JUST WORDS…AND NOTHING MORE AND IT APPEARS YOU ARE THE REAL BACKWARD PERSON HERE.

        I am not going to justified that Mr. Geburun is correct in this manner but sometimes a society in this case i.e. Detroit he may have a point..the customs,they the blacks created…I just want to say I can see his point of view,

        1. Wow , They removed the poster above you yet, it was not a vulgar or bad post.
          Amazing how censorship works in a free country.

      1. Not unusual for an inbred hillbilly, @the reality, serves you right to have to walk to another register; I’m sure the black cashier has a better day for it.

      2. (geburuh and the reality of it all ) at least you are honest, Good for you !!Maintain that same attitude when you die and wake up to find that Jesus is Black , being black myself , I am really glad I don’t have to talk to the both of you .One day you are going to need a hand ,and if it is black refuse it.

          1. He had olive Jewish skin tone.
            He looked a lot like that guy on that wall clock in the resale shop.

      1. They will never let white people be without blacks
        If a place is all white our government will place blacks into the area

  9. I think a lot of BAD things about all races including my own, but I would NEVER say it out loud. Best to keep certain thoughts inside.

  10. they want free speech to end only if it’s insults gays, black, or transgenders, but if it’s free speech degrading the NRA, Republicans, George Bush it’s ok. See the left wants a “selective” free speech law…that cow tows to them.


  12. ridiculous as an employer you should be able to fire anybody for any reason, just as anybody can choose which mechanic to go to.

  13. Apparently what this boils down to is that if the employee says stupid racist things on his own time (as on a picket line), he can’t, in most cases, be fired so long as he doesn’t cross the line and make threats.
    However, once the strike is over and everyone—including this jerk—is back to work, he had better keep his mouth shut with regard to watermelon and fried chicken. and such like.
    The anti-harassment policy is there to keep harmony in the workplace. Nobody should have to work with people who thinks teasing and practical jokes are funny.
    Does that clear it up?
    I’m surprised the union didn’t take it upon themselves to tell this guy to shut up. It doesn’t help their cause to allow union members to make everybody look bad

  14. The ruling seems to be pretty reasonable to me. After all, it was a picket line and what employer has control over picket lines? Picket lines, by their very nature, are outside of the employer’s control for if they were under the employer’s control that employer would certainly disband them.

  15. Only a racist would say that to a black person. When I am around jewish
    people, I don’t mention the holocaust… do I have to explain why? I
    also don’t make Pearl Harbor jokes around Japanese people, do I need to
    explain why? Really? I need to explain this to the simple folks… sad

  16. for heavens sake…have you people not got anything worth while to do?? I was in a very public place where 4 separate young black men were rather loudly calling all the “white honkies ” to get out of line as the show was about to start.. these guys were not together…in the first place being born in Detroit honkie is not a nice name, and second when people stand in line and you black “gentlemen” get there late why the h*ll should anyone move for you, black or white??

    1. So you are in a poor area with uneducated people. I think we can find the white, latino, asian version of that in poor areas as well. So what is your point?

    2. We do get into PC hell sometimes. Speaking of Honkie, I believe that was a derogatory reference to Hungarian workers.

      1. Never heard that one. The one I heard, is it was used in the mostly black neighborhood to describe the white men that would come and “honk” for a black prostitute.

      2. I grew up in Toledo, with a large Hungarian population, and Honkie is 100% derived from the Hungarians.

  17. whatever happened to sticks and stones, remember that, words can never hurt me. In a free speech nation, people are losing jobs/careers over words, lawyers are making money exploiting hurt feelings, company expenses must always factor in frivolous lawsuits becasue of words, silliness.

  18. NIGGGER NIGGER NIGGGER NIGGGGER! (this message board wont even let me type it correctly, it doesn’t go thru if you do! talk about censorship) Just saying it before it is abolished in some sort of 1984 parallel world we are rapidly approaching.!

    HONKEY HONKEY HONKEY! (oh sure every other slur goes through just fine!)





  19. I love fried chicken and watermelon. It’s odd what becomes a racial slur, maybe our society is becoming a little too sensitive.

    1. Maybe if you understood the history behind that stigma you wouldn’t sound like a stereotypical clueless american.

      1. I understand the history quite well Eddy. It’s that history that makes it hard to understand why such a benign comment could be so terrible. Maybe if your parents taught you some manners… you wouldn’t be so rude and pretentious.

    2. The watermelon thing in particular is bad. On its face it sounds stupid, but knowledge of Jim crow era propaganda and practices puts it in a whole different light.

      1. The cartoons from that era are so bad there is no doubt exactly what it means to mention black people eating watermelon and fried chicken.

        1. Words are becoming off limits. Foods are becoming off limits. Disagreeing is becoming off limits. Stating you love fried chicken and watermelon as I do is off limits. See the problem here? I have no doubt the guy that was fired and re-hired was likely being a jerk, I get that. My point is, which you missed entirely, is I choose not to give people that much power over me. You think I haven’t had people say offensive things to me?? Please. But they’re hurting themselves, not me. People that wear their hurt on their sleeves are not attractive people. Misery loves company and that’s what you’ll get. Now, have a nice day, try at least.

          1. Racist stereotypes exist. You know that, but you don’t care because you are racist.

          2. I could care less what you think of me. I could care less if you came up to me on the street and insulted me. You’re harming yourself by doing that, not me. You’re just a goofy person to me and not particularly compelling in any way.

          3. Wow, you actually said something helpful! Yay!!! Correction made… but it wouldn’t mean I care, just that I COULD care less… how careless of me!

        2. One last thing Gauss.

          If watermelon and fried chicken references by whites are SO offensive… WHY isn’t the democrat party infinitely more offensive???

          The democrat party sent hundreds of thousands of innocent young men to die to save slavery. The republican party was established to end slavery, which it did.

          The terrorist group the KKK was formed by democrats and murdered many blacks in unspeakable ways.
          How on Earth is this party so desirable for blacks to join but certain food words are so offensive?

