11 Things That Might Make YOUR Workers Happy

Joy, happiness and jolliness are what we all seem to want – perhaps especially at this time of year.

And, since I’m writing this post in mid-December, it seems apropos to revisit a recent YahooNews article titled, 11 Things That Make Workers Happy.

Over the past few years, I’ve written about a number of these strategies and tactics, from using internal motivators, to embracing the idea of teleworking, to striking the right work-life balance.

11 things that might make workers happy

As you read through this list, compiled by BusinessNewsDaily staff writer David Mielach, perhaps you can contemplate which of these can provide a focal point for your efforts, in January.

So what are 11 things that might make your workers happy?

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  1. Provide an environment where promotion and advancement are encouraged and possible.
  2. Support their efforts by offering relevant and effective training.
  3. Offer even a small bonus, showing appreciation for their work.
  4. Create an environment where internal motivation is encouraged and facilitated.
  5. Make their work environment comfortable and pleasing, from communication to cushions.
  6. Embrace telework.
  7. Build a workspace that allows workers to focus on their responsibilities without excessive interruption.
  8. Strike the right work-life balance.
  9. Offer unique benefits packages that demonstrate caring and thoughtfulness.
  10. Help workers achieve and maintain good health.
  11. Give workers a break for social media and other short breaks.

“Isn’t this all a little excessive?” I hear some of you ask. Not when you consider that happy workers tend to perform better, and leave less.

It may be hard to achieve all of these, all the time, but perhaps each month January through November, we can focus on just one of these. Then, in December each year, we can reflect on how to fine-tune these principles for the next year.

Sharon Daniels is CEO of AchieveGlobal , a world leader in providing exceptional interpersonal business skills, giving companies the workforce they need for business results. Located in more than 40 countries, AchieveGlobal offers multi-language, learning-based solutions - globally, regionally and locally. Contact her at Sharon.daniels@achieveglobal.com .


2 Comments on “11 Things That Might Make YOUR Workers Happy

  1. Hi, Sharon.

    Thanks for the article. Recently read in a survey that 90% of employees can be more productive, and over half of them say they can be OVER 50% more productive. That’s huge, and happiness is surely a factor.


  2. All of these ideas are very good. The applications will vary, depending upon the company. I do think that the motivation factor #4 is still the “missing link”. We know that people are motivated by different things; some internal while others external to the workplace. Getting to know your employees on a personal level and opening free communication to discover their motivation triggers can be a huge plus. While it takes time, it can well be worth the investment when you consider lost productivity due to low morale and the cost of hiring and onboarding a new employee. Team leads and front line supervisors come closer to know their group on a personal basis, but the disconnect may be that we lack a system of sharing this knowledge upward to the decision makers.
    It took me a lifetime to realize that it is OK to expect happiness as a component of my profession. After all, I selected the profession, so that responsibility is mine.

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