5 Ways Facebook’s New Social Jobs App Will Impact Recruiting

The long-awaited Facebook Social Jobs App finally launched last month.

Giving employers access to around 1 billion active users, it surely will impact recruiting in some way. So, will it make things easier, or add to the confusion already affecting the recruiting world?

Check out what these experts think about it:

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Social Jobs App won’t reinvent the recruiting wheel

When it come to recruiting, professionals use social media networks like LinkedIn to find the best passive candidates. The Facebook Social Jobs App, on the other hand, is actually just a job posting search engine more directed towards job seekers than recruiters. Therefore, recruiters looking to find and hire the best people should look towards more recruiting-oriented sites like LinkedIn — or encourage active job seekers to send in their work portfolios and video resumes.” — Josh Tolan, Spark Hire

Helps companies find candidates faster, cheaper

Facebook’s Social Jobs App is another example of innovation in the candidate sourcing space. It’s another way for companies to find more candidates faster, and for less money. Still, at the end of the day, recruiting is still about one human talking to another human and deciding whether or not that job candidate is a good fit. Technology will continue to help recruiters build a larger pile of candidates to sort through. Emerging technologies like Hireology will help recruiters know which five candidates in that pile are worth a phone call.” — Adam Robinson, Hireology

Mixed blessings

This will widen the technology savvy from those not engaged on technology. [It] may result in more age related discrimination, depending on how adept older workers are with technology. The experienced worker may not fall within the company’s recruitment net, so the company can ultimately hire someone [with] less experience but more technologically savvy.” — Lisa Chenofsky Singer, Chenofsky Singer & Associates

Make recruiting more unfocused

Nothing has changed but the domain name. Larger crowd source, but active candidates scour the Internet anyway–so, what is gained? What is posted on Facebook today was likely on CareerBuilder or LinkedIn yesterday. It’s more unfocused recruiting in hopes the great people come to you, [but] the great ones need to be hunted. Postings equate to hours of sorting through unqualified resumes, enough in fact to wallpaper your office. How is that for ROI?” — Vanessa Smith, JMJ Phillip

Expanded audience and reach

Social recruiting and social job seeking are standard practice in today’s job market – and Facebook has become one of the primary social destinations. According to findings from Jobvite’s 2012 Social Recruiting Survey, 92 percent of U.S. companies use social networks and media to find candidates; over half of all companies now recruit through Facebook alone. Recruiters using the app will expand their audience reach and be able to place ads for open employment opportunities within the Facebook application. — Dan Finnigan, Jobvite

How do you think the new Facebook Social Jobs App will impact recruiting?


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