          And don’t dare try the nonsensical sophomoric attempt to say the parties flipped at one point during the 60’s civil rights struggle. A larger percentage of republicans voted for civil rights than democrats. It would be an insane logic for angry democrats to think they’d find a better home in the republican party when they had higher support for what angered them.

          Think about that, no need to answer, I’m not interested in your answer, I’m sure it would be absurd at this point. But something to ponder. Good luck with it.

    3. Perhaps you’re such a moron, you can’t see the obvious. Actually, I think you can see the obvious, but you like the fact that this racist got his job back.

      A little job security for you when you spout off your true thoughts?

        1. You’ve already proven yours. Anyways, I’m done with you. It’s my policy not to debate openly racist people.

          1. You’re a fool. I don’t have a racist cell in my body, I don’t think that way. Again, a simple benign comment can send many in today’s America into tirades. Grow up little boy.

            You’re pathetic and sad.

          2. You know the history of watermelon and black people, yet you purposefully ignore it. Even the ice cream song was orignially named “N-word Love A Watermelon Ha! Ha! Ha!”, in that song it says

            Browne: “You n-words quit throwin’ them bones and come down and get your ice cream!”

            Black men: “Ice Cream?!?”

            Browne: “Yes, ice cream! Colored man’s ice cream: WATERMELON!!”

            But you knew that right?

  20. Food for the soul…Jesus
    Street tip with JC from Beantown
    This is the day the Lord has made rejoice and be glad. If you don’t understand the need for God’s protection today then it is time to wake up and call on Him. Only God can put an end to the widespread hate and racism that continues to plague mainstream America and within the walls of Corporate America. There are people wanting us to believe there is no God so that any hope or trust we have in Him can be destroyed and placed with them. We are God’s people, did you forget? It is time to use every means possible to eradicate the hate and racism throughout this country by standing peacefully and faithfully with God. We need new leaders of people with new visions that stand for justice and love for all the communities at war with each other and the outside world. We can bridge the gap when we are ready to trust in God and respect His purpose for us as a people. (NKJV) Romans 8:31 What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

    1 Nation under God His truth, His word, and His love
    Street tip with JC from Beantown

  21. YEA,
    Go away & see if yahoo has finally found a white on black shooting today–usually
    good for 6-8 articles every day for weeks

  22. That chicken and watermelon stuff is a bunch of nonsense anyway! I’m white as an Easter lily and I love KFC, fried chicken and watermelon!! Most white people do!

  23. If a black guy would of said,”got enough peanut butter and crackers” to a white guy would the same thing had happened?

  24. DemocRATS love the NLRB right? A strong leaning lefty panel…. Table turned on this one huh? How ya like them apples…..

  25. Well he was inciting,disrupting the team,and inviting physical retaliation. What about “at will firing”.

  26. They are going to sue for rest rooms NOT having BLACK toilet seats…..damn, get over yourselves……

  27. Back in the day only sticks and stones hurt – not words. What a bunch of pansies our society is becoming. It is a right to be racist, or gay, or a Catholic or an atheist! People need to get over it and just be. Equal rights are for everyone – not more for blacks than whites. The whites don’t owe the blacks a damn thing! No one alive in this country ever was or ever owned a slave. Quit your crying! How many black lawyers, doctors, professors would there be today if there was never slavery in America? Don’t forget – it was opposing African tribes that sold the weaker blacks into slavery – and to the Portuguese to begin with!

    We won’t even delve into the the fact that Jews were made slaves, whites were enslaved in the mideast, and most every race in history has had some sort of slavery. Get over it people.

    1. It has NEVER been the case that equal rights were “more” for blacks than whites. Stop making stuff up because you have resentment towards black people. And who has said anything about slavery?

      Also, since you bring up history, it’s worth mentioning that ‘back in the day’, women, minorities and homosexuals weren’t really ALLOWED to openly and freely voice their opinions on things (see: not able to fully exercise their free speech rights)…so words have ALWAYS hurt (depending on context), it’s just that only whites were able to whine about it.

      1. You do realize that race does play a factor in all Postal Service jobs and Government hires.
        On a post office clerk test, vets and blacks got extra 5 points.
        That’s a fact. It was stated by the person giving the test.

        The Government promotes racism and we wonder why it’s still here.

    1. Insightful post. I would add her text, and a picture, so that others can see what you are talking about.

    2. I did a Google search for “Saida Grundy” + “Eric B. Meyer” and got zero results. I’d say that’s pretty telling.

      For those that don’t know, Saida Grundy is a black professor at Boston University who made numerous racist tweets against white males yet is still gainfully employed there. She was also charged with identity theft in 2008, but that’s neither here nor there.

    3. No reason for a lawyer commenting on an NLRB case to be linked with that section of employment law.

  28. again….white returds DEFENDING people who are openly racist. they defended an ADMITTED REPEAT MOLESTER, chalked it up to “a young boy who makes mistakes” but foam at the mouth in defending a fat cow of a cop going overboard in his treatment of YET ANOTHER CHILD, only this one wasn’t a 14 year old republican white child.

    it was a 14 year old black child.

  29. Blacks are allowed unlimited racist comments, both public and private. Whites are prohibited from even saying the “w word” (a large sweet fruit, red on the inside with green skin), that would be the verboten type of racism. And god forbid any white person would dare to use that word and “chicken” in the same paragraph…Al Sharpton would be on the next plane to your town to rev up a riot with looting.

  30. @surfmonkey…I was gonna’ say that retaliating by making, or attempting to as I cannot think of what types of racist remarks one would make to demean whites, would be a (somewhat) satisfying resolve. But after reading your comments it simply reminds that responding with negative emotion doesn’t matters at all: and name calling is the silliest, most-childish type of response ever (although I guess sometimes it is warranted).

  31. free speech is free speech i am sure no matter what you say you will offend someone. we have become a country of entitled whiners suck it up and grow a pair.

    1. So if a Black CNN news commentator were to say “white people have a problem with violence, mass shooters, and pedophilia that they need to address” he should keep his job??

  32. This was a no brainier. The employee being charged has a right to a job. Just because he or she does something to upset another does not mean he can be terminated. Even for sexual harassment is not grounds for immediate termination.

    Best practice is to write the employee up for breaking the rule. If it happens again write him up again. After a 3rd time, and employer may terminated after that.

    But companies who go straight to termination are setting themselves up for trouble down the road.

    Sorry employees, you may notice what a few people are saying around the office, but they do have a right to a job.

    1. You have a right to employment, but not SPECIFIC employment.

      Meaning, I can’t just walk into a Fortune 500 company and say: “I have a right to a job, so give me one” and expect to have that happen.

  33. White people need to get a clue! The only race that thinks they are great is themselves! Personally they are the only race without color, and culture! They have nothing to be so prideful of except they are a lot more of them, perhaps they have over bred themselves! They have mistreated every race on the planet, made the awful systems that we are currently governed under, destroyed the ozone layers which has increased the wild weather, and major disasters that are now prevalent on our planet! Now how is that for a racist comments, don’t like do you?!

    1. We are currently governed under a black administration—he may be half white but all his papers say African American—

    2. If it wasn’t for white people…..there are at lot of things today you would be doing. Can you name something that black culture has contributed into society that wasn’t poison?

  34. Oh Eric, does garbage like this get you business from employers? You expose yourself as a 2 bit manipulator here. The employee in question does not create a hostile work environment with the comments Hey, did you bring enough KFC for everyone?” and “Hey, anybody smell that? I smell fried chicken and watermelon.” Those comments fall far short of that and were not accompanied by threats or intimidation. You answered your last 2 questions in your own links

    Employers get Hostile Work Environment cases tossed all the time where the Employer’s supervisors says something like “Hey, did you bring enough KFC for everyone?” and “Hey, anybody smell that? I smell fried chicken and watermelon.” With rationale of isolated comments, comments unaccompanied by actual behavior ect., the comments aren’t really racist ect.

    Give it up Eric,I’m not a lawyer, but I recognize garbage. Hell, you make a great argument for why unions exist.

  35. In short racist speech can get you fired, unless you are doing it for the benefit of your labor union, then it is okay? Crazy ruling!

  36. It is sad that we still carry the mind frame of our former slave owners. It just don’t hurt Black America but those who are Jewish, Asians, native Americans and so on. Yes we have the right to speak what on our minds but at what cost to others. Words do hurt and it offends people too. Its not becoming a sissy it’s that we don’t have respect for each other and showing how ignorant we have become people.
    We are are worst enemy and it seem that it will always be that way.

    1. How was his firing “knee-jerk”? The ONLY reason the firing didn’t hold up was due to a technicality.

        1. ???

          The sun doesn’t “raise” in the east…it rises.

          I said technicality (it should be obvious) because the only reason this didn’t hold up in court is because he made the comments on a picket line.

          To quote the judge:

          “…In this regard, the harassment policy makes no reference to conduct on
          the picket line in situations in which such policy violations occurred
          in the context of conduct protected by the Act.”

          So the employer was FORCED to give this jerk his job back based on a technicality.

  37. Also know this racists!, black people love their skin color, and their culture so don’t fool yourselves! You try so hard to make us hate that we are black, but you always fail. Why not put your energies into something that can actually help the world, and stop this foolishness! God made all of us humans, black, white, brown and yellow!! If you have a problem with it, tough!

    1. Yea I do
      I don’t like all the black criminals that are in USA with the media making them
      some kind of hero

  38. I’m sure this company will find some legal way to fire him or lay him off…and unless his coworkers are all in agreement with him on his ignorant and bigoted statements, then they won’t be a pleasure to work with anyway.

    If I’m his boss, I lay him off…and DARE him to use me or my company as a reference on a resume, or even list me, because when they call to verify employment, I’ll be sure to inform them not only did he work here, but he has issues with certain racial minorities and could be a detriment to their business, like he was with mine.

    1. Why don’t you write to Cooper Tire in Findlay Ohio and tell them of your plan. Its a union workplace

  39. That employee should have been asked ,How many sisters has he molested? And how he became a father and uncle at the same time and see how funny that would be.

    1. did you see in the news all them black male adults raping the 11 yo in Cleveland Texas? The oldest who was 46 filmed it. They later found out it was consensual. Darn animals. Crazy animals.

  40. They should have said sorry no KFC or melon , but we have some chitlins,turnip greens, cornbread and mac n cheese

  41. did you see in the news all them black male adults raping the 11 yo in Cleveland Texas? The oldest who was 46 filmed it. They later found out it was consensual. Darn animals.

  42. But a black can call me a honky or whitey and that is not harrassment as far as the libs are concerned. I don’t care if a black says “Do I smell ham sandwich”. So what

  43. “t’s because of the National Labor Relations Act. And, apparently, an employee can make all of the incredibly racist comments he wants with impunity — as long as he’s on a picket line (engaged inprotected concerted activity) and the statements are unaccompanied by threats or acts of intimidation.” – SMDH!

    1. Of Stephen, Employer supervisors make comments far worse than that and get cases tossed by Employees alleging a Hostile Work Environemnt.

  44. yes another nice white cop left his job over that stupid big mouth black idiot punk kid who would not listen when he told her to stay down I hope all cops leave the force let them kill each other then the cops don’t have to worry anymore…

    see more 0

  45. Freedom of speech sometime also mean from to be a real jerk – and express it to the world around you. This is the very essence of “I don’t agree with you but I will defend your right to say it”. Personally I think it is good to let people say things like this: it makes it much easier to spot the people I don’t want to hang around with.

  46. I can see why coloreds could be offended even though they ARE much more likely to know where to find the best watermelon and fried chicken. It’s a natural gift!

  47. Its not does the company think it to harassment, do those it was said to think it is. itys a matter of free speech anyway

  48. Picket’s line…..I think that is clue, eh? Company policy don’t applied when the workers are striking. If the strikers are out and they are not on company time and payroll during the strike, then why should the company’s policies affects them? And since they are directed toward replacement workers who everyone harassed no matter what industry you are in, there really is no foul here. Company can make the rules during company time and place but they are utterly unenforceable outside of it. Company had no business firing anyone for saying anything while on strikes, unless there is a real threat of bodily harm.

    1. If a striker is engaging in activity not protected under the NLRB, of course he can be fired. What this judge really decided was whether that employee was creating a hostile work environment, the answer was no.
      Employer supervisors make those comments all of the time and get Hostile work environment litigation tossed for the same reason the employee got reinstated.

  49. I’ve hauled and sold watermelons and more of them were sold to people of Mexican or South American decent than to black people.As for KFC I have hauled chicken too so more whites buy it than blacks so both are not tied to 1 group of persons

  50. A lot of “Black” stereotypes are actually southern stereotypes. For example, “Soul Food” is food that poor southerners would eat. It’s just that many Blacks in the South were poor so they ate what poor Southerners ate.

  51. There is nothing about KFC that is racist or watermelon for that fact. Also the employee wasn’t on the job and has first amendment rights off the job. If the employee had done something illegal he could have been arrested other than that he now has a case to sue the company for harassment due to his union activities. Eric B. Meyer implies that EEOC would punish the company but if they did it would be for trying to fire the offensive employee.

  52. A woman told me some time ago that I was hung like a horse. It hurt my feeling because I’m not attracted to horses. I let it go, but it still stings!

  53. Ok. Here is the problem I have with the accusation: Anyone could have said those words and meant to ask the questions raised by them, with sincerity and honest inquisition. So how are the “words” themselves racist? Oh. Because the person asking them is a racist. Well, wouldn’t that necessitate that ANYTHING they said was racist? Not these words, which by any other person (say, one of color) would not be racist. This is 100% “thought police” lawsuit nonsense and I am glad the Judge saw through it and found a precedent for dismissing it. In short: this is pretty far from “let’s go get us a (filler hate speech noun) and string them up on a tree tonight.” Which is definitely hate speech (rather that a hate filled person speaking).

  54. The picket line IS not a place of employment. It is exactly the opposite of that. Why should a business owner, manager, or supervisor be held accountable for actions that take place in the very line that someone is protesting working for said supervisor? The union that represents the picketers is who should be held accountable. My guess is they called for the picketing.

  55. Not sure how it is racist. Black people like chicken and watermelon, they will not deny it. I think all races like chicken and watermelon.

  56. “Hey, did you bring enough KFC for everyone?” How is this racist? asking if there’s enough food for everyone ……

  57. I’m so tired of seeing cops being called a racist for dealing with criminals that just happened to be black, that I honestly don’t even get outraged by it anymore. It’s going to take a lot for me to get worked up by anything like this.

    The scary part is, through my life experience, having actually worked with and dealt with black Americans, they are some of the worst racists and homophobes I have ever seen. I’m not kidding. Liberal media never calls them out for it, and I find that very disturbing. There definitely are double standards in how the media reports race in this country. The blacks are definitely not being held accountable for their racist, bigoted behavior, and that disgusts me. It’s not even a reaction to supposed white oppression, it’s racism against East Indian, Middle Eastern and Asian people. There’s no justifying it, racism is racism. Wanna ruin someone’s life for racism, then you can ruin a black person’s life. I just want equality when it comes to this sort of thing, otherwise, the media has no credibility…

  58. Wait ! What? Fried chicken and watermelon are RACIST? How can FOOD be freaking racist? I grew up eating fried chicken for Sunday dinners. And watermelon was a nice and fun treat on hot summer days.

    What’s next? I have a white car. RACIST! I’m wearing a red shirt. RACIST! He is wearing brown shoes. RACIST! Things are getting absolutely crazy!

  59. People see things differently. While I was employed by the Probation Department, the Department of ran by Lesbians, the Chief, her Lesbian Lover the Asst. Chief, that other dirty Convicted Criminal Asst. Chief, the Director of Personnel. My problem was that they use to say things like “If you don’t like how REAL MEN run this Department go work somewhere else” “My Old Lady Maggie (the Chief) has better things to do then meeting with some whining Fire Men” “I’m a Real Man and deserve a Real Women I’m divorcing you”. “I’m a Macho Man a Real Man” “I’ve got the BEEF for you right here Bitch as she grabbed her vagina” “That former Orange County Sheriff learned his lesson about picking a fight with My Old Lady Maggie” They would say all these things and then BITCH if anyone said anything negative about them, it just didn’t make any sense to me. Another thing that I didn’t agree with was their Moral Code, which apparently didn’t apply to them, only to Hispanic’s and Heterosexuals. You see the Chief and all her friends hung out at this Lesbian Bar in Garden Grove,Ca and she would write out a check to the Bar Owner, the doors would be locked, the lights turned off, the music turned up and a mattress thrown on the Pool Table. This is not gossip, it has been confirmed.

  60. So was this guy being an ass or was this two friends joking around? Everyone is not as sensitive to stupid comments as some would like them to be. Did the other employee that the comments were directed towards complain? if not, whoever reported it should have kept their nose out of it because as adults in the workforce that cannot be the worst things these people have heard.

  61. I wonder how that watermelon and chicken linkage is supposed to be so identified with blacks? I love both and I’m a white guy, and from what I have seen my entire life just about EVERYBODY loves chicken AND watermelon.

  62. My question is when he comes back to work, will he be bringing enough KFC and Watermelon for everyone?

    1. Just like you whine about Obama and Sharpton being racist…. White Conservatives are the worst people on earth.

  63. Racist defending racist, I never saw white Conservatives bash a white racist person. White Conservatives are the most racist people on the planet and the comments below prove my point. The hypocrite thing is if Obama called white people, “mayonnaise eaters and mountain dew trailer park mommy f*ckers, then white Conservatives will be outraged and calling for Obama to be impeached. The reason I don’t like white Conservatives because they’re sensitive hypocrites. White Conservatives can defend racist white people and say racist stuff about black people all day long, but as soon as someone says waiting for whites to riot again over sports they get sensitive and hurt. But want blacks to take racist comments from them.

  64. Good thing I never had any black employees. When I had my own business for ten years I often would bring in pizza, KFC, yes, even watermelon, and those kinds of phrases were always flying back and forth. Nobody thought anything about it.
    Why in the world would someone automatically associate KFC and watermelon with blacks? I certainly don’t.

    1. I know at my business I don’t have any white employees because we eat lots of crackers, and we call each other crackers. I’m sure whites would be offended by that.

  65. Since when did racist Republicans side with the Government over the business owner? I thought racist Republicans values stood for smaller Government, and Government getting out of our homes and businesses.

  66. This should have been appealed in every possible way. It isn’t at all shocking in this lose/lose world of two faced laws against businesses. As shown in the headscarf issue, EEOC policy is that you must NEVER ask an applicant about their religion or if they need an accommodation. EEOC policy is the applicant must ask for an accommodation. Unless they don’t ask, and you think they might and don’t ask what you aren’t allowed to ask. The judge in this case is an idiot and has no business deciding between paper and plastic let alone deciding the merits of a legal case. That worker is a useless waste of space who it entirely unemployable. He is a lawsuit waiting to happen, that has already happened, and will happen again – with a 100% guarantee that the business will lose a hostile workplace EEOC case. Welcome to the asylum of business in 2015.

  67. I’m a white guy from Mississippi and I love fried chicken, kool-aid, watermelon, dark tint, chrome wheels, barbecues, and front porch sittin. I graduated high school with honors, earned a Bachelor’s degree from Mississippi State University and have a full-time career as a commercial & residential real estate appraiser.

    If somebody fries chicken…I’m eating it. If somebody offers me water or kool-aid…I’m drinking kool-aid. If I see a fresh watermelon at the store…I’m getting it. If I have a choice b/t alloy wheels & chrome wheels…hell, I want my truck to shine when it’s clean. It’s Mississippi and it’s hot down here…so, I get dark window tint to keep me cool. Barbecues are a good social gathering…we, as white people, have those quite often.

    My point is: How did fried chicken, kool-aid, and watermelon become racist. We like that stuff too!

    1. Slave owners often let their slaves grow and sell their own watermelons, or even let them take a day off during the summer to eat the first watermelon harvest. The slave Israel Campbell would slip a watermelon into the bottom of his cotton basket when he fell short of his daily quota, and then retrieve the melon at the end of the day and eat it. Campbell taught the trick to another slave who was often whipped for not reaching his quota, and soon the trick was widespread. When the year’s cotton fell a few bales short of what the master had figured, it simply remained “a mystery.”

      But Southern whites saw their slaves’ enjoyment of watermelon as a sign of their own supposed benevolence. Slaves were usually careful to enjoy watermelon according to the code of behavior established by whites. When an Alabama overseer cut open watermelons for the slaves under his watch, he expected the children to run to get their slice. One boy, Henry Barnes, refused to run, and once he did get his piece he would run off to the slave quarters to eat out of the white people’s sight. His mother would then whip him, he remembered, “fo’ being so stubborn.” The whites wanted Barnes to play the part of the watermelon-craving, juice-dribbling pickaninny. His refusal undermined the tenuous relationship between master and slave.

      Emancipation, of course, destroyed that relationship. Black people grew, ate, and sold watermelons during slavery, but now when they did so it was a threat to the racial order. To whites, it seemed now as if blacks were flaunting their newfound freedom, living off their own land, selling watermelons in the market, and—worst of all—enjoying watermelon together in the public square. One white family in Houston was devastated when their nanny Clara left their household shortly after her emancipation in 1865. Henry Evans, a young white boy to whom Clara had likely been a second mother, cried for days after she left. But when he bumped into her on the street one day, he rejected her attempt to make peace. When Clara offered him some watermelon, Henry told her that “he would not eat what free negroes ate.”

      White people used watermelon and fried chicken to stereotype black people.Making both word racist towards black people.

      1. Cool story about watermelons, bro. Can you cite that publication for me please? Also, I see nothing that pertains to fried chicken, so please educate me on how fried chicken is racist.

          1. Thanks for the education. However, this was 150 years ago. How can things like this still offend black people?

  68. I’m going out on a limb here. Blacks can make all the derogatory remarks they want to or about a white person or even Oriental or Hispanic. They use the word ni99er with impunity, however, if a white person as much as says “boy” within earshot, it’s racist and cause for assault.

    Either we all work to be more civil (and that includes blacks) or we all grow a think skin and continue to be cretins. In either, lawmakers need to STFU because all they every do is incite hostility.

    1. I used to work around black people all the time and they were, without a doubt, the most racist people I’d ever seen in my life. I cannot believe none of this makes the news, it has to be some sort of bias and cover-up.

  69. Well let’s see here, water melon is native to Africa, and everyone knows that WHITE people eat KFC, black people much prefer Church’s or Popeye’s, so if you are going to be racist and make racist remarks, for pity sake get it right ya’ll. And this is NOT a racist statement. If you check the demographics and the placement of franchises. KFC’s are placed in predominately white neighborhoods, while Church’s and Popeyes are more prevalent in more ethnically diverse areas. (If you do not believe me, google it!)

  70. Most black families came from the South, where watermelon and fried foods were popular. Would it be offensive to ask an Italian employee if he brought pizza? It’s the Media that makes such comments “offensive” when there’s actually nothing inherently offensive about them.

  71. This is called creating a hostile work environment and that does have consequences. There is a long and distinguished history of racist action following racist words in this nation. The company has a right to not allow this behavior in the work place and they don’t have to wait until someone gets hurt to do it.

  72. The early twentieth century, the watermelon stereotype was everywhere—potholders, paperweights, sheet music, salt-and-pepper shakers. A popular postcard portrayed an elderly black man carrying a watermelon in each arm only to happen upon a stray chicken. The man laments, “Dis am de wust perdickermunt ob mah life.” As a black man, the postcard implied, he had few responsibilities and little interest in anything beyond his own stomach. Edwin S. Porter, famous for directing The Great Train Robbery in 1903, co-directed The Watermelon Patch two years later, which featured “darkies” sneaking into a watermelon patch, men dressed as skeletons chasing away the watermelon thieves (à la the Ku Klux Klan, who dressed as ghosts to frighten blacks), a watermelon-eating contest, and a band of white vigilantes ultimately smoking the watermelon thieves out of a cabin. The long history of white violence to maintain the racial order was played for laughs.

    And most recently, activists protesting the killing of Michael Brown were greeted with an ugly display while blacks marched through Rosebud, Missouri, on their way from Ferguson to Jefferson City: malt liquor, fried chicken, a Confederate flag, and, of course, a watermelon.

    White Republicans use Watermelon and fried chicken towards blacks because they can’t say the N-word to their face.

  73. It’s called free speech. We used to have freedom of speech and freedom of religion in America. I think what eh said was stupid but he has a right to say it.
    I saw a 10yr stellar white employee threaten to be fired but later was only demoted to entry level. All she did was repeat the exact same line from a movie that her black coworker said. Everyone laughed including the woman black woman who first said the line and who was also the one who reported her “racist” statements at work. Of course nothing happened to the black woman who said the movie line first.
    Disgustingly racist that comments like “we need more blacks here”, “cracker” and accusations of some white privilege I have never received have to be accepted in the workplace. A white person comments on that or dares to say “we need more whites here” and they get demoted or fired for racist comments or a bad attitude.

  74. should of responded yes , but the chicken just have some smoke on it, it raw actually, but the cave beast wouldnt mind, it “rear”

  75. this article is horribly written .
    My take is that this guy is a UNION guy who was on strike..
    So , as the racehustlers say so often Only NON UNION White Guys can be racist

  76. So, if I hear a black co-worker listening to rap music, I can rat him out and get him fired? — C.A. Cracker

  77. The Founding Fathers never would have imagined that blacks would have been declared our “equals” and “harassment laws” implemented to protect their delicate feelings.

  78. Words by themselves do no harm, When words are put to a sentence, They elicit a prescribed response, then and only then words have action and reaction. Same as a beaker of baking soda and a beaker of vinegar , Separate , no reaction , but when combined -( America the land of the offended )-, a mild or violent reaction, depending on how much of each is added, Others would say, Oh look! that’s neat/cool or whatever- ( Let-it-go, Get-over-it ). The reactions from sentence’s are like b-holes , everybody has one , But you don’t have to be one -( Refers to both sides of a conversation ).

  79. When you are on a picket line… you are not on company time… So the company has nothing to say about what you do. Other than that one of the first agreements in resolving a labor issue is a paragraph that says no action will be taken against anyone for participating in the labor action…

  80. I wonder what the guy would have done if the other people had started calling him ‘honky’ or saying stuff about wearing a white robe.

  81. If Whites were not FORCED (democracy in action amirite?) to hire blacks, none of this would ever be an issue . . .

    1. If whites did not recruit Blacks to build this country this would never happen. Read a book.

      1. Oh yes the old “blacks built this country” myth. Tell me George, what exactly did blacks build? Did they write the laws and establish the trade routes that made this nation prosperous? Did they plan and run the tobacco plantations that established colonial America as a global trader? Did blacks develop, plan, and install every single piece of infrastructure in the United States? Did blacks build up the Ohio River Valley? Were blacks responsible for the invention of the automobile and the Detroit auto revolution? Did blacks build all of the great Northern cities, all the great Midwestern cities, all of the great Western cities and all of the great Pacific Northwestern cities? Was the entire country built BEFORE the Emancipation Proclamation? Did blacks build up silicon valley and invent the computer and the internet? Did blacks invent and build our nation’s electrical grid? Did blacks design the tanks, guns, and airplanes that were used to catapult this nation to the top of the global food chain? The Civil War pretty much destroyed anything the blacks built in this nation. Picking cotton and working as a house slave is not akin to building a nation.

        I wager you’ve never read a single book in your life.

  82. What happened to the good old days when you could fire someone simply
    for being an a-hole? He may have a right to picket and make speech in relation
    to that legal action, but he was using terms in a manner designed to inflict
    emotional distress.

  83. The real question we should be asking is where does the employer’s right to police your conduct end? At the door of the business? In the street? ? In your home? Where is the line they are not to cross?

  84. The guy has the right to say whatever he wants regardless of the policy if he wasn’t on company time. The company should have the right to fire him with out cause, but they need to state that in the employment contract and that is their fault for no doing due diligence. The offended person actually has no rights at all and they shouldn’t have any. There is no “right” to not have your feelings hurt. Having your feelings hurt is not a hostile work environment.

  85. Offensive language is allowed on the picket line? I can only imagine the next day at work. “Hi N—” “F— you c—“

    1. It means you can’t be imprisoned for what you say. It doesn’t mean you can’t be fired. If you march into your boss’s office and cuss him out best believe ‘freedom of speech’ isn’t going to keep you out of the unemployment line.

  86. Wish the criminal courts did not have to treat each case as if it was conducted in a vacuum. Sat in on a criminal trial where found out only afterward that the defendant had been committing the same types of crimes for years. He was convicted of many of them, suspected in even more. Yet that case had to be tried as a stand alone event. If you are still wondering if he walked, yes he did. Saw he was arrested again for another burglary just the other week.

  87. This reminds me of the black female college professor who has said various racist comments about white males, but she was never fired or even disciplined.

  88. hey I am white and I love KFC and watermelon.nothing like a cold slice on a hot day.nothing racists about it.

  89. Maybe the speaker was making the remarks in a sarcastic manner to those black workers who violated the KFC picket line. We’re becoming PC constipated.

  90. He can be racist all he wants as long as he does not affect the performance of other employees right to work in a peaceful environment. Once his behavior start affecting production and efficiency then he’s a goner.

  91. Unions demanded the right to say vile, offensive things to people on picket lines. Do you think they want to make it easy for someone to go to work while they are on strike?

  92. Since he was not at work he can say anything he wants as long as he is not threatening to do harm. Be careful what you ask for because tomorrow someone else can limit your speech if it is not popular .

  93. Well I am a Black Man and any racial remark towards me requires a response of my choice. I may ignore your ignorance or if I am already with attitude you may get your ass kicked. So people that think racial remarks are harmless, funny or cute. Don’t bring it if you are not prepared for the outcome.

    1. Well that’s a choice that is yours alone, as long as you can also face the consequences of your own actions. Violence is a crime, words that do not directly incite others to take violent action against you or make direct threats are not a crime. You would be arrested, not the person who made a remark. Its Anerica, dont like freedom then leave.

  94. If someone black had said something offensive to a white person, this would have never even made the news.

  95. True story: I had just moved to CA from Back East, and while sitting at the red light on

    La Cienega, cross street Rodeo, 3 black guys were in the cross walk. One had Churches fried chicken, the other KFC, the third Popeyes.

    It was like ABBEY ROAD with fried chicken. Now, had I a camera and took the photo, brain dead liberals would have screamed racism, even though black culture and eating habits lean that way. America has been quite dumbed down.

  96. Ironically…..had someone taken a baseball bat, to the back of his head, THEY would be in jail ! Gotta’ love America !!

  97. This was not racist. People keep mis-using the word. A racist believes one race to be superior to another. This was offensive, rude, stereotyping, etc., but not racist.

  98. On a picket line an employer has no control whatsoever of their employees. It was ridiculous that this case even made it this far. No company can or should be held responsible for anything that their employees say or do while on strike on a picket line.

    I have to say I’m pretty disappointed with all the people who commented without actually reading the article. Sad, the state of American schooling.

  99. Of course, now I have to eat crow. What I should have said is that the company should not have fired the guy for being offensive on a picket line, which they have no control over. It was a forgone conclusion that the union would go to bat for their guy, since he was yelling at strikebreakers. Of course they would get his job back for him. But if he opens his mouth at work, they can throw him out the door. I don’t know the laws in this state, but I suspect his words while on the line can be used against him if were to appeal that firing. I will need to be a little more careful about answering the articles, and not the comments.

  100. I say hit him, that would kind of help indicate that his actions were violent or induced violence. At least I’d get to hit him, I might be fired but he would have a hard time speaking at all after that. I have certainly noted that those types talk al lot but will never defend their position when faced with righteous violence.

  101. What ever happened to sticks and stones can break my bones. These negroes are too sensitive and should be back in Africa.

  102. Your grandfather would slap you for being such a wimp and your parents for raising you. He fought against evil for your freedom and now you are afraid of the world because someone called you a name?

    You know what is really offensive? That’s right you!!

  103. if only white males had equally hurtful comments that can be hurled at them, then they would understand. guess their history was too busy conquering the world and humiliating women and other races to be offended.

  104. Excuse me, but this is a stupid story. Consider the following: I walked in the door at work the other night with a box of Bojangles chicken and I was asked did I bring enough for everyone. I said hell no, this is my chicken. Oh, but I’m a Caucasian. So was it racist? No, because EVERYONE loves chicken. Idiots.

    1. Seriously chick? Was it racist? No one ever associate fried chicken & watermelons with white people or any other races. Of course everyone eats chicken but your comment shows just how obvious you are to others struggles and discrimination. Of course you wouldn’t your white. It’s pretty much a typical mindset. Frankly it’s people like you who has no clue with what others deal with on a daily basis from the time they are born. You don’t want to know and won’t ever. The attitude of “that wasn’t so bad’ is just as bad. And the counter is what happened to you as a white person. If it wasn’t so bad or racist, why is your rebuttal I eat chicken & watermelon too. True, everyone eats chicken & watermelon but white people are not stereotyped about it. The denial about the issue is what breed more racist. You have this one incident but black people are subject to it everyday, most of the time. Your mindset about a group of people shows how you don’t feel they are equal to you so therefore whatever that happens, its their fault. Did dude throw his racist comments to everyone or just the black people?

      1. First off, I’m not a CHICK. Second, mentioning chicken is a struggle and discrimination? You are a raging moron. Please go find a real issue to cry about, you wasted far too many keystrokes on nothing. Your life must be so perfect if this all you have to cry about.

  105. most of the libtard journalists who fuel these silly fires know good and well that these incidents are blown out of proportion. But they need clickbait…so they racebait. Ignore stories like these (I usually do but I wanted to check the comments for funny responses)

  106. While I agree that what the person said was absolutely terrible. I have to agree that the IDIOT, JERK who said it was not at work when he/she said it if he/she was on a picket line. It is a shame that he/she couldn’t be fired for being so shamefully ignorant.

  107. I used to think that a company can fire an employee for any reason it sees fit, except for reasons of race, creed or color.

    Now I believe more and more that the government can throw in its altruistic monkey wrench wherever it wants.

  108. With the way so many blacks think and behave today, and the way they’re protected and encouraged by “white guilt” liberal leftists out to destroy America–fried chicken and watermelon seem like quaint, inoffensive stereotypes from the past.

  109. this is the usa it is ok to be a black or white is your right .why would anybody lose there job for being american?

  110. That’s so weird to me… So a guy asked about KFC and said he smelled chicken and Watermelon… I mean obviously he WAS trying to make a racist statement of some kind but what?
    Who doesn’t like or eat Fried Chicken and / or Watermelon?
    And why is this a racial thing to say to Blacks? They certainly aren’t the only folks who eat it.
    Is it some sort of taboo thing to eat it?
    A whole bunch of white folk eat the very same thing in fact, Even more so down South!
    In fact, isn’t it a sort of staple down south where watermelon grows and people generally farm and raise chickens as food?
    And as a lot of us know, in the south, what ever can be fried and eaten, will be fried and eaten! lol
    I mean, I get that a lot of Black Americans have family lines that came through the south as slaves but still… Fried Chicken and watermelon as a racial comment about Blacks is like making fun of an Italian for eating Pizza or Pasta… lol (Mmmmm… Fried Pizza anyone?) I don’t get it. Isnt the point of something being “Racial” to hate someone for their Race? not because they like a certain food or drink or smoke? lol

    So again, why is talking about fried chicken and watermelon a racist thing and why is it wrong to say it to Blacks but if you yelled “I smell fried chicken and watermelon” at a group of whites, they’d say “where?” “where is it? Im starving!”

  111. so why did no one in the line question him on his hurtful words??? did they all laugh??? were they offended???? someone should have opened their mouth then!!!

    1. I don’t see how did you bring enough for everyone is racist and it smells like watermelon are you people deranged or just idiots looking for a problem?

  112. It is obvious that the words fried chicken are just a white supremacist plot to use for subversive reasons. These words must be outlawed immediately, as far as watermelon that could be de-racisfied by just calling it a melon. PC stuff is a big pile of bull poopey and anyone who practices it is a liberal wimp who probably campaigned for same sex marriages. Do I see something wrong with that, YES, degenerate , perverted filthy practices should be outlawed before they brainwash the children.

  113. And there’s always going to be a reaction. Words are the catalyst. People aren’t robots. They’re always going to react to words. Your boss tells you you’re fired. You react. Your wife tells you she’s leaving. You react. Someone tells you a relative died. You react. Stop acting as if words don’t effect us everyday. But racist want their victims to be robots. Accept it and move on so they can be even more racist next week and next week turns into next year which turns into centuries and Presto! you have America with hundreds of years of racism getting more blatant every day.

  114. Honestly I don’t think he should be fired for this remark but if there were complaints and if he makes remarks like this all the time, I can see it being a problem.

  115. People that say words don’t hurt are foolish or naive. We have had war based on words. People have been condemned based on words. People buy stuff based on words. Words have a greater impact than a gun because I can affect more people negatively with a word than a gun. I think a lot of people have a theory that sounds like it make sense but lacks reality to support it. Even people in power know how strong words are which is why for ages they have sought to control words more than they have sought to control arms.

  116. just so ya know, i am white and i like fried chicken and watermelon. so If the man asked if there is enough chicken for everyone, i am happy that he was also looking out
    for me, a white man

  117. The most racist and detrimental action that negatively affects businesses is the burden of affirmative action. Companies are forced to hire individuals who are not competent to do the job but their skin and or gender gets them in. And of course the competent employees have to take up the slack and work extra to make up for the affirmative action darling’s shortfalls.

    That is the most detrimental thing that is hobbling US businesses and making them less competitive in an ever increasingly competitive world market.

    1. What does affirmative action have to do the article that was discussed? That was the dumbest comment! When will some get it through their heads (face reality) that blacks, hispanics, and women need jobs as well. My problem with someone like Luek is they only believe that white males are qualified. Wake the f@ck up!

  118. I just heard that the white lady from the Texas pool party that used the N word was let go from Bank of America. All the best in her if she sues the skin off their back.


  120. Black people should just stop patronizes these types of businesses. in fact we should not do business with any company/store that doesn’t have Black employees. if we can’t have Black people representation we should boycott all non-Black establishments, why do we keep making these jerks richer.

  121. “I love fried chicken and watermelon, too, what’s so wrong with that?”—I’m just paraphrasing a lot of these comments here, but here is the problem.
    The truth behind this statement is; eating fried chicken and watermelon doesn’t require the use of utensils and therefore will project the image of a person (or group of people) like unto barbaric behavior, eating with bare hands, and just like animals. That’s why it is considered disgusting.
    He was out of line for making the remark, regardless, and people need to take responsibility for their actions. We all have freedom of speech, it’s what you do with it that will determine what type of person you are– whether you appreciate it and use it respectfully, or abuse it and find yourself in a situation like the above. All in all, I think he should have used better judgment before making the joke altogether, but jerks will be jerks. Please exercise better judgment and respect in your daily lives as well.

  122. problem is there are so maany rules and laws. While it is true that this violated company policy and should be grounds for discharge the law sates that company policy must affect job performance or it is not enforceable.
    In other words prohibiting beards or long hair is not enforceable unless it impacts job performance.A sales person can be foced to dress in a certain way but not a warehousman who never sees the public

  123. As I go through the comments Im disgusted. Some of you dont understand the history behind the watermelon and fried chicken statement. It is an insult just like the term tar baby, cotton eyed joe, wetback( reference to mexicans) jap. Although we have a freedom of speech and can say what we please dear fello white americans how would you like to go to work everyday taunted by terms that you know are refered to your racial background. Watermelon and fried chicken is a stereotype that was first depicted in D.W Griffifths supremely silent film funded by the Ku Klux Klan in 1915. It showcased african americans as disgusting eating fried chicken and watermelon. Thats what they thought of blacks and it was offensive at its least. History if not taught is bound to repeat itselt. Some people are honest and dont understand but there are those who know its offensive and do not care about hurting others. Put yourself in their shoes if you have nothing kind to say dont say it all. I work in a predominately white environment I dont come to work and say hey wheres the nix? What are we having for lunch white bread? Seriously people lets have some class it was inappropriate and he should be disciplined on why it was inappropriate maybe send him to a six week course to train him on proper job ettiquette?

  124. Some of you make a joke about these things. But a stupid remark might cost me my job after 22 years,
    I made a comment about a middle eastern man that came into our building unattended. Told someone that I didn’t know if I should call security or ask him for a romanburger. ( Mr.Hero is fast food chain here in ohio typically run by middle easterners). Well the person told on me and things got fabricated. Word was that i confronted this person and conversation with them (the middle eastern truck driver) which I did not. That several people heard me call him a towelhead, which is not true.I only talked to one person and I did not call him a towelhead. But I did however deny saying anything at first. Because I did not want to lose my job. But I knew this was not going to go away. So that evening I text my supervisor, and told him what really happened. Maybe I should not have? But now I am suspended and stressed out because I might not have a job come monday. I sent an apology letter to the managers and human resource people who talked to me about it. Now they are holding it against me because I did not come forward immediately. But I did what anybody that wanted to save their job would do. I don’t feel the management is in my corner at all. Feel they are looking for a reason to get rid of me. Isn’t an apology and a suspension enough? The whole situation is an embarrassment to me.Most people that know me,know I am a descent person and that I was just trying to be funny.I don’t feel I should be fired over this. Suspended, ok. sensitivity training, ok. But this is a serious issue.

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